Michigan Man Arrested and Sodomized by Cop for Having Suspended Drivers License

suspended drivers

A Michigan cop is now under investigation after an incident that occurred in June 2016. Allen Park police officer, Daniel Mack would make a traffic stop that would result in his being investigated for sexual assault.

Kevin Campbell was driving home when he was stopped over an obstructed tag. He was driving his wife’s new minivan and the tag wasn’t clearly seen in the back window. He would end up going to jail and getting an anal examination by Mack. A lawsuit has been filed over the incident, which Campbell believes amounted to rape.

Campbell was arrested for driving on a suspended license, a charge that could be handled with a ticket and a court date – not an arrest. Mack had ulterior motives for the arrest. After being completely cooperative with Mack, Campbell’s minivan is thoroughly searched with a K9, even though there was no probable cause or warrant. Officer Mack is another cowboy cop who would rather spend his time harassing people for drugs that are non-existent, than enforcing real crime. “He said he couldn’t see the license plate. I thought that was very weird and odd that he couldn’t see a license plate by it being 7:00 in the afternoon.” Th stop was questionable from the start, according to Campbell.

When he found nothing, he decided Campbell needed to go to jail for his violation of driving on a suspended license. Once they arrived at jail, Mack ordered Campbell to strip. He told Mack he wasn’t going to take off his underwear. “Yeah, you’re getting naked.  You’re in a holding cell, you’re getting naked,” Mack told him. At this point, Mack was surrounded by guards intimidating him to comply. At this point, Mack violated Campbell, allegedly looking for drugs. The assault took place without a warrant or consent, making this a sexual battery and a civil rights violation. Mack find’s nothing and states “You can keep it.”

“It was very dehumanizing. What he did was unconstitutional, violated my civil rights and violated me as a man period,” Campbell stated.

Michigan law is clear on the requirements for a body cavity search, which requires a warrant. They must also be signed off by and performed by a medical professional. What sinister purpose did Mack have in taking on the personal crusade to violate this man’s private areas, especially since it was blatantly illegal and inappropriate? The allegations are clear and outlined in the lawsuit presented by Campbell. Despite the clear legal ruling requiring a warrant for a cavity search and the correct circumstances under which it must be performed, Officer Mack states “In response to the allegations contained in paragraph [sic], same are denied as untrue in the form and manner alleged and in fact.” This statement is repeated in the denial 32 times in response to all allegations.

It appears that Officer Daniel Mack is no stranger to civil rights violations. He is currently being sued by a man who claims he was unlawfully arrested. Little is known about the other lawsuit. Due to the lawsuit, the department is now forced to investigate the incident, which was likely going to be swept under the rug. Maybe now they’ll take a closer look at Officer Mack and maybe, just maybe, the thin blue line won’t determine this outcome.

Sources: Photography Is Not A Crime PDF.

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