Nevada Lawmaker Says Racism Is Over, Congratulates ‘Colored’ Colleague


Nevada Assembly member Michele Fiore, known for suggesting that cancer is a fungus that can simply be flushed out from the body with saline solution, hot little girls on campus need to carry guns to prevent rape, and that school officials and college students must be armed to combat school shootings, congratulated an African-American colleague Harvey Munford – an opponent of the voter ID law – for being the first “colored” person to graduate from his college.

The praise came after she had suggested that racism is over, so opponents and people of color should stop “using the race card” regarding voter ID laws and other Republican policies that unfairly impact people of color and the poor.

Fiore is one of the co-sponsors of the proposed voter ID law in Nevada, which opponents believe may have an adverse effect on voter turnout by blacks, the elderly, and students. All the traditional Democratic voting blocs.

“We’re in 2015 and we have a black president, in case anyone didn’t notice. So the color and the race issue, I think it’s time that we put that to rest,” she had observed during a committee hearing on the bill.

Fiore further asked NAACP National Voter Fund director Lonnie Feemster, “At what point do we stop dividing by design? And at what point do we stop using the race card?”


  1. the bitch needs to change her calendar from 1815 to 2015.
    it should be illegal to require to show an ID before voting.
    also make pre-paid mail-in ballots 100% of the vote everywhere.
    southern states need a broomstick stuck up their ass again.


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