NASA Releases 10,000+ High-Res Photos to Prove Moon Landing was Real

Did we really land on the Moon? How do we know the Moon landing wasn’t faked? What is the evidence that we actually went to the Moon? If we REALLY went to the Moon, how come we never went back? Here's NASA's answer...

Moon Landing

What do you know about the first Moon landing? That Apollo 11 commander Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon on July 20, 1969? Or that the U.S. government, desperate to beat the Russians in the space race, filmed the lunar landings in a studio located either in Hollywood Hills or in Area 51?

Since the only evidence about the “giant leap for mankind” comes from NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration), the American space agency, you more than occasionally hear questions like: Did we really land on the Moon? How do we know the Moon landing wasn’t faked? What is the evidence that we actually went to the Moon? If we REALLY went to the Moon, how come we never went back?

Then there are conspiracy theories like: If there’s no atmosphere on the Moon, how can there be a breeze to blow the U.S. flag planted by Armstrong, on the Moon’s surface? If there’s no atmosphere on the Moon, where are the stars in the photos? If the moon has only one major light source (the Sun), how could the Apollo landings photos show light reflections?

In order to debunk the ‘hoax’ theories and come clean on the Moon landing, NASA recently published over 10,000 high resolution photos taken by astronauts on the surface of the Moon. Here are 10 most ‘stunning’ images that ‘prove’ the Moon Landing was real…

Moon Landing The dream is realized: Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon. July 20, 1969. Image AS11-40-5873 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon LandingAstronaut Buzz Aldrin works to level and deploy the Passive Seismic Experiment Package during the Apollo 11 extravehicular activity (EVA). Image AS11-40-5947 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon LandingView of the Moon’s surface after touchdown of the Apollo 11 Lunar Module “Eagle,” July 20, 1969. Image AS11-39-5759 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon Landing Aldrin deploying the solar wind collector on the Moon. Image AS11-40-5872 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon Landing Armstrong works at the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. Image AS11-40-5886 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon Landing Aldrin and Armstrong’s footprints on the Moon’s surface. Image AS11-40-5875 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon Landing Aldrin walks on the surface of the Moon near the Apollo 11 Lunar Module “Eagle,” July 20, 1969. Image AS11-40-5903 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon Landing Aldrin walks near the Lunar Module. Image AS11-40-5902 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon LandingThis crater on the Moon was photographed by the Apollo 11 astronauts during their lunar surface EVA. Dark shadows obscure much of the crater wall in the background. The object in the foreground is the Apollo 11 35mm stereo close-up camera. Image AS11-40-5954 courtesy NASA/JSC.

Moon LandingCrater 308: This photo was taken by the Apollo 11 astronauts as they circled the far side of the Moon, which is rough with craters and marks. Image AS11-44-6611 courtesy NASA/JSC.

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  1. the photo
    ”Aldrin and Armstrong’s footprints on the Moon’s surface. Image AS11-40-5875 courtesy NASA/JSC.”’
    the flag shade is in the opposite way of the astronote
    the photo’s are bullshit there you go

      • Whatever Gerard. Look at how the light is hitting the flag itself. It is obviously coming from the left. The shadow below and to the left of the bottom of the flag pole are clearly the wrong size and shape [to be the shadow of the flag and/or pole] & are probably the shadows of the Solar Wind Collector off camera to the left [see: Armstrong works at the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. Image AS11-40-5886 courtesy NASA/JSC and look at it’s shadow]. So, where is the flag’s shadow then? The pole’s shadow is too narrow to be seen & the flag’s shadow is out of the picture to the right.

        • what about the blast crater from the lunar module landing can you explain that one please? or the blacked out backround? or why are we not able to see more of the horizon if the light is coming from the sun?

          • It’s SPACE you tard! You think light acts the same in a void as it does in our ATMOSPHERE? Light has nothing to bounce or reflect off… it’s frikin’ DEEP SPACE. The real question is… Are you a Scientist? Are you an Astronaut? Do you work for NASA or Fox Studios? If not, get bent because you know as much about garbage collection as you do space travel or how to make Hollywood movies.

    • It is not the shadow of the flag, you can see in picture

      Armstrong works at the Apollo 11 Lunar Module. Image AS11-40-5886 courtesy NASA/JSC

      that the shadow is cast by the white thin planted on the ground near the flag.

  2. i feel sorry about the nasa scientists because they actually dont have to pay for a lie created before them. i’m not sorry about the elite.
    the moon landings seem fake in the way that the flag doesn’t have ripples or waves it would get steady and stay straight over its weight and form. the light is like a focal light of 2000W pointed in one direction and if you look well to the shadows angles the light is about less 500m not more… and the light is pure white probably has blues… behind the astronauts it has light, i think it wouldn’t happen, it would be dark or total dark because light goes one direction only… in the back of the astronaut… and has glow and too many shines…

    the land and floor would be like dry mud or rock like, sand wouldn’t exist, it would be lost or dried and at the same time fusion to the existing rock like comets…

    and of course the lack of stars is clear… in all parts of the planet without the color of the sky/atmosfere of blue or night we can see stars all over the planet…

    i think the elite at this moment are trying the most time they can, forging everything to apply the nwo to be distinguished from all other people.

    • Wow, you really got hit by the crazy stick. Like over and over and over again. There’s hope, you can still stop believing stupid delusions and get with the real world. Moon landing was not faked. Wake up.

    • The flag is made of very light material to save fuel for the rocket. The stars could only be made visible if the camera was aimed away from the sun and the moon’s surface. Only then the diaphragm of the camera can be opened further without damaging the optics in the camera.

      The conspirators piss me off. As a five year old boy I was gazing to the tv in the middle of the night, seeing Armstrong stepping on the moon. And I allow no one to smash that memory to pieces.

    • Have you been there? For not having been there you assume a WHOLE LOT about how it looks and acts. I can assume your house has a lot of car parts on the front lawn and tin foil hats hanging at the door for visitors… but then again, I haven’t been there. 😉

  3. The name of the Flickr collection mentioned here in this article is “Project Apollo Archive” by Kipp Teague. It shows NASA’s wonderful attempt at creating moon imagery that would be presented to the public as “real” for decades to come.

  4. I believe that the moon landings happened. There is photographic evidence from lunar orbiters.

    However, I am also willing to believe that some footage was shot in a studio on Earth. We know that a lot of the original footage was lost by NASA.

  5. In the first pic above “The dream is realized: Neil Armstrong walks on the Moon. July 20, 1969. Image AS11-40-5873 courtesy NASA/JSC.” I think the article is suggesting that this is a picture of Armstrong on the moon. It is not Armstrong, it is just another shot of Aldrin. Compare this pic to the “Aldrin walks on the surface of the Moon near the Apollo 11 Lunar Module “Eagle,” July 20, 1969. Image AS11-40-5903 courtesy NASA/JSC” and you will see identical smudges on his knees.

  6. Perfect framing, perfect exposure, perfect focus. In high resolution color no less. A professional on earth with light meters and a viewfinder would struggle. But wearing bulky gloves, without a viewfinder, without light meters, fiddling with chest mount cameras, some amateurs were able to take thousands of perfect photos, in extreme temperatures and a radiation filled environment. Not a spec of dust or a scratch on a single negative. Still believe they went? I have a bridge to sell you

    • You clearly have no idea how the pictures were taken and with what equipment. Your false delusion is a fail. The moon landing was not faked. Grow up and wake up.

  7. Lets learn about footprints so i can blow your mind. Walk on a beach at the edge of the tide really slowly and watch how your footprint is left. Then go out of the tide where it is dry and try to leave a footprint, it doesnt happen. A footprint requires moisture in order to maintain its shape, so they are trying to tell me with no atmosphere on the moon there can be moisture? Boom debunked

  8. its not that the moon landing didn’t happen, its, what actually happened during the moon landing that should be in question, the pictures are obviously edited, shadows are wrong, where are the stars?? with no atmosphere present you would see all the stars in our visible universe. fact of the matter is, if NASA had nothing to hide then these photos would have been release a long time ago and would be very different in appearance. come on anonymous, either wake up and get some more intelligent people on your team, or just admit you’ve become one of the puppets.

  9. Just curious as I really don’t know… but aside from the lack if stars, the opposing shadows, and general brightness of these images (I personally wouldn’t have expected that due to the lack of floating particles that vouch light around)….

    ANYWAYS… Did they have the tech back then for high resolution images like this? Never seen any before so kinda makes me wonder.

    • Once, cameras used this magical material called film, which were actually higher resolution than most cameras are today.

    • Analogue film is HD you putz! Please understand the difference between film and digital before you make yourself seem even more retarded you Dunning-Kruger.

  10. uh huh, Finally released now in the day and age of CGI and media manipulation mastery, instead of decades ago when they were supposedly taken. Got it.

  11. Image AS11-40-5872..their boots can make those fancy footprints but a 10,000 pound thrust rocket motor can’t move any of that blue cheese dust. You would think they would get better at their game than this..

  12. Where is all the dust from the blast engine? The aluminum foil on the landing pads is completely clean in “Aldrin walks near the Lunar Module. Image AS11-40-5902 courtesy NASA/JSC.” The unit should have moondust all over it, in the creases of the foil, etc..
    Where are the stars?
    Why in “Aldrin walks on the surface of the Moon near the Apollo 11 Lunar Module “Eagle,” July 20, 1969. Image AS11-40-5903 courtesy NASA/JSC.” can we see a reflection of the photographer in the helmet?
    Why is said photographer not wearing a space suit?
    Why does it look like he’s holding a camera up to his face to take a picture, when the cameras the astroNOTs allegedly used didn’t have viewfinders?
    Why, in the 3rd picture from the top, does it look like the moon just drops off, about 30 yards past the lunar lander?
    How did the astroNOTs survive passing through the van Allen radiation belts, when today’s astroNOTs say we can’t go through them?
    Why does the lunar lander look like it was made with masking tape, aluminum foil, curtain rods and cardboard?Surely anything with such apparently flimsy construction would have not survived the 220,000 journey and allegedly harsh conditions of space. Science has proved earth is stationary and the center of the universe. Research flat earth. It’s either flat, or way, way bigger than they tell us. Peace + Blessings, and question everything.

  13. Ahahaha… The comments here are hilarious. I was hoping to read some “flat moon” theories, but the moon musn’t be flat worthy.
    I used to believe this was a hoax… but then i decided to find out for myself, not talk about it in some blog or facebook post.
    And to think all this arguing could be prevented if they had just PANNED THE CAMERA ARROUND!!!!! What a bunch of fucking tools. Probably had the most expensive training in the world – Don’t know how to expose a subject. I can see the director going: “Move the camera around, you fool, or they will think we faked it.”
    It was totally possible to fake it by the way. But if they had faked it, the russians would have gone there first…. and you know uncle sam don’t take kindly to being number one… in brute force. Health and education are overated for sure. If you think america has changed from wanting to be the best and rule the world, you should read up on your history. That alone, and the fact that russia “conceded” should be enough for the disbelievers… but people believe what they want to believe…. god is a great example.

  14. I agree that these are faked. Completely. I question whether it happened and they do t want to tell us what’s ours there or whether it didn’t happen at all. All the things Openeyez said are my thoughts, minus the flat earth business, that’s just ludicrous, lmao. ( All other celestial objects are round, therefore so are we. The angles of the sun from different areas on earth also show our spherical shape. Watching ships go out to the ocean and then appear to drop off the planet. Taking aerial photos and needing to use a special lense to view them because of curvature. All these things prove no flat earth.)
    But back to the point, these are so faked it’s disgusting that the elite, who have so earnestly planned for the future of brainwashing the masses, really thought this story could hold up to the technology of the future, which is now today

  15. The Russians at that time didn’t revealed NASA’s first fake moon landing simply because they were “also” implicated in some secret faking on “the race for the Moon”.
    For instance Soviet space agency never commented their radio communications intercepted (and recorded) by two italian radio amateurs in those years: that material open a window on secret soviet missions in the space (probably to reach the moon) but with dramatic ending across the earth atmosphere…
    It doesn’t surprise us if soviets let something of their unmanned presence on the moon surface just before NASA mission Apollo 11 did.
    Alien presence on the moon is another question and it is likely true, if not just obvious to believe.
    So the NASA’s job in 1969 must be focused on faking this two evidences, that’s why they used the teamwork and studios of CIA and Stanley Kubrick to grant safe proves of a landing in “our” moon before anybody. Even just in case the US biggest rocket exploded before reaching the moon…
    Of course the Saturn V took off from the base, of course Aldrin, Armstrong, Collins went in orbit but who believe they really reached our satellite surface when many pictures were faked and retouched?
    In that period there was no Photoshop available so it’s easy to notice NASA’s errors: different shadows, lights, perspectives, etc…
    And why they never admitted on “Bible’s test” they really went there?
    And why they never took a picture of a complete 360° moon panoramic horizon or moon view of all the stars around?
    Even the post mission conference revealed the astronauts were heavily instructed not to say anything more than programmed propaganda did: infact their attitude on TV broadcast was not affected by mission stress but fear!
    And now 50 yer after every original film recorded there and every precious picture of this Apollo 11 mission was “lost” by NASA??
    Come dudes, we are not fool like that…

  16. We defeated Germany with footage on the English shore. Of 100000s of troops. And tanks and planes. then we snuck in on Normandy. we used tv to win. then we defeated Russia the same way but with the space race. 100% impossible to land on the moon even today . The number one super power in the world is going to destroy the tech to get to the moon cause we have a moral complex all of a sudden , doubtful. God isn’t real either guys. It’s a control tool.. Wake up. Evidence is all around us. But yall wanna believe in magic.

  17. The first photo. Where is the shadow of astronaut? Or the lander? Nothing to do with believeing, just.. what happened to the shadows?

  18. These pictures have no horizon whatsoever. Unless the moon has a surface area of about 500 square foot then these pictures were not taken on the moon.


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