List of ‘Anonymous’ Songs


Here is a list of “Anonymous” songs with sick beats and some of them also with powerful lyrics:


The Anonymous ‘Occupy Anthem’


The famous Anonymous ‘Illuminati Song’

This one doesn’t have any lyrics, but has about 264 million views and is a very popular song that you probably heard of already. It also has a message: The video starts with a guy in a Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask dancing. More and more people in Guy Fawkes masks join him and they dance altogether on the streets of ‘Toulouse’ that is also the name of this song by Nicky Romero.

This video also doesn’t have any lyrics, but an amazing robodance performance of a fellow anon in a Guy Fawkes (Anonymous) mask wearing an Anonymous t-shirt:


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    • The reason that surprises you is the same reason it’s not on the list… and causality is the only thing in your mind that might tell you why this is; or is not.

  1. The Streets – Turn the Page

    Brace yourself cause this goes deep
    I’ll show you the secrets to sky and the birds
    Actions speak louder than words
    Stand by me, my apprentice
    Be brave, clench fists!

  2. It’s a shame that hackers are computer smart, but obviously not “occult” smart, or enligtened beings, or they would know that the REAL illuminati are not some puppetmaster shadow govt that controls the planet, but rather, beings who want only the best for all of humanity, including taking down the current govt systems of dumb-ocracy, and capitalist pig family dynasties that really do control the world… the human race is most likely limited to be slaves to those elite families unless a powerful force like anon can get more wise in the ways of the enlightened ones


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