Mr. Obama Tells The “Untwisted” Truth


Sometimes you have to read between the lines… and sometimes you just have to sort sentences and words and put them in the right order to find out the real message:

If you think this that this “untwisted speech” is exaggerated then please watch also the following short speech of Bernie Sanders, who is presenting mindboggling facts about the American financial system. Did you know that the wealthiest 400 individuals in the USA own more wealth than the bottom HALF of America? Or that the 6 heirs of the Walmart family own more wealth than the bottom 30% (90 million) of Americans? For all facts and more watch the video below:


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    • just for info, the US has 3000 guillotines in their Fema camps. wake up! Agenda21 (30 now) #NWO, #depopulation control, we are #economic #slaves and our lives means noting to the Gov’s. #reality #deception

    • for the name and the comment it speaks of beheadings in end times

      Then I saw thrones, and they sat on them, and judgment was given to them. And I saw the souls of those who had been beheaded because of their testimony of Jesus and because of the word of God, and those who had not worshiped the beast or his image, and had not received the mark on their forehead and on their hand; and they came to life and reigned with Christ for a thousand years.5 The rest of the dead did not come to life until the thousand years were completed. This is the first resurrection. (Revelation 20:4-5 NASV)

  1. He speaks for the voiceless millions in the unforgiving sun building this country and suffering while the 1% sit back and move their chess pieces

  2. I am so tired of others profiting off my blood, sweat, and tears. Only to go to bed another night on an empty stomach. Knowing someone else is eating steak for doing absolutely nothing. Makes me want vomit but that would be a waste of food I can’t afford.

  3. That Bernie Sanders guy should run for president so Hill-o-beans can steal all of his talking points. Shillary will lead us. Shillary has always lead us.

  4. I knew that a long time ago when America beated USSR. They were cheating all the time, They cheated banking systems and made alot more money than other countries. In fact, since they got money, they just started to kill innocents and steal their money to prevent them to say anything about the US. Obama is just a toy used in the hands of the real MASTERS. THE ARMY, THE BANKS, AND THE POLITICIANS. OBAMA CANT DO SHIT ABOUT IT HE S JUST A PUPPET. And only real anonymous people know this. My father knows loads of things on America and he tells me everything. Ukraine was and is in the hands of USA. The American politicians feed Ukraine with rage to kill innocent Russians and to eliminate their biggest enemy : RUSSIA. But i m not done with this. Anonymous will end this and if there must be a war, there will be one!!! FOR THE REVOLUTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • WOWWW Anon TTT, I couldn’t agree with you more. Apparently your father worked with the American Government and that’s how he knows the truth. Now for the rest of America that doesn’t want to believe this, you are the real problem and the real threat for the millions on earth and need to wake up and finally take action or just sit back, be lazy and continue to make excuse why everyone else is wrong and you’re, so called right. Anon, I wish way more people were as smart and educated as you are. The only advice I have for you is, never keep quiet and tell anyone anyway you can about the truth. Also if you have facts don’t be scared to post them for all to see, that would help wake more people up, and we need all the help we can get with that one. LONG LIVE ANONYMOUS!!!!!

    • If anon had the power to uncover all, why have they not? Isn’t that the problem to begin with? I want to put my heart put there, and cheer for Anon. I want to have hope in Anon. I watch Anon work, and am greatful. But still, why only give civilians HALF the info? Why not jusy bust everything open, and begin to build new? Instead of trying to fix an empire built on dishonesty and blood? The US is a mess. We have no reliable communication (while I can call and talk to people around the country, some cannot), how can we solve anything if our means of communication is so censored/fixed (like news channels, FB, online news…etc)? If Anon is REALLY for the people…please help. Our gov’t has the world hating us for things that they do. We do not support it, nor does it work for the people it governs.

  5. This is a government controlled page. Placed here to mislead, distorting truth an perversing what could be a revolution, THE revolution. This isn’t the only one either. Anonymous was, in a way, infiltrated by government drones. I say “in a way” cause anybody can post as anonymous. The government uses this loop hole to their advantage. Wake up

  6. different video clips put together to say what you want it to isn’t the truth and only those who hate Obama believe it, all of us isn’t that stupid, I’m done with this site and anyone else with a little common sense would be to.

    • Amen to that!!! This site is ran by Russian propaganda extemists!! It’s a load of crap. I especially LOVE how they NEVER talk about their precious russia and their scandels. What about the millions of innocent starving Russians (including children)… what is idiot Putin’s response?- burn all the European food and let starve. Real Good russia! What about his ‘right arm’ man wearing aN almost million dollar watch, while the rest live in poverty? Oh yeah….what about Ukraine???? That’s right…the cowards deny it! HA! What about the concentration camps russia secretly had set up during WWII to “exterminate” Christians ( mainly armenians) while hiding under the cover of Hitler doing the same thing to Jews? Noone ever talks about that. Fuck this site and all their glory. I am so proud to be an American!!!

    • So it’s all good until someone starts saying something derogatory about your boi. Good riddance you biased Liberal sycophants.

  7. thankfully im not in america but still, maerica is doomed to perish and the smart people should leave america now before its too late!

  8. Anon is Bernie Sanders? He is a sheep dog for the Democrat herd, he will bring the sheep until ted to the Establishment Selected Candidate (Hillary Clinton, IF the F.B.I. doesn’t prosecute her for the many crimes that they have evidence linking her to…)

  9. nobody cares that the obama video is clipped together??? look at the backgrounds people.

    p.s some parts of the vid were from v from vendetta and other movies

  10. Dear ????
    Not sure if low on braincells or just trolling?
    But are “The “Untwisted” Truth”, “…sometimes you just have to sort sentences and words and put them in the right order to find out the real message”,
    “untwisted speech”,
    not enough hints for you to see that this video is edited on purpose?


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