Man Who Filmed Eric Garner’s Death Sentenced to Four Years in Prison

Eric Garner's Death

Eric Garner was murdered on the street by members of the New York Police Department. It was one of the first police killings of this modern era that really brought attention to the problem. The impact that the video of Eric Garner’s killing had drew mass outrage, and resulted in only one arrest years after the incident. The person who filmed the attack was that man. Ramsey Orta is not a name that many remember, however, he is the only person to go to prison surrounding Eric Garner’s death.

Eric Garner's Death

Orta was sentenced to four years in prison for victimless crimes. His sentence stems from drugs and a weapons charge. Despite the nature of his arrest, many are claiming that Orta was singled out for exposing corruption within the NYPD. When it comes to police videos making it viral, authorities seem to be willing to do anything to discourage citizens from exercising their right to film. Protesters showed up to support Orta, chanting “No Justice No Peace!” and “Fu*k these racist police!” Orta’s Aunt Lisa Ricardo spoke to police after leaving the courtroom where his sentence was handed down. “We’re feeling really upset. I would tell police, don’t touch him. Hands off Ramsey. Leave him alone in jail.”

Eric Garner's Death

Orta told the media that his only fear was of being “behind enemy lines” in prison. He was scared about his prospects of making it out. Orta is just another tragic victim in the war on drugs, which has disproportionately targeted minorities, burning billions of tax payer dollars in the process. The mother of Eric Garner’s child commented on Orta’s sentence, saying “Ramsey filmed Eric’s last words, and that’s how my child will hear his voice. [Orta} is a young boy. He’s just getting into adulthood. He’s just becoming a man and it’s really sad.”

Eric Garner's Death

Regardless of the circumstances behind Orta’s arrest, the appearance that he was being retaliated against is hard to ignore. Police have made a concerted effort to quash freedom of speech advocates as they record them doing their job. Citizen journalists who record law enforcement have become a vital part of the debate over police brutality. As many police do not have body cameras, including the entire NYPD, it becomes our responsibility to hold police accountable. The Supreme Court has long held a citizen’s right to film police, but many at the lower rung of law enforcement haven’t gotten the memo.

It would seem that if they can’t get you for filming police, they will find another way to silence you. It is hard to know if Orta was caught up in a random undercover operation, or if he was singled out for his role in exposing police murder. Orta was in the right place at the right time to capture the horrifying footage that went viral. This catapulted him into the media spotlight and the all seeing eye of the police. All we can do is hope he makes it through his incarceration in one piece.

Sources: The Free Thought Project, NY Daily News.

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  1. scarry shit. i wish him my best blessing and that he makes it thru this bullshit ordeal. it is a definite sign of whats coming though if we dont stand up for our rights as decent people….

  2. It really sucks that Orta had something the cops could use to put him in the joint. Obviously the cops were just laying for him big time.

  3. The only hope is that Anonymous will help the people out by attacking American NYPD websites etc as a protest against the Injustice done by the police.

  4. Eric Garner had a lengthy police record and was illegally selling loosy cigarettes, because of high taxation on cigarettes due to DemonRAT policies.. He was placed under arrest and RESISTED. He was then put in a submission hold to restrain him. Garner later died of cardiac arrest in the ambulance due to his poor health and not because of a choke hold. If Eric Garner was not breaking the law; and if he would not have resisted arrest; and if he would have taken better care of his health, he may still be alive today, unless he would have gotten killed by a black gang banger or had a heart attack anyway. The Grand Jury was convened and after reviewing all of the facts did not indict the officers.


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