Media Lies and a Dangerous Cover-Up


By now most of us are aware that the mainstream media cannot be trusted, especially in the United States. Even the average citizen who doesn’t put much thought into the matter will commonly joke that you cannot believe what you hear and see in the media. And yet, when it comes to critical issues, it seems many will hang on a reporters words, absorbing every detail, and immediately assuming it’s accurate. After all, if a major news network such as CNN says it’s true, then it must be, right? Not exactly.

Television and all other forms of modern media have become a tool of de-evolution, propaganda, and social control. Unlimited resources have been applied to understanding how to manipulate the human psyche through the media, and today we have an increasingly sophisticated full-spectrum of assault on our free will, and psychological well-being. In some cases, the mainstream media goes as far as putting the welfare of the U.S. citizens in jeopardy, as well as those around the world.

Here are some examples outlining ways in which the mainstream media manipulates society, either through cover-ups, altering stories, or blatant lies.

  1. Time Magazine sanitizes their covers for American consumption – While portraying a frivolous image of life in America, Time Magazine presents an entirely different message to the rest of the world.




  1. CNN is the leader in fake war news coverage – In two examples of how CNN has scripted and staged live war coverage to create a sense of drama and danger, Anderson Cooper fakes Syria war footage by dubbing in sound effects and playing chaotic video next to a Syrian correspondent. See videos below.

And in this clip of CNN’s coverage of the Gulf War, anchorman Charles Jaco makes a joke of the war coverage in Saudi Arabia, demonstrates how the news is over sensationalized for American audiences, as well as how hosts pretend to be in danger when in fact, they are not.

  1. Nationally scripted local ‘news’ – Comedian and talk show host, Conan O’Brien, has graciously compiled some ridiculous examples of local news broadcasts that were simultaneously repeated in dozens of markets nationwide. While it’s humorous to watch, it’s also serves as proof that you cannot trust the authenticity of what you’re seeing in news broadcasts. See clips below.

  1. Manipulating images as war propaganda – There are numerous examples of how newspapers around the world manipulate images with Photoshop to influence public opinion. Syria-Photoshop
  2. Fox News viewers are dumber than those who follow other news sources – Researchers from New Jersey’s Fairleigh Dickinson University conducted a survey among a thousand people in which they asked five questions on domestic issues, and an addition five on international issues. Fox viewers scored the lowest in both categories, getting an average of 1.04 questions right on domestic issues, and 1.08 on international. And in yet another survey conducted by the World Public Opinion, a project managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, “Fox News viewers are significantly more misinformed than consumers of news from other sources. What’s more, the study shows that greater exposure to Fox News increases misinformation.”

If the information provided so far does not insight a sense of concern for you, the situation with Russia and the media’s coverage, or lack thereof, should do the trick. As tensions between the U.S. and Russia escalate, we find ourselves building up to a possible third world war while the media keeps the situation hushed to American audiences.

War has already been waged in Ukraine between the invading Ukrainian Government, which is standing-in for Obama after his successful coup to take over that Government, and the defending breakaway region of the former Ukraine, which is standing-in for Putin.

As NATO prepares to invade Russia, the mainstream media in the U.S. hides these preparations. The early phases of these preparations have spurred Russia into making counter-preparations of their own, but unlike the precipitating events on America’s side, which are not reported on, Russia’s actions do receive press-coverage in the West. This, of course, presents Russia as the aggressor, which it is not.

It may very well be that we have reached an age in which the only way to spread the news is now via word-of-mouth, and social media. Newspapers, magazines, books, TV, and radio don’t provide any means of verifying the reliability of their cited sources. The idea that we are being lied to is no longer reserved for the paranoid. The institutions we should be able to depend on for bringing us an objective view of the world are now corrupt, and their views are anything but objective.



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  1. The last time I watched the news was probably back in 2012, I don’t listen to what they say as facts but as things I can make my own decision of true or false.

  2. god bless anonymous , I encourage u to continue ur struggle against American Jewish media and against Masonic agenda

      • Why do you assume he hates Jews? Just because he is stating the fact that most giant media corps. are owned by Jewish folks?

    • Zionist monopolized media and their evil brain is a virus. How sick and disgusting of a rat hyena snake vulture hybrid can a human being get! Hitler should have eliminated the Zionist disease. Yaya anti Semite my balls. Calling me an anti Semite is like pointing the finger at a guy who hates Dhamer for being a serial killer and calls him what he is. Mainstream news is a pure terrorist and discretion tool and organization. Period. What filth…

      • Deception, fear mongering and misinforming tool for Zionist psychos. Who make clan members look normal as far as racism goes, they believe we are all Goyim and they are chosen! You want a few guys who fully think in this manner owning the news which you watch to get your daily “news” if you do, then you also want a convicted pedophile babysitting your children

  3. Three things to remember:

    News in newspapers is always true.

    Television news is always accurate,

    Superman movies are filmed as they actually happen.

  4. While I may agree with much of the sentiment about the media, this article crosses the same line as Fox when it strays from reporting its opinions to projecting future world conspiracies.
    This is a huge declaratory statement.(“As NATO prepares to invade Russia”), Backed up (like FOX) with zero facts.
    Fine, if this is your opinion. Lets see some factual reporting
    The probability of NATO trying to invade and occupy Russia is less than zero. There is nothing that Russia has that the west needs or wants.
    Now if you stated that Nato/US is trying to force a Regime Change in the near future then you may be onto something.(Still speculation mind you)
    Bottom line, credibility is currency. Without credibility then an entire article or premise becomes suspect.

  5. As an Austrian i just want to state that the “Kronenzeitung” or “Krone” is absolutely untrustworthy and are just trying to get dumb people to buy them…

  6. Another reason why I hate the mainstream media, because they always lie to us a lot these days. Not good, not good at all.

  7. All what European mainstream media does is reading out press releases from Associated Press and Reuter so we are so disconnected from whats really going on in the world.

  8. attention .so much please about this top dangerous. Threat all. A satanic net.satan weaving like spider his net in Iraq.evil my friends not like what we hear or imagine .but he develop himself .and armed with so new technology .even a lot of countries didn’t have like what he have .This made who hear crazy from what he will hear. Now focused please and put paper and pen or computer. To study this cause .so much .cause I don’t want waste your time and my time by silly thing. But it’s our future my friends. And this so much important .now let start this subject. In Iraq. In diwanyah city it’s middle Iraq .In afak twon. It’s nearly 30km. On diwanyah city. .This place our talk will be about it. A big Satan net built by top secret in this place. Biggest spy net connected directly with satellite. Yes friends look at this disappointment. Look at this weak point on international laws .to allow to this gangs. To use technology .how no one know .record this please . 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Just animal do this when you eat he move .or you can move him by food . Those passed all limit of logic. Tongue sample of human.. when you order by your tongue no move but when you think or take money or thing or eat or drink .or visit some one .This will be order. Who learn those this silliest.or it’s just cheat only to evil aims. Yes friends .Satan fabricated this lies to his aims only .cause by tongue he will end .forever. but when he delete it. He will continue lie and cheat. Record 5@/ yes friends record .I need you know every thing about those evil gangs. To made you be careful . No organisation with me .I announced this .But this gangs. Sticking itself on me .wanted to play game. Of course they play cause they are in Iraq. Another trick. So important also the gangs use it to flee from any punishment. As I said both group in this gangs. Those stick one of this on me .to lie and cheat and say it’s belong to me .yah so good when some one find a big group belong to him .But if I ask it by my tongue to do some thing did it agree. No .If I say stand did it obey. No .why cause the orders. Who give this orders. The manger my friends. And that not me. Look at this big cheat it’s so clear like sun .This group belong to them in same laws in same record . And who lead it. This evil who work in police. . I am so frankly with you cause I want you to know the fact. Of this gangs..but look also to what those doing. The group number one have electronic airplanes. It’s attack the group number two by its .by order the manger .now focus on this trick. Please .when I go to the place of group number two. Do you know what I will find. I find who give the order to attack them. I find him lead them also. By same laws .now what those mean by this trick .did they want to play games of pretend fake problems. Whom they want to cheat .by this satanic play. The same manger here and there .who work in police. .not me of course. ..those also want to play and prevent any one 6@/I ask him help .how cause he will cheated. By those he will think that I have a group. And he will not help .or he will help this group .thinking it’s belong to me. And this trick. Cause he help Satan. Instead of me. Cause this group no belong to me. It’s belong to this gangs .didn’t confess by my tongue at all I said I don’t have any organisation. I am alone. And so poor. Now so poor. Do you know how this gangs use its two group .those prevent any one from give me any help .and those lie and said I am rich or. Looking for job else .of course by order from their manger .I know this very well. Both the group have same record names .no one hate one he have one record name or one law or one money .or contact between. Them .This is basic. Those fooled the foolish only by their tricks. Also I am not chief of my trib or chief on my family and their wife son. And the home that I live not my home ..I am not police or government. Or in political. Also I don’t have any position. I can fear about it.also I am not in englic church. A I am alone no one with me. Of course this group that gangs lies by it. Not belong to me .But belong to them …All this facts so important. By the way I never let any friend to me. But if he real friend. Not lies. And he belong to this gangs .didn’t take by my tongue. .and he have whom give. Him orders. .After this I wish tell you also that this gangs killed the brothers in coalition troops whom liberated Iraq. And this big terrioms action. .als 7@/as this facts you find a game .One so evil acclaim he know the hide things but he is lies cause he use mind control .This evil lead two group .those like two committee. He fabricated strange gangs laws to ensure his stay as leader to this gangs .first he hide himself .use this way all time .and use as I refer a spy tools so small he can putted it on some with out he know .and use his body .His gangs members didn’t dare to talk with him for example when they discover that the person not his leader .and no their leader hide himself. I mean as you no all my be .The system of gangs so different from democracy institution. To Can allow to some one to ask and say why you lie on me. And made me think that one lead me .But he didn’t. If he say this in gangs world he will lose his life .also this evil who lead those both group .came no election of course and no one dare to suggest election in this gangs for example .In gangs the chief still whatever badness he .yes friends. This evil I don’t know how he jumped and established two group like this .Any luck he have to made no one know..and what so funny that he throw their two group on others with out care about any reaction from them .When they know that he loves lie on theim .or he order thiem by this to his satanic will ..about me. He all time lie and throw one of his garbge on my head. Put this group that he throwing on me .Not obey me .or belong to me. As group or members .but just trick only. He want by this trick .8@/far aims .He want prevent any legal action or punishment against his gangs .He know first that this group that he throw ring in his finger just dummy he lead it.throw it and pull move it right and left .when he want .and me just let say picture only. This didn’t take my this trick he success a lot to flee. From.any punishment. Also I think he cheated by it. Any one .A real friends to me .and hurt him.cause he will think that this group with me. And he will help it.but he help this evil by this cause this blend to the evil not me .I am alone. This work in same gangs laws and it’s names in this evil books he know every place to it.he control by it not me. He programed their two group by hard program. This like brain wash. Those two group like two wild horse now one can ride it’s .just who training it’s. By a way no one know. And those know his smelt. They didn’t to any one to lead or ride .just him .impossible to some one to try. Those two group like this .The evil programed thiem by difficult system. And close one can easy deal with any one. I tried hard to made few change I never success. The two group system so difficult .those like machine .don’t cheat by its .whatever their shape seemed. Whatever you talk .no useful. Those programed. By a control system .For example you tired your self and try to correct their foolish minds. And say every one have a right of thinking .or the slavery to human. Or say the tongue important. When u have a 9@/ bread in your hand. This not necessarily mean you want eat just when you say by tongue. Or say if some one didn’t confess by your tongue he snear and insult you .made you like animal .All this talk not useful. Cause those have their control system machine. It’s move thiem. The say yes for you. But order say no .those follow no .instantly. I tried hard in clear the facts of this gangs .also to explain to other. That those use a style of cheat by spy tools .and the spy is a crime not legal .beside a spying they use it to use my name and cheat others and say I have organisation .but the fact is that those have gangs .I don’t have any organisation .my tongue say this .I don’t care what behind they spy say .whatever the use their. Money and position to cheat others . And record their names. Beside use the electronic airplanes. To cheat others by it. Also .how . Please record this also. This electronic airplanes who response on thiem .how order to its to fly. Who control .let me say according to their control system. Who give this orders who lead both group. No any one else. It’s fly by press on tool. Only. Or switch .nothing else. But this evil fabracred games. Only. How. He lie and said when know hide for example it’s reason to it fly. Or eat .or thing or take thing or money. Or talk or stay in place belong to some one .The know hide no reason at all .He have the switch and press on it when he want. No any other cheat. At all. This mean the fly of electronic airplanes not 10@/not mean that I have organisation at all .cause I can’t control at all by those two group. To simple cause those not my organisation. And their gangs laws not laws I know or care by its. I know that evil hide himself and lead those two group .and he give the orders. No one another. .and I am nothing middle this gangs. Cause both group he lead not me .and I didn’t have even one with me.and all game the evil behind . The play of represent. Also his game .This mean he spy .and put others as one represent this or this . And surrounded me for example. By those .I know he lead them all. No one else. And all. Obey his orders not me and I don’t have organisation. Just normal person. Also this ugliest gangs whom killed the brothers in coalition troops whom liberated Iraq and behind what happened to France. Those is there any one have little honor accept. To deal with them .I don’t think .now let me say few so funny joke. All you belong to a country. And your country of course have some one represent it in Un .but impossible that u will accept that your country. Have some one represent it in this satanic Kingdom in Iraq in duwanyah city in afak twon . . This so funny joke. Gangs on their fingers the blood of France people yet now still .do accept to have some one represent your country in gangs .like this. Gangs with two group lead it’s one evil work in police hide himself .and throw fake names or put a masks to still hide. And lie accliming he know hide things .But he use spy 11@/and mind control. Do you accept this. Why you didn’t send one to Vatican City this will be more good .I say for example. I am sure no one have honor accept to made this gangs represent him ..yet now you saw few from this gangs ways. You see how much who lead it’s .control on his gangs .play by its by any thing he want. He did two group from his gangs .and he can made it six .cause he love this number .may be ..He putted his finger so deep with so dectatorian style. With his gangs and those became like animal programed .Two group .like two Satan horn .compete between each others to satisfied this son of evil .and never reject any of his rules. My friends I have few keys to any one want to solve or at lest be careful .first key .I don’t have any organisation. Just normal person in Iraq. This so important key. By it. Those and all their lies will covered. And I am under spy. Didn’t have any care about what who spy on me. And I have a tongue. .not chief on my trib or my family or their wife son .The place that I live not my home. I am not in government or political. Or in elnglic church .also not police. Those whom spy and use mind control those two group and who lead not my organisation and I don’t have organisation. This key so important ..cause this is the fact. That gangs try to fake it.and pictured me in many tricks made me chief of trib or police or political or else. By fake of course. To their behalf .those use the spy on me. And mind control and read thought also .12@/I don’t have any organisation .This mean no one can record any one. Also I am not have weak administration .work by fair. I mean if I didn’t hit or insult the members of those gangs. My administration will afraid from. Thiem and record .no I don’t have any organisation at all .those whom play this game not my organisation .those behind the spy and their gangs laws not my organisation. I am not responsible about Thiem and if they record or not. This is their problems not mine. If I eat or drink or talk or think .or take money or thing .or be in any place in the home of my family and their wife son .that they consider this some thing .All this else nothing .If those record any one. They record not me if they are weak it’s their problems not mine. To simple cause those not my organisation. To Can care about. This is my right .And I have tongue express by what I want. And those their facts coverd I think they know about .This .many now know the. Two group and who lead Thiem both .but the still on old trick just silly no more. Those success in past to cheated a lot by the trick of two group. Or sticking on me a one of his group and he know very well he is loyal to him but by his order it said me. To Can cheat and play. Only .13@/now just few I said Stan have two hand he steal by one hand. Now please focus on this when he steal and hurt by this hand he did wrong. Now what suppose to do. In any others country there are good honor law punish his hand. All we know this. But the game in Iraq different to became biggest laugh on the minds of iraqies people’s how .cause there are rules say no right to any one from punish this hand and the this right just for the other hand for him.also. listen my friends. To this games. To whom those laugh .another more clear example. Let suppose that both hands of Satan. Became two places. One leaded by some one so evil .He hit the the second place .no one punish him at all whatever he did .He have electronic air planes he fly it on the second place. With out any reason .now listen what next .when I go to the second place .do you know what I will find .so surprise .I find the same person who lead the first place. Who attacked this place place I find him on the chair if leader. On second place. What is your say about this. Same evil who lead the one he also lead this .same gangs laws same record. Else. And same order to it to lie and say I lead it. And he hide himself as usual.evil work in police play ugliest game in Iraq. .now another so clear reason to refuse any one from punish a one of those two group. And insist that the group number 2 must do. No one else. Why .? So simple my friends .cause those two group as two hands of evil. Impossible to hand punish 14@/also the names of both group the same. The evil who lead play by its.put this in this and reverse .my friends the matter of that those two group leaded by this evil so clear no doubt about its.i repeat this to prevent any one from fall in this trick .my be think the two different from one .Or decive by I have one of those belong to me. No .Both group and their gangs I didn’t have any relation. Inspite their spy on me. But those not my organisation at all. And I am out of its Satan laws .I didn’t say my self some thing. And if for example I want to lead any thing I must first choice them by my self .and I putted the law .and those take my tongue .also I know what work I will made them to do. I know how I can pay to them or volunteer .not some one else pay to them and give them laws and lead them by his way. And said to them to say me. I don’t have organisation .This mean I don’t have any record book .to any one .those gangs .play ugly cheat game. Evil have two group he lead not me .He give them money and his satanic laws .I have tongue .I didn’t compete about them. Tow group not my organisation .and who lead it the evil who work in police .those group of decive and steal and cheat ..but those spy on me only. I am so poor and those cheated .Both group. So lies .and their head Satan the evil who work in police .my friends if those found in place out of Iraq their destiny to war crime directly .but their chance they in Iraq .play in any law the spy and mind control .Satan 15@/ Satan said .He have people’s and government .In Iraq .and proud by this. Also he said Iraq for him .my be he consider his two horn the two group that he lead .Some thing. He put one to protect and other to steal .or else .You know now that no me and not coalition troops. .have any relation by those. .I didn’t give any one from both group any thing .beside I didn’t take any thing from theim .but those cheat. Those by spy on me know whom I know .With out I know those go to them and lie. The begged .because I am sick .I asked help from some friends .But those two group prevent any one from help .when I ask ten .I found nothing or just one. .I know evil behind darkness did. And prevent. Also I have tongue .I didn’t give any order to two group not my organisation .or their leader the evil who work in police .also I wish warn all .That Satan use one of his arm to lie my on you even to say it belong to me .Don’t trust it’s just trick only. It’s one of Satan horn only. Both group not my organisation. Both lie and cheat .this one that I warn you about for example I ask from human rights help .This evil horn will put a mask of human rights on itself and my be made it self represent this but where in Satan Kingdom .and I. Find human rights that it’s know all laws and democracy. Became work in Satan law and those can remove it by their games by go to w.c. or clean the house that I. Live .how they did .cause who chest and made him self human rights. He is one of Satan group .
    أع 16@/ all their names with Satan book .and their laws. This so joke .cause human rights. Never belong to this satanic gangs. Or put it name or made some one represent it in this gangs ..I know that. Cause those just criminals gangs .what they did with. France recently . Made theim under red line of terrorism .those not organisation. But those gangs so dangerous .as I said again both group not my organisation .and who lead it the evil who work in police .by the way .those gangs too becareful from me .Yes those use my body by cheat and spy .but never let me know about them .For example I don’t know from where they got their money who support .where is the bank that they deal with. In Iraq .how much they pay to their members .what the names of their administration members .I mean who responsible about money .finance. how they training their members and where .and how .The two group the same .as I said. Their member didn’t tell me any thing cause the orders for them to becareful from me .cause if I know any thing I will publish it . cause those not my organisation to made this inside affair .or secret of work .may they consider it like this but me not .I try to steal any. Good information .To inform all about those two group and who lead it’s the evil who work in police .I am not belong to them or have any benefit .not part from them .there for I saw some time myself like journal person. Only. Talk about what he see. She’d the light .those gangs lies in valley .and the fact and 17@/and me in another valley .nearly like some one. Enter in gambler place. The others thing he like theim .but the truth he just watch and right about their life and ways made them as subject .their empty minds full by lies and cheat .so useless any attempt to change or show to them the right way .They became addicted .when you said to some one you are wrong. And the money that you have not legal. He will think I hate him .When I said to him you are in gangs .not in civil organisation .or some thing respectable .you put your self in dirty .He will angry .also I just warn him saying if any thing happened to you I am not responsible .cause I tell you I don’t have organisation .and gangs spy on me and lie .and I have tongue .But my friends .cause no law. .those continue. In this wrong. .If there are a donkey even on law .It will know those are gangs. So clear no any right for them. .their cheat .and lies .Two group .leaded by one .evil work in police. What is my relation .by those .nothing .just their spy tool on me .and this unlegal action .beside mind control .If any one ask those .The two group and who lead them.. did you his organisation. Do you belong to him .Do you take his tongue. All answers no .then .why they spy on me and put mind control .also why they lie and say me chief on my trib or chief on my family and their wife son .or in government or political. Or englic church or police. . I don’t know who belive those .why no one said to them .You have a lot of spy tool 18@/ why you didn’t. Putted it on any one else. And still play on him or putted it on animal and play. Why this one .who never stop ask help .You have two group .and the evil who work in police lead .what is his relation with you nothing . .no one my friends said this . Those just still lie .using the game of putted one of their two group on me to lie ..just I began to inform others. It’s manger give it .The order to. Lie .This lie to prevent any legal action against this gangs .my friends so impossible no any one can punish who use mind control to kill the peoples .but with big lie they still .cause the horn number two . Of Satan play game and lie saying it’s belong to me ..but who lead it my friends .not me but who work in police .and he have mind control ..He lead two group .Both. . And as he said before he have government and people’s .This mean no one will open his mouth from the peoples .also no any action from government .against him.both group belong to him .my be one made it protect and other steal. By all this explain you find me just normal person. But I cover this satanic net .and again .be careful so much .from any cheat by my name specialy from the group number two .cause it’s poison horn .its not with me or my organisation .but it’s hand of evil .like the other exactly. Who lead them hide himself. But by lie try to made me as picture only. 19@/the evil who work in police not some thing .But cause he lead both group and hide himself .only. and no one can ask those any thing or dare to opposite .cause he play by those two. As I said made one a government .and other people’s .look at this .He in government and with people’s in same time .and he made as problems .between .This one of his trick .by the way he also made himself on civil organisation. But in his Satan ideas about civil organisation. Not like what we. Know .He for example .bring any one from the street didn’t have any abilities to work as civil organisation .He give him his gangs laws and money .and he lead him. By this way .All we know .That civil organisation not easy to work in or establish organisation .but this evil want to deform this .cause he want to destroy any thing good in democracy .and he success. Many became look at civil organisation .bad look .For example I sit in coffee and talk about organisation .I find even the small boy in coffee have organisation. Or he sale sandwich with my respect to all .But just for example. When I ask any one of them about funny answers .He say I am with Shia .or talk about political .only. and many things didn’t have or so far from civil organisation .but he have members with him. This my friends what this evil do and named this as people’s .He have. Beside government .He order those to talk against government. That he give it order also. Look Satan and look what he play in Iraq . 20@/The corruption by his order .He steal .but look at funny. He order the peoples to insult the government and all .I said to you. He have two hands steal by one and protect or implement the law by other hand .my friends not me or USA or collation troops have any relation by this games of Satan in Iraq. He torture iraqi es people only by this. He have two bitch two group full obey to him if he said any thing those do .As I said I have tongue and didn’t have any organisation. By the way all what I said not secret at all .little child in afak town have more from what I said .and he can have electronic airplanes. And he can order it to attack any place he want. Yes friends and the observe of nato alliance by satellite will prove to you this. So painful facts. So hopeless. And disappointment. Yes friends what I said not secret of close files. But so normal .but you didn’t know just. This Satan rule by this way. And again you can say about me .Just normal person .Satan try to made him a picture only .but this picture became talk and say truth to all .This made him crazy .I don’t have organisation .at all no one group or two ..beside I have tongue ..I all time said to other me Me .my tongue. All whom behind spy those big lier .don’t fool by their cheat and give you wrong picture. Don’t be cheat by the trick of spy tool .cause it kind of technology and mind control also but bad luck made this technology fall between evil .only he use it for hurt and decive. And fabricated


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