Masked Villains Attack Refugees On Inflatable Boats!


During the early morning hours on Friday October the 9, hundreds of refugees in inflatable boats started to drift upon the coast of Lesbos. In the middle of the international waters between the Greek island of Lesvos and Turkey, a heist broke out involving masked English speaking pirates.

Five masked and armed pirates using a speedboat had forced an attack on inflatable boats that was carrying migrants and refugees from Lesbos to Turkey. On one of the boats, the pirates took thousands of Euros as well as passports, cloths, and mobile devices. The captain of the boat, known as AZ-060 (which is a Greek Coast Guard boat), proclaimed that pain does not affect him as he showed off scars from previous forms of torture. After stealing everything from the migrants, the pirates then left them to die by means of disabling their engines completely, and allowing them to drift away further into the great unknown ocean.

After the attack, the boats started to drift away and where at a high risk of capsizing. The victims were at drift for over 8 hours, according to volunteers and other witnesses, several of the refugees started to jump out and aid in pushing the boats toward the shore. Life guards started to pulling boats to shore.

The attackers, as described by the victims, where masked and black dressed as well as armed. The pirates also only spoke in an English dialect. One of the pirates had a distinguishing feature as his eyes where blue.

Bouckaert spoke first of the attack and stressed that the attack from the pirates had in fact been a well-organized and planned out from the Greek far-right wind supporters.

The armed men in which were well built in size and extremely professional removed motors of boats and then punctured a hole on the boat forcing the people to board their speedboat. It was onboard the pirates ship in which they began to rob the people in which were Muslims. While the women would chant Ah Allah, Allah save us, it was provoking the pirates.

This is not the first time the pirates had attacked the refugees traveling in these waters. One of the victims was on the same voyage just 2 weeks prior and was robbed during that time as well.
The pirates are known for attacking other religions and taking what they want. Some say it is to start a new life in Europe.

While the reason for the attacks is still unclear, one thing is known, the Greek Coast Guard turns their head when these pirates are around.

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  1. Nice Propaganda from Anonymous, Not a single refugee came to Greece yet, this is called invasion Turkey sent them. Don’t know if you’re really Anonymous or just hackers working for the goverment to spread shit around, This is a lie. You don’t know what your little “refugees” did to Lesvos, don’t talk about Greece if you don’t know

    • Hello. I am not anonymous. You, my friend, will need to answer you own conscience. How on earth can you justify these attacks (to which there is lot of evidence)? It is always easier to start a long political debate, rather than help those in need. I honestly think YOU know nothing about these people fleeing. Have you talked to them? (Before you asked back, yes I have, a lot). Your hate does not help and your reasoning is pathetic. If you are just too nasty to help, can you please just step aside and let those who are willing to help? Thanks.

    • you must be the white trash racist little goat fucker and now your a mad little low iq retarded donkey hahahaha get a life sick son of a racist cunt

  2. Seriously? Where is the universal fucking outrage here? Tell me, just what did the very small children, who have NO choice about any of this, personally do to you? When chilren are involved you have to put all that racial, religious shit behind you. Children cannot, and should not, be made to suffer for the choices of their parents, especially in such an awful, terrifying way. I thought this “caring, sharing, BandAid playing, cocacola sharing world had moved on from that? No? And who IS supposed to help them? Other Muslim countries? Saudi Arabia, UAE? Yeah, well they are not so back to those frozen, soaking, starved children and babies, where were we? Oh yeah, YOU want to kill them all, push them back into the sea, send them back where they came from. Where the wonderful West has played its part in making “where they came from” an unliveable, dangerous hell on earth? Back there? If not now then when? If not us, you and me, then who? Who? That’s right, just us. The Democratic, civilised West, where they can be treated like shit by the likes of you. You are either part of the solution or part of the problem. Looks like you chose to be the problem. I despair, I despair, I despair.

    • Forget the fact that the US and their cronies Saudi Arabia and Qatar started this war to create instability and have the people overthrow Assad. The US state dept has admitted to spending 500 million dollars aiding and supplying the Free Syria Army; weapons and monies that they ADMITTED were handed over to Al-Nusra by the same group. The US was wondering why ISIS had all these new Toyota trucks only to find out its all trucks that the US bought themselves for “rebel groups”. The US has been doing this for decades. Look at Al-Qaida! They were funded and created by the US to fight the Soviets. Osama was a CIA agent for years. If you are angry about refugees, don’t be angry at the victims, be angry at your countries that bomb the shit out of other countries. The US has been conducting air strikes for a year only to maintain ISIS, not to eliminate them, because they want chaos. They don’t want to put American or Britush boots on the ground. Obama even allows Turkey to bomb the only boots on the ground, Kurds (PKK & YPG). These idiots speak of a “Muslim invasion”?? There are 2 million Christiabs in Syria, 2 million Kurds, 1 million Druze and Yezidi and other miniorities. 2. What about the US INVASION of Iraq and Syria?? Remember one day we will all meet our ends. You will be asked not only what you DID but what you DIDNT do.

  3. So, according to this story:
    It was some hundreds of refugees, and they were robbed by five only men.
    The victims probably had some hundreds of mobiles with them, but none was calm enough to use them, call for help or get a photo of the pirates, their boat etc.
    The pirates spoke english only so they were obviously Greeks.
    It happened in Greek territory, but when they had to push the boats towards the shore, they chose to reach for the shores of Turkey
    Although I am absolutely sure that refugees of all sorts, anywhere in the world fall often victims to criminals of all sorts and nationalities… Are you sure this is not some sort of sketchy propaganda that should not find a place in this site?

  4. So really they attacked the boats – why aren’t the governments sending them back? Most of them are not Syrian anyway…. Seekers of benefits not asylum


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