Mark Zuckerberg Covers his Macbook’s Camera and Audio Jack with Pieces of Tape


This just confirms what almost everybody knows. Our Pc’s can spy on Us. Smart move by the Zuck-man.

Dailymail reports:

“After posting the photo online, several Internet users spotted and pointed out the tape covering his camera and audio jack on his Macbook at his desk. It’s rumored that skilled hackers are able to take over the front facing cameras on laptops when they’re not covered up. It appears as though Zuckerberg, who is worth $35.7billion, is trying to prevent that from happening by placing a piece of tape over his camera, making the webcam useless.”


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  1. I understand the point of covering the camera, but I do not get why you would tape over the audio jack. Using a Bluetooth headset seems less secure if you are worried about that level of security. Any thoughts ?

  2. This site is a sham like you and the rest , WE ARE LEGION , not this shit show you people run, just because anyone can be ANON doesn’t mean your anon, you people are worse than ,CNN FUCKING FOX NEWS.

  3. Mark Zuckerberg keeps two things well hidden. His Facebook mishaps(scandals) and his private parts !
    Got a big Libremo wedged in his ass too !


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