This Man Built A Low-Cost Tiny Home For Only $500!



Tiny homes are all the rage nowadays. And why not? Who actually needs 1,000 square feet per person, when most individuals spend at least 8-10 hours away from their abode just to be able to pay for it?

It’s a realization a lot of people around the world are waking up to. And for this reason, many individuals and families are seeking to simplify so they can spend more time enjoying just being alive.

But to build a tiny home isn’t as affordable as it might seem. While there are do-it-yourself options, many tiny homes on the market are luxurious high-end living spaces which come with a hefty price tag.

Using salvaged materials and gifted items, however, can definitely keep the production of a tiny home economical; and Pacific Northwestern resident Scott Brooks has proven just this by building a tiny home for “well under” USD $500.

Credit: Scott Brooks
Credit: Scott Brooks

As showcased on Gizmag, Brooks’ home is quite small for a tiny home: it measures only 83 square feet, and sits on a 20-acre plot of land owned by his friend in Washington. After Brooks spent two years journeying around Africa, Thailand, India, Nepal, Montana, and Alaska, he moved back home to settle a bit and help his friends start an organic farm. He then constructed the house to serve as his new sanctuary, and dubbed it the “Transforming Tiny Home,” building the interior while his friend designed the structure.

Brooks’ tiny home isn’t fancy by any means. With no plumbing, no refrigerator, and no cladding (yet), his ‘no-frills’ lifestyle is evident in the structure he calls home at present. But there are many neat compromises his quiet existence boasts: Brooks is connected to the main grid, can heat his home with a wood stove that was gifted to him, and can clean up using a nearby outdoor shower and outhouse.

Credit: Scott Brooks
Credit: Scott Brooks

The basics are there, and the interior is efficient and compact with a sitting area, fold-down bed, a wall full of hooks, and storage shelving. Plus, Brooks has a generous work surface that doubles as a kitchen thanks to an awesome, ninja-style hood that hides a portable propane cook-top.

Credit: Scott Brooks

The compact home has has a lot of natural day lighting, thanks to a recycled skylight window and a large front window.

And as Brooks has proven in his earlier adventures, he doesn’t need much to be happy. He has the beautiful outdoors, a front yard, and a safe, cozy space that he’s proud of. Hand-built with hard work and made possible through friendship, this home that cost less than $500 is certainly something to boast about in our opinion.

Check out more images from Gizmag, and visit Scott Brook’s blog here.


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