Is Lethal Force Justified when Defending Against… The Police?


New York City– A viral video shows NYPD officers assaulting a family during a home invasion. Officers force their way into a home without a warrant, claiming that somebody had told them that a fugitive was inside the home. In future, bank robbers should say that somebody had told them that there was a bomb inside the vault, and that they were just there to defuse it.

No search warrant, they were not in a pursuit, there was no fugitive there, and they assaulted the homeowner’s daughter anyway. There was no legal reason for them to enter the home occupied by three women. With the rising number of NYPD cops accused and convicted of rape in recent years, the women in the home obviously had good reason to be cynical about the intentions of a group of over-excited brutes, as they broke in and assaulted one of them.

They lied about the emergency need to search a home without a warrant: searching the home without a warrant while assaulting the homeowner’s daughter is a crime, marking them as criminals.

Should a homeowner be allowed to defend himself from the police? With lethal force? Police accountability organization Cop Block produced an informative video about the subject, embeded at the bottom of this article.

No sane person would advocate opening fire on cops, but when rogue cops behave like they are a law unto themselves, intent on harming you, and as all their fellows join in to protect them, quis custodiet ipsos custodes? Who watches the watchmen? It used to be the police who would reign themselves in. That leaves that unsavory task to the people who pay their salaries: ordinary Americans.

Officers need to understand that there is a growing segment of the American population that celebrate when officers are killed; these aren’t just ex-convicts either. A former Deputy Sheriff posted this on his Facebook profile:

“When dealing with the cops…turn on a recording device…if you have a gun…be ready to use it… do not trust them… shoot first…”

Another user posted:

“A message to police officers: People don’t trust you. Why? Look at the news and the stories all over the internet about police beating, robbing, raping, and murdering people. Then look at how many of these officers are actually indicted and charged with a crime. By and large, people are afraid of police because they know that they can be assaulted, robbed, raped, and even murdered by a cop and the cop will face little to no consequences for their actions. That to me is the definition of terrorism. So if there are any good police officers out there, I implore you to do something about the bad ones. Because, as you know, in this country we do not negotiate with terrorists.”

While nobody should advocate killing cops, there is a difference between obeying the law… and fearing a criminal… Where the latter comes to mind, one should be prepared with a handy bottle of peperspray on one’s person.

If lethal force were neccessary to protect oneself, a jury of your peers will decide if there really was good reason to use it. You have a right to protect yourself; exercise it with caution, or you become the outlaw. Learn this fact, even if the police and other common criminals won’t themselves.


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  1. There is a typo.
    “…comon crimminals”
    Please fix it. I’m not a grammar nazi, but I don’t expect this kind of stuff on this kind of page.

    • Why do they give a fuck? If they have nothing to hide then they should just help the police out and let them look for the felon. Can someone tell me why they were giving these police officers a hard time for no reason at all? Even if it wasn’t allowed, they should help out the community. That cop has most likely put countless people behind bars, and who knows how many of those people could have been dangerous to their community, their family, or even themselves. There’s always a time and place to say no to police, this was not one of them. These people even said it themselves, “I’m gonna post this EVERYWHERE.” They just want to play the victim card here and show everyone how the big bad police officers are bullying them.

      • It’s 100 percent about exercising your rights our founding fathers instilled in this old book formerly known as the constitution of the United States of America

      • Who gives a fuck? Dude, this is a clear-cut case of an officer of the law breaking a law. Who gives a fuck about search warrants though right? Who gives a fuck about people’s rights to not have the police come by their house and barge in with absolutely no authority to do so?

        You have to think of the bigger picture. These officers are employed to protect the law. To see to it that citizens follow the law. Do you truly believe these officers are not themselves citizens? Should they not be required to follow the same laws they are meant to protect?

        Our legal system is based highly on precedent. If we abide to what these cops are doing, we’re setting a precedent that search warrants are unnecessary. You will be singing a different tune when they barge into your house.

      • So basically cops can break the law in the name of justice whenever they want. But when a cop is breaking the law i cant kill them in the name of justice?

        Btw the first video reminds me of a military state (North Korea)


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