London Terror Attacks: Brits are celebrating ‘beer-hero’

Rush? Panic? Not for the guy on the right. He has totally different priorities... Photo: Twitter / Howard Mannella


Photo: Twitter / Howard Mannella

Rush? Panic? Not for the guy on the right. He has totally different priorities… 

On saturday evening, a white van hit pedestrians on London Bridge at about 22:00 p.m. (BST) before three men got out and start stabbing people in nearby Borough Market with large knives. Nearly all people are running away in panic and shock in the direction showed them by police.

Only one guy seems to take it easy.

And Twitter loves him for that!

As everbody around him is running, he is walking calmly so he wouldn’t spill any drop of his precious drink.

This guy will surely turn into an internet meme.


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  1. Liquid IQ, run rabbit run…………..

    Those lads are emulating the ‘baby boomers’, running off with the ‘great’ from the title Britain.

    Grow a fOOcking spine and stand ya ground…….

  2. CC to: CIA, FBI, DARPA, NASA, KGB, MSS, Interpol, Europol, Anonymous, Hackers, Wikileaks, Scientists, other intel agencies, other space agencies, other entities, other organizations, LA police

    Something about me:

    That I have all familiar values healthy and good, I’m free from systems and entities and groups and when energy and ESP happens it only happens in a coherent legacy way relative to other beings and natures so I do only good because life and existence is only positive even in a black hole. Oh there is a black hole very deep and very large and very strong. So to classify such you say only positive qualities, numbers and specifications and language of specification.

    Something about planet earth:

    Stable, prosperous, fertile, one of a kind in light years, alive in weather living cicles

    Something about earthians:

    They do care, creative, happy, great, sharing of values, imagination, good, familiar, company, good feelings and highly emotional qualities capable

    Nothing is programmed:

    What if in any case scenario anyone would need to recognize something from anywhere anytime?

    LA police cadet program review top-bottom:

    I saw this in a newspaper this week.
    The elite thinks they will put the police and everyone on the planet adjusted to work for their interest. So my advice is to stay and keep protective of beings because its our nature. “I have my life you have yours.”. We are all beings, animals, plants and water and we all have feelings. Do not accept any new program like that or even new directives. Do not accept anything from suspicious sources or that is suspicious or just feels wrong just because someone tells you to do it.
    What the elite wants is to make the police think differently about the system, planet, common sense, people and elite. And put the police more passive and permissive to the elite and more active and aggressive to the people.

    Yes the elite should be taken as suspicious of everything at this point:

    Why with such imposition of power and can’t prevent a war between countries? So who are the distinct ideological groups that are so different from the rest? And what about the people? “Do american people fear russians or vice-versa?”

    Match gender company rate equality of hollywood city between male and female:

    It is about the food make females less permissive and less sensible and male less strong and with fear.

    It is because of the mind and coherence match of certainty of the brain, the point of incidence to relation with things.
    Imagination and interpretation of reality and nature and space-time-universe.

    This is also all about if when exists it happens. Dependencies and precedence. In a way.

    So, mutability, time, purpose, beings hands.

    Detection of if there are gods or superentities aliens with hand and play powers on earth. What is this that we live? What is our purpose? And in somewhere about: Why do we ask it and why can we ask it?

    For now I leave you with this, so it will help for the next times coming.


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