This Is What Microwaves Do To Your Food [AND Why You Must Kill Them…Before They Kill You]


Heating/Cooking on a stove is different from heating/cooking in a microwave. Absolutely right. While conventional ways of heating/cooking your food HEAT/COOK your food, microwaves heat/cook YOU. If this sounds frightening, or very much like an over-the-top statement, read what the US Food and Drug Administration has to say:

It is known that microwave radiation can heat body tissue the same way it heats food. Exposure to high levels of microwaves can cause a painful burn.

While in an earlier article, we shared some of the harmful effects (such as cancer, swollen lymph nodes and a weakened immune system) of using microwave ovens for cooking or re-heating food—and gave you ample reasons why you should stop using microwaves—in this article we will share the work of five scientific studies from across the world, to illustrate what effects microwave cooking or re-heating has on your food…

1. Way back in 1992, Department of Pediatrics, Stanford University School of Medicine, conducted a study which observed that microwaving breast milk caused a decrease in lysozyme activity and antibodies, and aided the growth of more pathogenic bacteria.

2. In 1998, to clarify the effects of microwave heating on the loss of vitamin B12 in foods, Japanese researchers treated raw beef, pork, and milk with microwave heating and then determined their vitamin B12 contents. Appreciable loss (approximately 30-40%) of vitamin B12 occurred in the foods during microwave heating.

3. Research conducted by the Pennsylvania State University in 2001, concluded that 60 seconds of microwave heating or 45 minutes of oven heating can block the anti-carcinogenic activity of garlic.

4. A Spanish study, which was published in The Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture in 2003, detected high losses of flavonoids (97%), sinapic acid derivatives (74%) and caffeoylquinic acid derivatives (87%) when broccoli was microwaved. Conventional boiling led to a significant loss of flavonoids (66%) from fresh raw broccoli; high-pressure boiling caused considerable leaching (47%) of caffeoylquinic acid derivatives into the cooking water; while steaming had minimal effects, in terms of loss, on both flavonoid and hydroxycinnamoyl derivative contents.

5. An Australian study, which was published in The Journal of Nutrition in 2008, found that microwaves cause a significantly higher degree of unfolding than conventional thermal stress for protein solutions heated to the same maximum temperature. Several neurodegenerative and other diseases are believed to result from the accumulation of amyloid fibrils formed by misfolded proteins.

To microwave or not to microwave?

Microwaves work by causing water molecules to resonate at very high frequencies, converting them into steam and thereby heating your food. While this might be a convenient way to prepare your food, using microwave radiation in this way actually changes the chemical structure of that food. Microwaving in plastic is dangerous too, because it can cause toxic chemicals (like phthalates and dioxins) to leak into your food.

Though the industry projects that microwave cooking/heating protects the nutrient content of foods, there is plenty of evidence to prove that the sensitive compounds in food, such as amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and phytonutrients change as a result of microwave cooking/heating – the health benefits of microwaved food remain questionable.

And even though some “experts” still use the “fact” that “radiation doesn’t mean radioactive” to “give the final word on whether microwaves are dangerous,” the USFDA recommends taking “common sense precautions,” like not standing directly next to the microwave while it’s on.

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  1. As the article states, cooking in the conventional oven also altered the content of B12. So, now that you’ve got everybody panicking! It sounds like the same stupidity that ran rampant, when microwave ovens first hit the stores! And finding a microwave oven that LEAKS radiation, is harder than finding the Loch Ness monster!

    • Jeanne, you obviously have no idea about this subject. 1. Russia actually banned microwave ovens years ago because of the health dangers of eating microwaved food. Unfortunately a bad government later allowed them in again. 2. People who have metal implants in their body such as stents and plates are advised not to be present in a room where a microwave oven is being used, because the microwaves which escape from these ovens can overheat the metal parts, causing pain. 3. There are plenty of websites which will give you the truth about how harmful microwaved foods are. One I would definitely listen to, is and this is the link to that page: Now you have a choice, you can ignor the information and your health and that of your family will suffer, or you could thoroughly research these things before making “ignorant” statements. Hoping you make a healthy choice for yourself and your family.

  2. This article is plain panic mongering. So what if microwaves will cook you the same way they do food. Boiling water will also do the same to you and that is a bit more likely to go wrong. Should we ban boiling water now?

    Also, what’s up with all the big words? Please use English. Of course big scientific words are going to sound more threatening. If I told you that acetic acid is bad for you, you would totally believe me. That scariness is lost quite quickly when you name it by how everyone knows it; vinegar.

    Finally, where is the rest? You named only five articles that concentrated on VERY specific effects. Where’s the other articles that prove your right? It’s nutrition, which I believe should be popular enough a research field. I’m certain more people have researched microwaves. Like something I read on the Harvard website, that microwaves are better at retaining vitamin C contents due to shorter cooking times? Oh, but that wouldn’t be dramatic, right?

    Bah, it’s articles like these that make science seem like some dirty thing. It’s articles like these that give birth to hacks like foodbabe and her cohorts.

    • This article is complete bullshit, microwave radiation chemically changes the food yes that is the purpose of cooking.
      Conventional oven radiates food with infrared radiation which much unhealthier in every aspect.
      This is a hoax same as plane chemtrails.

  3. You are mixing two situations and thus creating nonsense. If you put your arm or other parts of your body in a microwave oven, which is quite impossible to do, your limbs would be hurt by microwave radiation due to the heat buildup in water molecules in your cells. Stand clear of the owen and you are safe. Heating food in a microwave oven use the moisture present in the food to heat it. There is no way microwave radiation can be stored or be harmful in the actual food. All heating of food changes its chemical content and balance, that is partly why we heat it. Do not scare people with the kind of nonsense present in this article.

  4. to cook is to decay the food. microwave frequency used is the frequency that water achieves harmonic vibration. the other components are not excited and the heat they receive is by contact with the steam. this superheated steam can alter the chemicals present. use sparingly. and best for just water.

  5. Learn how a microwave works. It genuinely does nothing but vibrate molecules thus making the food hot. No altering of “food chemistry”, that can only be done by breaking primary bonds within molecules which requires a heck of a lot more energy. Take a chemistry class.

  6. I got rid of my microwave last year and I feel a lot better. Food heated in an oven feels so much more nourishing, and tastes better.

  7. I hope this article means to represent the absurdity of the fear for microwaves,
    by pulling together any remotely related source and being good at looking like
    a decent sarcastic humoristic piece. But I know it might as well be possible that people believe all of this. Those people don’t know how microwaves work. They agitate the water in the food/whatever substance. Nothing more nothing less. The water in the food heats up, the food cooks. Simply waves of a certain frequency that put energy in the water.

    That heating up some foods decreases nutritional value is a fact older than the microwave.. but it does kill bacteria.. these die above 60 degrees Celsius or-so.
    So that’s a good thing.

    Man, what’s up with people these days? With these infectious paranoid ideas?

    • Just two studies, who simple point out, that you spreading half knowledge…
      Microwave cooking, is not just cooking in faster time, maybe you are as simple as I think, but things are not that simple as you think…or can you go ahead and explain these two studies with your simple wisdom logic?

      1992 Effects of microwave radiation on anti-infective factors in human milk.

      2008 Non-thermal effects in the microwave induced unfolding of proteins observed by chaperone binding.

      • Those two have problems, though. Granted, I can only see the abstracts, but first one doesn’t seem to make a comparisong to any other termal process. Second one seems to make statements that they do everything possible to emphasize the effect. This tells us nothing about it’s significance. But I would love to read the whole article, it might provide some interesting insights.

  8. All I read was that food cooked in a microwave would have certain aspects of it be negatively impacted when compared to other methods of cooking. There is nothing in the article that says the food is dangerous after you microwave it. I don’t know too many people who actually cook using a microwave for its health effect! They just use it for its convenience.

    There are plenty of reasons why cooking with a gas stove top or oven could be bad for you as well, carbon monoxide and burning food are just two of them. Barbecues are just horrible from a health point of view! And boiling your food will strip most vitamins from vegetables.

    So what’s your point? Based on your tittle, I thought you were going to tell me that the FDA said that the food kept on cooking itself and you after you put it in your mouth!!


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