This Guy Calls Himself “Avenging Angel” And Has Beat up Pedophiles With A… HAMMER.

Jason Vukovich at his trial.

(CCN) The “Alaskan Avenger,” a victim of molestation and abuse as a child, is accused of vengefully attacking pedophiles with a hammer, using the online registry to find sex offenders.

According to Alfred NG of NY Daily News, using Anchorage’s public online sex offender registry to locate up to three offenders, Jason Vukovich allegedly broke into his victims’ homes and bashed in their heads with a hammer in June.

Jason Vukovich at his trial.

NG says, “One of his victims landed on the sex offender registry 10 years ago, after pleading no contest to attempted sexual abuse of a minor.”

“He said, ‘I’m an avenging angel, I’m going to mete out justice for the people you hurt,’” Wesley Demarest, one of the people Vukovich tracked down, told a local news station.Police said Vukovich was arrested the same night he allegedly hammered in Demarest’s skull. Police also found a notebook with his victims’ names listed in it, with addresses he found from the registry. Vukovich, 41, is also accused of robbing the three victims after his vengeful beatings.

On the website, users can find sex offenders and child kidnappers through a database by name, zip code, and city, or through a map with details of the person’s address and photos, along with conviction dates, and employer’s information.

NG states, “the sex-offender avenger revealed he had been molested and beaten by his adoptive father when he was a child, he wrote in a letter from jail to the Anchorage Dispatch News.”

“’What I can say at this time is that after being physically and mentally abused by a predator, my life was forever changed,’ Vukovich wrote in his letter.

“He said he targeted sexual offenders in hopes of supporting children ‘in pursuit of their dreams,’ writing that kids should be able to live ‘without the threat of pedophiles lingering around them.’”

The “Avenger from Alaska” has parallels to the comic character of the “Punisher”, which also, in the name of the self-justice, brings down serious criminals with brutal methods – Here’s a trailer for the Netflix TV Show:

Vukovich plead not guilty to the charges of robbery and assault. He is being held on a $100,000 bail, and scheduled to return to court on Oct. 17. He faces up to 35 years in prison if convicted.

Watch the documentary below:

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  1. I commend this man. More of us should get together and do this. Maybe justice will finally be served for the pieces of shit that do this!

      • I notice you’re taking up for the pedo files. Better watch you may be mistaken for one and be next. I think we should make a go fund me for him. I hate pedophiles for good reasons.

        • I agree set him he deserves a medal him my hero I’m a victim of abuse a a child I had no say I said no he didn’t care I’m a survivor well done sir I salute you

    • And if a victim is wrongfully convicted, and someone goes out of their way and kills them? What’s that, just collateral damage to people like you I guess.

      • Yep. Maybe 1% are wrongfully convicted, and the odds of happening to target that 1% among the few who would get the beat down is well worth the risk.

      • So how often is it that we see people wrongfully convicted for being a pedophile? not very often. Other crimes yes but touching little kids I do not see that very often because little kids are not the ones who come crying as liars.

    • Anyone who is guilty of being a sexual offender (pedophile, rapist, etc.) shouldn’t be killed.. Nah.. just have them neutered. That’s what we do to dogs, why not them.
      That way, you also stop repeat offenders. 😛

      • It’s been clinically proven that castration doesn’t solve it. They just move on to using objects to do it. It’s a fucked up thing in their head, a screw loose you could say. I don’t disagree with this guy completely, but using a hammer to bash their heads in is a little overdoing it. I would love to punish ppl like that( animal abusers too) myself too, having gone through the trauma myself. But I want them to suffer every day of their life, just like their victims have too.

    • Melissa, you have no idea what the individual circumstances are, and while some are deserving of abuse, some are victims of over zealous prosecutors and lying “victims”. God will judge and punish, not you.

  2. I love this guy! If the world protected children from these sick deceptive monsters, we would not have war. Even gathering enough evidence to prosecute these abusers of power is hard. Women are part of it too! I think the death penalty to all child rapists around the world would end a lot of fighting. I see people wake up like when the wicked witch in the wizard of Oz finally dies.

  3. People who thirst for blood have really deeper issues to deal with, the guy murdered people, he played judge, jury, and executioner after these people had been dealt with and registered,
    This kill guy didn’t run out and kill the one who abused him as a child…who is he taking justice in his own hands?
    The system might be broken, but that gives no one a license to go hunting…
    He will now face the very system that prosecuted and convicted those who he killed…The question is, will a jury convict?

    • If the system wasnt broke he wouldnt have to take matters into his own hands. Shit I hope he gets off, if I was on the Jury Id let him go…lol

    • Maybe a lobotomy instead since it’s in their heads. They used to do it to people who hurt no one but for these people I think they should do it to them if castration doesn’t work. My opinion is they should stay in prison if they have ever raped a child (actually all rapists or violent sexual offenders should never get out) if it’s been proven beyond doubt. I don’t think you can fix a person who enjoys this.

  4. tough call….. i don’t support vigilanty behavior as a rule… but i also get really freaking angry when some pervs get a walk or a short sentence…. the victims get a life sentence….
    first offenses can be questionable at times.. vendetta by angry parent or pissed off gf wanting revenge.. or a very minor offense of touching inappropriately… genuine remorse by the perp… do some time..
    HOWEVER a second offense… lock em up! third or more offense… death sentence..

  5. Paedophiles are the scum of the earth. Not saying what this guy is right but no way should he go to prison – he should be treated as a hero and an example and a warning to other ‘paedos’.

    • I can understand assaulting kiddie diddlers but not robbing them. If he goes to prison, a lot of chomos will have reason to be very afraid.

  6. Thats awesome and everything but i dont know if the registry gives specifics about the type of offense. You could also find prostitutes, streakers, people caught peeing outside (no matter if they were hidden well at 3am or 3pm), men looking for prostitutes, and im sure there are more. But chomos, job well done sir.

  7. He did it wrong way….i would have got the perp. alone … threatened him with bodily harm if he didn’t write a suicide note, stating that he was sorry for what he had done…..Then made him drink a liquid with cyanide in it…..end of Purp……end of story…..

  8. I’m sorry but no….I know of to many people that were so close to being labeled a child molester simply because their GF parents hated them/wanted money or the girl wanted to “teach them a lesson for breaking up” sophomore & a senior or 17 & 20 :/ our justice system is flawed and sometimes these are real situations that happened…there are many people who deserve a good beating but just because their on that least doesn’t always mean anything……..

  9. The real truth is that rants about pedophiles is one of the few things that Americans can feel consensus with as a measure of moral solidarity. We can’t even agree to stand up for the Anthem anymore. So to point out inconsistancys, or illogical and dubious results ( like child molesters seeing the logic of murder after gratification) or the rise of vigilante justice getting out of hand does not resonate as anything except justification for pedophiles. I pretty much feel secure in saying that there is a God whose absolute justice should scare the bejusus out of us all. Most social scientists are trying to find a formula that starves child rape while saving us from indictments that rarely reach the really rich or privileged. So in the end, it is a tool that keeps the lower classes feeling good about themselves. Because of heightened society awareness, most molesters are caught quicker and easier. What to do about it then is a legitimate question. But that is not really the theme here.

  10. Maybe all people convicted of DUIs should be put to death on the chance that they get drunk again and takes a chance at killing someone the next time.

    • well Jerry, a leading sex crimes prosecutor who did a stint covering DUI crimes where they killed people, said that the offender’s affect was the same, they truly didn’t care that their actions affected the lives of, first hand, i have seen quite a few DUI killers who refuse to acknowledge what they did, so yeah, after their traffic offense time is up, they will get Right Back Behind teh Wheel.

  11. I just can’t believe he got arrested for doing something good something good to me in my opinion I applaud him he’s my hero I would have done the same thing he should have got me with him the police are not doing it the justice is not doing it the law is not doing it they fail so guess what he did something good and you guys are embarrassed because he’s doing better than you guys but law lol

  12. I have very mixed feelings about this , we know it is wrong to take the law into our own hands , we have a justice system in place that should have dealt with the monsters that are pedophiles. That being said, the justice system fails thousands of children and abused victims very single day, so I can definitely understand where this guy a victim of abuse himself would snap and do “his form of justice “. He needs mental health care to deal with his abuse as a child, he is a victim and personally I think my beating the pedophiles may have saved some children from being a victim. The down side of this is sometimes the charges are made because a boy and girl were together and the parents pressed charges against the boy because he was 18 . If convicted or taking a plea deal they would have to register as a sex offender.

  13. This is exactly what needs to be done to these sick disgusting f***s that are abusing poor innocent children. And the pedifile in the interview said you ruined his life, what aboit what he did to that child… A child us adults are supposed to protect. I hope that pedifile chokes on bite of food or breath of air would fabulous… So he cannot hurt another young child amd ruin another child’s life. Pedifiles need to dealt with differently… Harsher punishment so they learn to stop. Slap on the hands arent cutting it. Anyone that can do this to a child… Doesnt deserve their own life. Disagree with me and you are just as much a pedifile yourself!!!
    We support you!! ….Jason Vukovich, You are amazing!!!

  14. what you said is a sensible thing to say and not in any way extremist or chaotic aka damaging to civilization

    this is the only correct comment

  15. Some of the offenders that he hunted down, do not even qualify as pedophiles. Do your research. You guys sound like a bunch of illiterate hillbillies, that abuse their wives, and children. Violence does not solve problems, it creates them. Pedophiles are an adult, that is only sexually aroused by children, under a certain age. Its not sexual misconduct with a minor, or statutory rape charges, that makes you a pedophile. You have to commit a very serious offense, against a very young child, or toddler to qualify. At least use google, before you make ignorant, and naive assumptions, and accusations. And grow up …..

  16. divad good point but if the guys were what they were accused of then I am 1 million percent in aggreement with what he did and pray he gets away with it

  17. All these people supporting this guy, why have you done the same? Don’t you have them in your ZIP Codes? Or, are you cowards?

  18. Correction: I meant to say:

    All these people supporting this guy, why haven’t you done the same? Don’t you have them in your ZIP Codes? Why have you broken into their homes, hammared their heads and stolen their stuff? Or, are you cowards?

    • Maybe cause most of us have not been molested like this guy. But best believe if I had been molested and sexually abused, Id be in the history books, after I raining down terror on them, Id be the guy that pedophiles have nightmares about. So to answer your question, its not that people are cowards, more so it hasn’t directly effected them.


  20. I think the guy was just broke, figured he’s go rob a few people thought about the sex offender list, then thought hey i’ll say I was abused and molested, So when I get caught, which he did, the justice system will go easy on me. I mean if you hear the whole story he stole money from them. I know there is a lot of hate for this kinda thing but you can take their right to work and take care of themselves after they do their time yes they did wrong I agree but if you take their right to work live and everything from them now you have people that are going to commit other crimes just to keep food in their stomach a roof over their heads and cloths on their backs.

  21. pedophiles do deserve this but then trough the proper laws, but i am afraid that this is going to be used to get the names and adresses off the website so now the pedophiles are even more protected, and thats where it all is heading, the P will be added to LGBT, you just wait.

  22. this guys he have my fucking respect anyone be a pedo beed to be beat so much for be punish that all this fucking pedo deserve what he get and the guys he name himself Avenging Angel nice done dude and fuck all other piece of shit try to sympathize the guys he get a harmer in is face if you try to defend him that prouve he be a pedo and need to be beat that all and the true

  23. Soooooo. It’s ok to break the law….?. Does not matter what the crime is, the law is the law. If any of his victims die from injuries he deserves to be charged with murder. Don’t u people get it. U can’t break the law. It doesn’t matter what the reason is. He premeditated breaking and entering, assault with a weapon , robbery and assault and then carried it out multiple times.

  24. Make Gofund me for him, and everyone that stands up, we have to, someone has to make are kids matter….

    start by donating to these people………that retaliate against prevs and the Government that protects them……FU

  25. I definitely Agree Child Rapists and Pedophiles get whatever is coming to them, Not the guys with petty offenses like those that got in trouble when they were young men with underage girls or peeing outside but real actual pedo’s who hurt and fuck little kids deserve a horrible fate…my question is why don’t we have a registry for murderers or robbers?

  26. First off. Not all sex offenders are pedos. You can be charged as a sex offender for peeing outside!. Study law..
    Second.. When people do this. It makes it easier for sex offender activist to change the registration laws because now this has put the sex offenders families at risk.
    So now while the registration idea was to help protect family’s, it has endangered other family. Even the ones who had been wrongfully accused and still live with children. So some punisher decides to do a drive by to kill the pedo. And shoots a kid.
    … This is why we need to allow the judicial system to do there job.

  27. well, the reality is if we just gave the death penalty to all of the sick pedophiles out there that destroy the minds and innocence of children we would not have this man here and we would not even be talking about this issue. when a person violates a child they give up the right to breathe. I support China’s belief in taking out the trash when it comes to people like this.

  28. We need to bail this guy out via a gofundme page, for real!!! I’m absolutely on his side and I understand there are some people out there that are innocent but it’s just to difficult to weed those out so best thing to do is not allow yourself to ACCIDENTALLY end up on a pedo. list.

  29. Funny anyone can judge. Anyone of u every helped person who has been hurt like that. Damage forever. Think man that did this had enough. Said our government allow people who hurt minors get released. Wish we could go back in time where government s did not exist. Be honest men did good dead. People think other wise to soft to make a stand

  30. 35 years?? Fucking shame on this country for this fuck if you have sex with small children you get a couple years and those children are mostly never okay again. And he’s looking at 35 years? Disgusting and I’m ashamed to be from this country because of garbage like this

  31. There’s not enough people like him! Anyone that destroyed a child’s innocence should die!!! The court should let him go! There’s people doing worse & getting absolutely no jail time!!! If he does get jail time I hope he makes sure no child molesters get out alive!!!


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