Meet The Prominent Rabbi Who Wants Europe’s Jews To Arm Themselves


Amedy Coulibaly, the terrorist who seized the kosher supermarket in eastern Paris and held its patrons hostage and eventually killed four shoppers, in the midst of a standoff with police told BFM TV on phone that he had selected the Hyper Cacher store, after attacking the offices of Charlie Hebdo, “because it was Jewish”.

A large number of protesters from France’s half a million strong Jewish community took to the streets, placards in hand after the attack to put pressure on the authorities to do more to safeguard them. ‘Je Suis Juif’ or ‘I am Jewish’ became a slogan for their shared anguish and disgust. The French government then deployed nearly 5,000 police officers to protect hundreds of Jewish sites, including yeshivas and synagogues, and all 717 Jewish schools. President Francois Hollande assured Jewish leaders that he would bring in the army to protect Jewish institutions, if need be.

Je Suis Juif

One of Europe’s largest Jewish associations wrote to EU ministers on January 13 asking for gun laws to be relaxed to allow Jews to arm themselves to protect against terror attacks. Rabbi Menachem Margolin, head of the European Jewish Association, asked for permission for ‘people in the Jewish communities and institutions to own weapons’ to protect against anti-Semitism, racism, and intolerance. Rabbi, who “often hears things like “Dirty Jew!” or “Go to Gaza!” or “You kill children!” explained his stand to VICE News:

“I want each Jewish community to choose a few people who could obtain guns through the authorities — going through all the necessary psychological tests, training, etc. So in schools, a few teachers would have guns. In the synagogue, a few people would carry guns. In each kosher store, the manager and owner and another one or two people would carry guns. A system should be put in place — but only in cases where authorities are unable to protect Jewish institutions”.


France is home to the world’s third-largest Jewish population, behind Israel and the United States. It also has a history of anti-Semitic attacks. In 2012, a French Islamist named Mohammed Merah slaughtered three students and a teacher at a Jewish school in Toulouse. In 2014, French jihadist Mehdi Nemmouche gunned down four people at the Jewish Museum in Brussels. This rise in anti-Semitic incidents has been linked to Israel’s invasion of Gaza in 2014.

To add fuel to the fire, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, in response to the Charlie Hebdo attacks, tweeted a message to European Jews:

Indeed, in 2014, some 7,000 Jews reportedly abandoned France for Israel.



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  1. We should all have the right to defend ourselves . I hope the Jewish will be able to get permission to bear arms to protect themselves as to those around them .

    • So say I were to slap you. Would you then be out of your “f…. mind” to strike back or block the next swing I take at you? Cynicism has its place in certain (and very few) situations. Being that this is about life or death, this is not one of them.

  2. Absolutely disgusting. The reasons Jews are being attacked are because of Israel’s Governments policies on Palestine. Occupying their land and murdering their citizens. If you want Jews to have weapons to defend themselves then the Palestinians should have weapons to defend themselves.
    Perhaps if we lived in a society where we had small or no Government, people working together in small local communities in a family type structure and inequality being erradicated – hatred towarss each other would be a thing of the past and nobody would need a gun!

    • Okay, so here’s where you’re wrong.
      Small government, I can agree with. No government, well, that’s anarchism.

      “people working together in small local communities in a family type structure and inequality being eradicated”
      You know damn good and well that’s impossible with diverse religions calling one “a thief” and the other “a murderer” or the rest “infidels”.
      As long as there are different beliefs, there can never be one people. Conquer a peoples hearts, you conquer the people. Take Christianity and how it began spreading among the pagans for example. It is, has been, and will be the blind leading the blind.
      You know what direction this is all going towards, don’t you?

  3. Whilst I fully understand the human need to defend oneself I cannot help but look at the kind of future this may bring. Most human beings are rational, sensible individuals who would only ever use their weapon in a life or death situation. However, not everyone is quite so balanced and doesn’t possess the ability to decipher between an argument or a threat to life.
    Moreover, if the public are armed your Police Officers on the ground will be armed. Would this not lead to the kind of devastating confrontations we see almost every day on the streets of The USA?
    I have often considered the possibility of arming myself but then I could also see myself being a “dispatcher” vigilante. If I, as a “normal, peace loving” person, can think this way who knows what could be unleashed on our streets.

    • “Most human beings are rational”
      “Most human beings” do not have power. Remember, “Absolute power corrupts absolutely”. Also remember, in many societies, a gun is power and killing is negotiation.

      “the kind of devastating confrontations we see almost every day on the streets of The USA?”
      You need to see a website called and type down “execution”. See how many are ISIS or any middle-eastern related killings. Then see how many are of the United States. Not nearly as many. We’re in the middle of a small revolution in the United States. Many see it as a race war, some see it as the government agents (police) against its people. Both are true.

      “who knows what could be unleashed on our streets”
      You obviously follow main stream media and don’t know half of what you think you know.


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