MSNBC Apologizes After Accidentally Telling the Truth About Israel


By Kit O’Connell at MINTPRESS



Before MSNBC’s apology, pro-Palestinian activists praised the segment as a rare instance of mainstream media honesty about Israeli occupation.


New York, NY — Earlier this month, MSNBC aired a well-known, but controversial graphic that illustrates how Israel has taken over Palestine as the occupation of the region has grown over time.


The graphic, which appeared during an Oct. 15 discussion between MSNBC anchor Kate Snow and Martin Fletcher, a Middle East correspondent, shows a series of four maps dating from 1946 to the present that depict the loss of Palestinian territory to Israel.

During the segment, Fletcher discussed the ways that Israel’s provocative behavior at Al-Aqsa Mosque is a major trigger for the latest violence in Gaza and the West Bank, then Snow introduced the graphic as it appeared on screen, saying: “What does that show you, Martin, that the area Palestinians are living, has it grown increasingly smaller?”

Fletcher replied:

“Well, absolutely, it’s all about the land, and what this map shows you, and I must say it’s pretty shocking when you present it in this way, what it clearly shows is that, if there’s no peace agreement between the Palestinians and Israel … more of that Palestinian land will be eaten up by Jewish settlements.”

Watch Kate Snow and Martin Fletcher discuss the graphic of Palestine on MSNBC:

Supporters of Palestinian human rights on social media praised what they saw as a rare example of honesty about the occupation from TV news. But some media critics, and especially the Israeli media, criticized the segment, calling the graphic inaccurate. The Jerusalem Post referred to the image, which closely resembled a similar graphic widely circulated among activists, as “a map commonly used by Palestinian propaganda groups,” adding:

“It claimed that in 1946, present-day Israel was under Palestinian rule, leaving out the fact that it was under British Mandatory rule until May 14, 1948, when the British Mandate came to an end.

Another mistake came in the 1947 map which the graphic referred to as the ‘UN plan.’ This was inaccurate for the fact that the supposed 1947 borders never existed, since the UN’s partition plan was rejected by all Arab countries.”

On Oct. 19, MSNBC aired an apology in which Snow called the maps “not factually accurate.” Fletcher also appeared and acknowledged that although there was no internationally recognized country called “Palestine” in 1947, twice as many Arabs as Jews lived in the region at that time.

Watch Kate Snow and Martin Fletcher’s on-air apology on MSNBC:

The Institute for Middle East Understanding defended the map on Thursday, arguing that it “accurately depicts the land that has been forcibly taken from Palestinians since 1946, two years before Israel was established and the accompanying expulsion of between 750,000 and a million Palestinians to make way for a Jewish state.”

And although the country of Palestine was not recognized by the British, who occupied the region in 1947, the non-profit, writing for the website Mondoweiss, noted:

“Palestine as a political entity existed prior to the formation of the state of Israel in 1948, going back to ancient times when it was a province of the Roman empire until more recently when it was British Mandatory Palestine, immediately preceding Israel’s creation.​​”

The institute also acknowledged that the map contained some factual errors, however, including incorrect labelling of the occupied Golan Heights, which Israel has claimed since the Six Day War in 1967, and that “[t]he map also shows ‘Israel’ existing in 1946. While British Mandatory Palestine did exist in 1946, there was no political entity called ‘Israel’ until 1948.”

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  1. This poor guy is forced to come back on his wellknown facts, and he is litteraly speechless for prooving himself wrong. Who is behind that ? Sorry for you guys in america are drawning in bullshit news everyday. that is scary as I used to like the idea of going to live there.

  2. This article is dishonest. “Israel’s provocative behavior at the Al aqsa mosque”, this is a libel from the Palestinian authority. There haven’t actually been any jewish actions or speech to take over the mosque. It is forbidden by jewish law to set foot upon the temple mount, the place of the al aqsa mosque. This libel is an incitement for violence, to garner more international financial aid for terrorism. Why would jews want to take over a place they don’t beleive they are allowed to go?

    “The expulsion of 750k-1M Arabs” this is misleading. Those Arabs were not forced out, they were told to leave by the surrounding arabic countries that declared war on israel after the Balfour declaration. They were supposed to murder all the jewish settlers and then the Arabs would be safe to return. Except the jewish settlers defended themselves and won the war that was waged against them.

    • Actually, in point of fact the IDF patrols the interior perimeter of the mosque itself, which is well within the bounds of temple mount. This is not even in dispute.

    • I WAS THERE! I worked in Israel when about 100 dirty, dusty Israeli soldiers walked into the El Aqsa mosque saying they had a “right to enter” because “it is Israeli property”. It was advertised in the newspapers 3 days before the event as a taunt…. Arabs remove their shoes in that highest of holy places of theirs, but the Israelis were in full battle gear, with dusty boots on. I watched the TV pictures, and I saw the newspaper images.

      That started the intifada.

      Palestinian kids threw rocks when the soldiers came out, and the Israeli soldiers shot rubber bullets in return. The rocks continued the next day, and now live ammo was used by the Isralies. Palestinians were killed, and the Israelis where I worked laughed.

      I cried.

      • What actually happened, is that Palestinian terrorists killed ~150 thousand Israelis in car bombs prior to the El Aqsa intifada. Their executed Jews on live television, and chanted praise to Hitler – promising to finish what he started.

        What I’ve written is no more true than Mr. Asq’s libel. False stories – especially with a touch of pity in order to gain some empathy, can be made up by anyone, and for whichever reason.

        Stick to the facts, people! Pursue the truth, and don’t get your mind and heart seduced by lies.

  3. The “1947” plan is what was developed by the UN and what was created after the British mandate ended. And then, do you know why the map changed in 1967? Do any of you even know what happened that year? The 6-day war ring any bells?

  4. How much can you lie? there was always a state called ‘Palestine’… it existed in the ancient Egyptian maps, it existed in 1947/67/whatever and it will exist forever….. Israel on the other hand is an illegal terrorist state that was created for atheists living in Brooklyn and Europe stealing other people’s land….which even CIA agrees that it will not survive 20 more years…… And if hating Daesh does not make me an anti-arab, then this post does not make me racist or anti-semite!

    • What was the capital of the “State” of “Palestine” ? Im curious? What was the currency used? Where was the head of Government?
      “Palestine” was a word given by the Romans when they invaded in 132 CE to destroy the idea of Israel. For almost 2000 years, there was no government, or Capital after the Roman invasion.
      Whomever says that Palestine was a country is lying. The arabs living there never has a govt, curreny or Capital. Islam was not even invented until 900 years later!

      • Palestine was occupied by Europeans for many years. The may have never had the chance to form an official government that the west would recognize. But that does not mean Palestine didn’t exist. As far as currency, that doesn’t mean anything. Lots of countries don’t have there own currency. The only reason the UN was able to create the state of Israel in 1948 is because it was a colonial territory at the time. If they had decided to locate all the Jew’s to Angola and call it Israel, there would be people today saying Angola isn’t a country. Even though the occupied mass would refer to it as such. European colonization of Africa and the middle east is the root of many of the serious issues we have today in that part of the world. I’m not saying Israel didn’t have a right to exist, just that Israel must recognize Palestine, or this will certainly end badly…for all parties.

  5. White people logic: Since there was no government or boundaries for a Palestinian state the land for free to be grabbed by white folk from Europe who were trying to escape brutal racism of other white people in europe.

  6. I can’t remember what I was going to say. How much has Israel invested in MC? Without joke, does it give one nation/race that was ill treated the right to do the same upon others?

  7. lets play devils advocate for a moment, historically, isreal has existed in one form or another for centuries. but heres the twist, so has palestine. both are civilizations far older than ours. but here is a fact everyone seems to overlook, it was the palestinians who fired the first shots. now how about we stop the propaganda and the paranoia and be objective for a change. heres a very interesting point, i see people whining about the jewish kosher symbol we see cropping up everywhere, but i dont hear anything about the islamic halal symbols i see just as often, i have one thing to say about both, its a con job on either side. i know im not going to win any friends by being objective and unbiased, but to be honest, i really dont care.

  8. The truth is that no Zionist, Israeli or other, nor any Neo-con wants anybody on earth to understand is before the Zionist “Jews’? – or were they “Khazarian jews” who are not any bloodline of the “Old Testament Jews” and have no relationship to Abraham, Isaac or Jacob ( Israel ) – but actually trace their geneology back to the Huns in Khazaria, a large area just south of Russia and way far north of Palestine – began their ideas of making all of Palestine a “Jewish State” sponsored by the ridiculously filthy rich Rothschilds. Back around 1900 there were many true Jews and Muslims (Palestinians) living and working side by side in friendship and peace and mutual respect. These are the true Jews who today criticize almost everything that the Rothschild Khazarian Jews, who have all of the power, weapons and money given to them by their very best friends on earth, America, so clearly the problems began with the Zionists’ very vicious attacks on Muslims all for the goal of their desire for one gigantic “State of Israel”; and, of course, America wants us to think that the Palestinians share equal blame for all of the raping and murdering. And idiots believe that without even taking a peek at Google. But you will never hear about that in any American major media.

    • LOL. Please stick to the historical facts – not the “hysterical” facts:
      The Rothschild family donated large sums of money for the buildup of the Jewish settlement in Palestine (not a state, but a name of the land given by the British) in the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th centry.
      On the other hand, Khazaria (and all “Khazarian Jews”) was a state that ended in the 11th century in what nowadays is parts of Turkey, Ukraine and Russia.

      There is no connection between the two, but please continue.. A “factual salad” of such a magnitude always brings a smile to my face.

  9. I see it as a Hitler made colony..The Transfer Agreement.. They made a coin and had flags as Paslestine a Nazi Jewish colony….wish I could share pictures.

  10. You jest. That first map is a total distortion. That country never existed. Trans-Jordan existed, and it included all of modern Israel and modern Jordan. It was a very large country. The majority of it became Jordan. It was mostly Palestinian. So when you start with a distortion, your conclusions can only be distorted. It’s like showing a map of the California and saying it is the USA. Then when you show the increase in the Latino population, it looks like the USA is being taken over by Latinos. But the premise was false.

  11. Curious how this MSNBC map and the attached article seem to forget that the territories given to Palestine in 1948 that Israel now controls, were subsequently annexed by Jordan, Syria and Egypt following the war in 1948, not by Israel. They were under foreign Arab control, until 1967 when Israel conquered those areas from the aforementioned countries. Funny how no there was no international furor when Jordan controlled the West Bank and did not allow Palestinians to return there, or when Egypt did not return Gaza to those who left in 1948. Yet, when Israel captures those areas in a major DEFENSIVE war, and uses those zones as buffers between them and the countries constantly seeking their annihilation, suddenly the world is up in arms over these “occupied” territories.


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