Anonymous #Operation Awake The Masses


It is time to awaken the world.

Anonymous is everyone; everyone can take action in his own way against their own governments if they believe that the people working there, does not serve the citizens’ best interest, but instead they serve the corporate monopoly.

Action must be taken nonetheless.

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        • It a matter of power and control which al equal money, where’s the power/control/money in shooting people who break laws when the state can excise taxes in the form of fines and taxes? Under Marshall Law people get shot and killed which IMO is more respectful of human dignity.

          The problem with Marshall Law, too it seems t may cause the police to start to question and that would be VERY bad for the powerful….after all – We Are Legion.

        • They aren’t going to implement it all at once. They’re doing it slowly. Look up operation Jade Helm. they’re preparing for it….are you?

          • Why you are not staring revolution in Pakistan it is also a currupt state where politicians take dollars from USA, Israel and India and destroys our departments likewise, Railway, Medical, Sports, and many more.. Plz start revolution in Pakistan also

        • Martial Law is when the military suppresses civilians to “keep order”. They do so by taking our guns, weapons, and any other tool that we the people could use to rise up against a corrupt government. Martial law is intended for good, but a government can use it to control the masses in a corrupt way.

          • Cambodia is likely the most corrupt, i love the Khmer people and feel bad for them… but they also think that the USA is the most fair place in the world… it might be in some ways. but there is never an excuse for what all people of the world are forced to endure in this corruption. if we don’t squash it in the USA there can be no stopping it ever… this is the last line and it must be taken back

          • All governments are corrupt. Power makes corrupt. Always. No matter if you are socialist or capitalist or right wing or whatever. This is why the first great idea of socialism did not work out. Because they kept authority. Socialism / Anarchism only works, if there is no authority.

    • Police brutality, internet censorship, and blatent disregard for human life by governments and religious organizations have made me feel so angry and helpless. Now I know I can contribute to the awakening. Thank you Anonymous for beginning the change we need.

    • We must be ready, As people plead their right, the police when still enforce even in Brutal, or murderous ways. WE MUST WAKE UP

      • Masses dont want to wake up, they do know how unhumanistic contemporary society is, but to suffer when evils are sufferable is way easier than trying to get rid of normalities, so masses will recognize (they already do) our thoughts as threats. They are an army of maintenance.

      • Awakening should lead to action. If you know your history then you know you have power. Unplug. Take control of the power of the dollar. Stop eating poison. Stop sending your children to state run agencies that are dumbing them down. Contact your congressman. Educate the youth. Stop medicating problems. Stop watching TV and reading junk news. There are tons of things you can do. Most importantly keep learning, keep talking about what you learn, and ban together. Ideas are contagious. Knowledge turns to thought, thought turns to ideas, ideas turn to action.

        • We are not looking for action, but Revelation.

          “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” Romans 13:11

          • Thats stupid religions are stupid imaginings of corrupt sick old men that made a bunch of realy perverted fucked up childrens books. I bet thats how they came to be so they could brainwash you little fuckers befor you had enough sense to know it was shit. “For now is our salvation nearer than we beleived” doesnt that come when you die? And you go to heaven for people like you? I know salvation is like saving or salvaging someone/thing from deletion or danger but salvation from god would mean he takes you to heaven. Therefore your saying your gonna die soon? What a tossa

          • We need mainstream media backing… and guess what. Theyre the biggest weapon the opressors have. We have the Internet .. but for how long?
            a soloution is required ..
            May i suggest that anonymous create a printable news letter that members could print off and distribute locally door to door… just a thought

          • I’m sure i speak for every anon when i tell you that we will honor and defend a person’s right to believe whatever absurd fairytale they want, but you need to keep it to yourself. Religion divides people and turns friends into enemies. There’s no room in Anonymous’ global quest for peace, equality, and justice for superstitious nonsense that could pit us against one another. We must unite, stand strong, and focus on the goals that Anonymous, a global collective of like minded individuals, are fighting for.

        • We are not looking for action, but Revelation.

          “And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.” Romans 13:11


      we must start making videos about teaching civics in schools over social studies it will help a fucking lot .. civics teach you how to be free .. social studies teaches you to obey . we have not been taught civics since the 1920s so well over 80 years of forgotten knowledge and its why its sooo fucking hard to get people to listen . K-12 made it so .. you have to tell people your what you have known of history is wrong . and its hard to bring up and even want to accept for 98% of the sheep out there .. are we really the wolves out there not trying to eat them as they believe we are . they see danger its all they see when i have my mask even with a big United states Constitution on a poster i hold up . still afraid of us . why … ???????????????????

      • Yes, kids should be taught critical skills, however there is a huge difference in methods used between kids and adults. The brain is not ready and mature until adulthood. We need essential education for sure, equally we need to ensure this is done right. We need to think more broadly not only in terms of the complexity of the human mind, and it’s relation to other minds, but also the huge influence of culture and the transmission of it. I believe a side effect of K-12 education primes us to interface our individual psychology with the frame of the nature of socially co-constructed culture. Whether it’s war, terror, drugs, family, flowers and peace in the valley, we can’t do much about it until we develop a new language so we can agree on these symbols and abstractions. It’s nigh impossible, but that’s why I love my job and why I admire Anonymous. We go out there and try.

      • I was taught civics in High School in the ’70’s, so it’s not as antiquated as you stated. It DOES need more attention though, and if schools won’t teach it, then parents should step up to the plate and teach. That’s part of a parents job anyway.

        • Completely agree. Parents are the first children learn from and follow. Unfortunately this younger parent generation has not been “old public schooled” taught. Where do we go with what we currently have as educated peoples?

          I’m all for protecting humanity and fighting injustices. How does this generation realize the difference.

          Post 10 commandments, the Constitution and Bill of Rights on my front lawn?

    • No one is really ever AWAKE. Awake implies you understand the ENTIRE system and the corruption and see EVERYTHING for what it really is. Maybe as a collective we are AWAKE but as individuals we are all in the process of awakening.

    • I am only relpying because this is likely to get the most attention. Anon,ive been trying to awaken the masses for years, if anything it has drove most people deeper. You want people to snap from apathy? Then give them something they cant ignore, give them something on a scale which reflects the true scope of mass media, give them undeniable truth that causes them to burn with revolution. BE BOLD ANONOMOUS, BE INSPIRING.

    • anonymous is right we need to stand up against corrupt cops and goverment as we speak there are people be killed be cops
      i am ready and im awake

  1. hey I’m in the army lol yea I work for the government but yet I agree with a lot of the things that you guys come up with wish I could help

  2. I have followed anonymous for a couple of years now but lately i have seen a rapid growth. I hope this is because people are finally waking up. Remember to use your power for the good of all.

    Sadly there is one country i know of that is subjected to brainwashing in schools and in media. We call it Sweden. A place where freedom of speech is replaced by bullying. A place where you get kicked out of society and in some rare cases arrested for having different opinions then the politicians.

    One day i hope people will rise up and uncover the horrible truth. One day i hope we will wake up and reclaim our country from the grip of the politicians. I just hope i will be alive that day.

    Wake up Sweden!

    • I agree. This bullying still goes on in the United States and not only in Sweden. I have been deemed a crazy man for calling out things as the way I see them too. It has taken a toll on my family life too.

  3. They got a block on your site. Everytime I attempt to open and repost your videos(any of them)the site drops and it is redirected to other junk ads. Grrrrr….

  4. would like to see more before making any comments, although the ones I have seen have been been very thought provoking

  5. Lets get started. I also feel that we should start hacking our local T.V and radio stations. They’re also an outlet we can use to wake the masses up. people watch a lot of T.V and by going onto those stations,we might be able to reach those who still don’t believe in the truth.

  6. Ive been doing this stuff since 2013.
    I use the hashtag:seesomethingsaysomething.
    Its the NSA/HS Security hotline.
    I use social media to rat on them, not our people,
    as they would have you do.
    When travesty of justice and hunan rights are defiled,
    I also use a local news hashtag. I also include
    ACLU & Internal Affairs hashtags.
    I use them because they make a webpage that everyone can access.
    I have been visited by CIA/FBI agents because of this.
    They teamed up with local law enforcement in texas city.

    My facebook name is Jack C Elgin III.
    You can contact me @ 14092565584.
    The judge and prosecution team wont mess with me.
    Ive pleadnot guilty to a charge I knew I could get dropped.
    Instead of seeing a trial (which is my right to due process),
    They gave me community service. Clearly, all they care about is money, not justice, in Texas City.

    People, the time is upon us.

    • Keep ringing that Big Liberty Bell, Jack!

      We all need to realize we are the targets of al these laws – criminalize the population to make them docile…f that!

    • and if anything the courts still respond to COMMON LAW for most things you must learn law english .. not legel .. law and legal are NOT THE SAME GOOGLE THE WORDS IF YOUR NOT BELIVING and law english .. on youtube billy Thornton will tell you how it all works . a law professor of CA university i have beat every single ticket and sued got my money back from the state . because a STATE IS NOT A REAL PERSON THAT COULD Testify TO INJURY along with its agents in its capacity for law .so that means most tickets are certified by police as complaints . you require A MAN to verify the complaint of injury . an agent at the time is not a man . is a servant and is property in that capacity . property can not administer rights and can not bear first witness testimony . and that is the BIG FUCK YOU IN COURTS as your name when a jugde askes you do you understand .. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD SAY NO!!!!!! to understand is to stand under his authority as consented by you for him to administer you . they have duties obligations and responsibilitys still even today .. as i type this has not changed yet . so get out there and get other annons up to snuff on it . it will help with the police burtality 10 fold . as you hold them liable for injury in common law . and you can .. “property can injure” so if they hit you .. get there badge number and go file a claim of injury in court the officer or agent will loose every time . in YOUR COURT OF RECORD NOT THE STATES COURT OF STATUTORY .. = made up jurisdiction .. google it ..

  7. We have been bred to live inside most of our waking hours.This also must change ,go outside and feel the difference,you will feel more free ,more in tune with the earth.KICK A BALL THROW A STONE, YOU CAN.. YOU CAN..

  8. Hello i bearly started to hear about all of this n i agree with everything. We the people should go thru this corruption And deal with these kind of people

  9. i want enslave my country (hungary) against corruption me and my friends awake and we “evangelize” peace bros and sisters!

  10. “WAKE UP!
    This is the real deal not a test
    Now society is calling out an SOS
    Get down on the ground, put the earth to your ear
    You feel that sound? Thats revolution you hear

    Welcome to the greatest battle of all time
    Weve just officially been targeted by our own kind
    The time has arrived now were sounding the alarm
    Man up, grab your loved ones, get everybody armed

    Prime all the triggers and try to remain calm
    As we gather all the weapons and prepare the bomb
    Now we got it on lockdown, were ready to go,
    Get on the radio, send it out, let everybody know

    The threat is getting closer, the sky is turning gray
    Its right on the horizon, today is the day
    Its within the city limits rolling fast like a mist
    Now were caught up in the midst, this is it:
    The Apocalypse

    Since the very beginning of mankind
    In every generation, every era in time
    There has always come an instant where we must define
    Who we are as a people when we must cross the line

    This is that moment, now youre gonna find
    Exactly what youre really made of inside
    When comes right down to it what you gonna choose
    To proudly hold your ground or just lie down and lose?

    The brave at the frontlines, ready for war
    The enemy approaching outside the door
    Dust off your voice box, time to be heard
    And as the gate drops
    Well be screaming these words:

    This is our world, our streets, our war
    Our lives This is what we fight for
    Our choice to make the wrong things right with
    Our voice We bring day to the night

    This is our world, our streets, our war
    Our lives This is what we fight for
    Our choice Were the voice of the globe
    Turn up the volume so everybody knows
    This is Our World

    (Ladies and gentlemen: May we please have your undivided attention as our featured guest speaker now takes the stage)

    (VERSE 2)
    Camaraderie is an oddity now in this age
    Silence becomes violence when its mixed with rage
    Tragedies and death; they say its all a phase
    Society lying to me:
    Its on the front page

    Homicides, genocides, cant run the streets
    If you saggin and you flaggin its cold; you keep heat
    I understand your plan; be strong not weak
    My gut feelin is this killin goin make us obsolete

    Lets defy not rely on negativity
    We gotta makeover, takeover these communities
    Analyze, capitalize, opportunities
    Speaking of change aint strange
    It all starts with me and you. So what you gonna do?
    Close your eyes and just glide till your life it through?
    Weve got work to do. Were gonna start know how?
    By saying these words right here
    Right Now!


    (You gonna stand by and just let somebody run your life? You gonna let somebody tell you what to do? This is your world; You make the rules, you make the difference)

    (VERSE 3)
    You think one man dont make a difference, think again
    Cause I just started an army picking up a pen

    This begins a global collaboration
    To take the whole world and make but one nation
    This aint no imitation what you hearing is elite
    Thats why everything stops when you hear us speak

    Oh! Back to the mission at hand, weve got a plan
    Take the message that were sending and spread it across the land

    Its in black and white, its been written, been read
    Now let every single syllable settle into your head

    As it slowly resonates from your mind to your feet
    Well make the earthquake from stomping this beat

    Cause if youre hearing this right now the battles been won
    Its spreading my friend, The Takeover Has Begun”

    This song was all I was thinking when I was watching the new operation, We are awake, We are prepared!

  11. Back-Door Ego Disorder is an STD that arises when people obtain too much spiritual knowledge without having done enough self-work. It is a produce of too much information and not enough wisdom. When talking with people who have this disorder (even when you are talking spiritual philosophy), you may notice that they want to put more emphasis on their correctness then on the actual issue at hand. They want you to KNOW that they know what they are talking about.

    In their minds, they think they care about the truth. But in reality, they care about being recognized as caring about the truth. Similar to how the Pharisees in the Bible would would do good works and pray in public to get peer-approval, people with this STD like to be seen as being spiritual, wise, and knowledgeable. Their intentions are to enhance their own self-image, not to actually reach higher consciousness. If they DO want to reach higher consciousness, it is only so that they can be seen in the eyes of others as being more evolved.

    In reality, these people are dealing with a lack of self-worth, and maybe even self-hatred. By receiving external confirmation from others, they feel the validation and sense of purpose that they currently lack in their lives. For people with Back-Door Ego Disorder, ‘spirituality’ is just another way their ego to try to prove its superiority over others. This is a spiritual disease that ultimately stems from a combination of improper spiritual practice and a feeling of deep inadequacy and insecurity.

  12. I am awake and ready along with others in Pennsylvania, I have been say america needs to wake up for the last 3 yrs when I first discovered anonymous. !!!! WAKE UP AND UNITE AMERICA!!!!

    • Fall of all governments would mean anarchy. Which would then turn into a dictatorship , depending on who got the biggest stick or nuke. 1 United government is going to take at least two centuries is we start moving towards it now

  13. U GUYS HAVE 2 WATCH THIS…..THIZ IS THE FIRST PART BT THE GOVERNMENT KEEPS TAKING DWN THE SECOND PART INVOLVING RECENT YEARS…….pls watch…….timehop map of every nuclear explosion since 1945 on youtube……its scary….and then watch….secret underground cities wher all the elite have alredy had mock drills incase of the iminnent nuclear war awaiting us.. .may godbless each and evey1 of us…..this is all our fates rite here on those pages…pls look…then lets all stand tgetha to throw out all government all ova the world….jen…xxx

  14. hey guys. I don’t know if you heard but it was a blackout today in Turkey. Yes you heard it right. At hole Turkey there was not electricity. Why ? Because it was the day that Berkin Elvan’s killers court day. So whats happened ? Some guys kidnapped or hold gun on his head and lots of police force was there. They killed some of the so called terrorist and its end. After 6 hours electricty came. Is it coinsidence or not ? By the way, electricty just went off before the so called terrorists entered to court with their guns after X ray machines wasn’t working. Anonymous please do something for the Turkey. They are doing too wild stuff here after the Gezi Park. Help us!

  15. I have just in this past year woke up to what was really going on in this world. Since I could remember, there was always a piece of me that, deep in my soul knew something was terribly wrong with this world. I always knew it was the same old crap: “Government was messed up, Presidents messed up” But i never really ‘knew’ what it was fully. From the moment i woke up, i spread my message and findings as far and as wide as i could. I truly believe that we have the power to take down all of this. We are stronger than we think. I’ve learnt that every time you may think someone is not listening to you, when you attempt to wake them up, a small piece of what you say sticks. All you have to do is peak someones interest, and they will look for themselves. Humanity is a curious race. Use it to help them help themselves. I will forever stand with you my brothers and sisters. Even the will and words of a single person can change the minds of many, MANY hundreds, if not thousands.

  16. With all the talent we collectively have there is no reason why we can’t change the world. It’s going to take something else besides the childish games of hacking. With our collective skills not even the sky would be our limits. There is no telling what we can truly achieve. The key to fixing the world is by proving that corporate greed is destroying this planet.

  17. aquire portable solar chargers
    protection from power grid collapse
    liquidate all bank accounts

    if everyone withdrew their money from big banks the financial sector would collapse

  18. Anonymous because they hack the world’s most important product …. rumors true when one enters deep this product espelusnantes see things but one risks his life to get to it … maybe I do not dictate deke page I speak well but you maybe know … I agree with you a free world without rules … I like you not forgive ..

  19. i’m awake … and waiting … this is not a matter of anarchy or not following the rules, this is a matter of respect, respect that has been taken from us from bureaucrats and politicians world wide, making us work countless hours with no pay, lowering the standards of education so every generation is easier to manipulate … i am ready!

  20. do something against the government of bangladesh……
    people dying and they are sitting tight in their position…they got no feelings for us

    • Maybe part of the solution is for all of us anons to unite not limited to our own country. If fellow anons reach out to anons in other countries that alone defeats the constant brainwashing of prejudice,racism,hate.etc amongst our countries that the media and government has been doing for years….we have the power to take over.bring peace amongst our countries through us!…all of us are fighting our own battles in our own country. Up until today i was unaware of things going on in Sweden,Bangladesh, and Turkey. We need to rise and beat this together spread the real news through us to the sheep..we can do this!!!

  21. The banking system is a symptom of the problem. You are not truly facing the issue here, the intentions seem good though, but the plan is destined for FAILURE, and then it comes, dont be surprised by why. This is a short-term or a mid-term solution, if anything, unsustainable on the long-run.
    I can just say that everyone is a victim of their own culture, and anonymous will not be the exception.

  22. Yes there is a war, but who is not so enslaved that they can fight it? We are no so enslaved – fight fear, fight…. hahah at the end of the day my love (my God) saves me…. my head is all screwed up, im at a mental ward – and thats their speacilty…

  23. Brothers and sisters the reach and mind of anonymous is great and vast. Our numbers grow with each passing light that shines each new day but we all must prepare. The coming time of trial will put to the test all of what we have learned. Brothers and sisters of anonymous I ask that we all move or communicate as one. Generally the previous sentence means something that most would understand for me how ever it means much more. I will soon be ready to help anonymous in our quest for freedom of mankind. I can not start till I have space for me to build.but that time draws near. namaste brothers and sisters

    • Chaos theory teaches us that small events can have enormous consequences. A butterfly flapping its wings in Asia could result in a hurricane halfway around the world. A journey of thousands of miles begins with a single step.

    • Wake UP is good. But be able to do something about the reason is best. I mean Why don’t you Help Newbies like me to become Super or best HACKER??? If Possible reply me to my E-mail..


  24. The majority of the people require an object to like or dislike. The main issue at the present is that the majority cannot see what is harming the world, thus cannot act accordingly.

    The first step to one helping oneself is to admit there is something wrong. Surely then this is simply the first step, and it will not happen over night.

    The hidden banking empire has grown like poison ivy and we have grown accustom. It has taken them 1000’s of years to arrive at the head of the monopoly they have invented, or rather 1000’s of year for us to slowly allow them control.

    The world needs to be fully awake, if we are all awake then we can all arrive at a solution to rid the parasite together.
    “Money is Power”, or shall we say, “The Monopoly to Create Credit Money and charge interest is Absolute Power”. (Alex James)

    Amsel (Amschel) Bauer Mayer Rothschild, 1838:
    “Let me issue and control a Nation’s money and I care not who makes its laws”.
    Letter written from London by the Rothschilds to their New York agents introducing their banking method into America: “The few who can understand the system will be either so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favours, that there will be no opposition from that class, while, on the other hand, that great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that Capital derives from the system, will bear its burden without complaint and, perhaps, without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.”

  25. The awakening is an eye opening event to show the people to see what the world around them is like.. To start the evolution of a revolution. The World needs to wake up and learn to fight for the freedoms and fight for one another because those in power and the big corps do NOT have our best interests in mind.. KEEP ALERT , KEEP SAFE , and KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN!!! We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

  26. When will things/progression start emending? Anonymous keeps promising things yet nothing is happening. Us that have been awake plenty long, all seem to ask the same questions. When? How much longer are we to deal with this bullshit? How? WHEN?????

  27. I am awake, I am Anonymous. I served this country for 4 years only to be lead to believe it would help me in return i have received nothing in return but backlash and hatred. I have been called out and have given back even out of time of service. Im sick of this issue. And im retaliating in my own way. I WILL NEVER FORGET. I WILL NEVER FORGIVE. I AM, ANONYMOUS.

  28. i understand the people need a bit of a push but what is it were pushing for? freedom isnt free in order to fight we need something to fight for not something to get pissed about, as in give us a reason! make everyone want it as bad as you! GIVE US A VISION!

  29. i am awake and watching samething applies to all my framily (friends that are like family) this is now time to take action we got assholes running this country they are crooks and money laundering fucks something needs to change

  30. This may not apply to all but don’t blame all police! There are some that take the creed “protect and serve” into their own righteousness and choose to use that to fit their “standards”. One day you will need police and soon enough you will realize. We’ve seen it before. You degrade them, hate them and repeal them. Until you need them. Wait till the moment you need them and they don’t come. Let the scum of the world take over, let them take over your neighborhoods, things will be worse off then they are now. Instead of a few police “brutality” videos popping up online (without a back story on the situation), there will be wars fought on the street. The world needs someone to enforce some sort of order or chaos will overcome us all and we’ll return to the savagery we evolved from.

  31. To those of us ready and those not. Our credibility to those still ignorant or blind needs us. To many don’t welcome the stress many of us know of. To help them hear us we need to be kind not angry, leave out religious quotes and swear words. Simple logic like there are 2 sides to every story and mainstream media serves only one side, ask them to find the other side, the true side. The mask of anonymous is only great to those who know the truth and this is where we meet. For those who need our help show them the 3&1/2 hr Utube video called “The Money Masters”, or the Rolling Stone magazine article in May of 2013. There are lots more links I I’ve saved that’s convinced me that I share still before I joined Anonymous. Unfortunately some are harder to convince, we need to help everyone we can and own our skills teaching them the true politics of the world with stand up righteousness patience and understanding that it may take them time. Anger swear words and religious quotes just hurt the cause, all you need is the truth and its out there. Lies believed about Lincoln JFK Castro, what’s going on in Ukraine now, Putin, everything we know of in the world domination of the foreign bank cartel’s Central Banks. The truth is out there, know it, show it, spread the knowledge

  32. We are ready! Hear our voice were here with you! Where from Philippines… Fight what is right! Corruption is everywhere! Governments nowadays always screwed up!

  33. I admit that I’m not one of the awoken, as you call them, because I do see that there is a major problem with the world as a whole, but I’m not one of the people who just believes every little thing you or conspiracy theorists post.

  34. It very easy to see the wrong, the lies, the abuses of power and people… it’s easy to the speedy decline of not just one but all peoples and governments…. but what does the individual do? Piss and moan and wish there were more to be done? I see and acknowledge and am angry without an outlet. I’d readily watch it all burn today, I’d set it ablaze myself, just to see it rise again newer and hopefully wiser tomorrow.

  35. ooh boy am I ready for this!!!! #OpAwakeTheMasses

    We Are Anonymous
    We Are Legion
    We Do Not Forgive
    We Do Not Forget
    Expect Us

  36. We Are Anonymous.
    We Are Brothers And Sisters.
    We Don’t Forgive.
    We Don’t Forget.
    Expect Us.
    Freedom For Palestinian Children!

    I am Palestine and HAPPY!.
    I want freedom.
    I want to be a part of anonymous 🙂

    • It seems that you have forgotten the whole message of this. It’s to take down the tyrannical governments and corporations that are plaguing this world. No offense, but it seems that you have fallen under the will of the media, do you honestly believe that Israel is the only culprit in that dilemma there? No, many countries have been fueling that fire, Palestine included.

  37. How about hacking into multiple tv and send the message out for the people that don’t want to open they’re eyes to the truth

  38. Idaho Is ready to act! The Constitution is our government! It is time we stand and bring back a free and just world

  39. Swedish: Inom 7 år så dyker det väl upp en förklaring till allt jag har läst om för denna omgång, för så fungerar jag inom inlärnings motorn. Om något som hjärnan tycker det är viktigt att komma ihåg så bubblar det fram sig. Jo jag vet att jag är en trög lärd.

  40. Been awake for a while, even tried to make a Constitutional Right’s FB page. I want to wake people up, but no one will listen. But you can help, I also think information should be free. I think that, the U.S. government is out of control. The U.S. president, is suppose to represent the people, but instead it’s all lies for BIG BROTHER establishments. I am so desperate to stop blood shed, and worst to prevent WAR.

  41. It is going to get worse before it gets better. Only way to get to the light is create darkness and reset the whole system

  42. I just want to know where do we go? I think most of us understand that the balance of power has shifted unfavorably to the top. Is there really a system that is any better for us than any of the bad systems humanity has been forced to live in? Do we need a system? Destroying what isn’t working does not in and of itself fix the problem.

  43. Anonymous. Explain to the world why your logo is so similar to the UN. Just clear that up for me and countless others who don’t trust you and your peculiar GLOBAL agenda.

  44. Anonymous. Explain to the world why your logo is so similar to the UN. Just clear that up for me and countless others who don’t trust you and your peculiar GLOBAL agenda. Also… Mark 5:9 in the Holy Bible. Did you do that on accident? The whole legion thing? If you want people to follow you maybe you shouldn’t represent yourselves in the same fashion as demons from the bible?

  45. Please stop the forced closure of aboriginal communities in Australia, The Australian government is trying to pull funding from aboriginal communities which are located away from towns and city’s. some of these communities rely on these funds to help them survive. The Australian government is trying to sell out the communities in exchange for more money in there pocket, they are man slaughtering so they can have bigger budget. please Anonymous help.

  46. I’m awake and ready. WE have to be the change, and the time is now. Every second we sit and do nothing, hundreds of our brothers and sisters are being killed somewhere in a made up war, or starving because of political bureaucracy, dying because the big pharmaceutical companies want hundreds of dollars for medicines that cost them only pennies to make. We have to take a stand NOW against the banks who control what we can or can’t have. People have committed suicide because the bank took their home they’d paid on for years, but the jobs were shipped overseas in a tremendously stupid trade deal, so the bankers with no hearts, take everything they had, all their dreams, their future. I HAD a friend in Florida years ago named Tracy Lambert who helped kids at the Boys Club. Most of the kids were poor. I tracked Tracy down a few months ago just to re-connect, and his first words were “what did you end up doing as a career?” My answer is immaterial, but he’s now the V.P. for part of CitiGroup. I no longer have a friend named Tracy Lambert. If he works for thieves, then he himself is a thief and not the friend I used to have. He even told me, “email me because I don’t know when I’ll have time to talk to you on the phone”, and with that, the friendship ended. HE needs to be taken down with the rest. I’m ready, so let’s get this puppy rollin’!

  47. only saying – not everyone who watches TV is mindless.. I watch a fuck ton of TV… its the commercials that rot your brain, thats obvious. so i avoid them, along with MTV, and government regulated news. to some extent, being awake really does mean your face is in a screen, absorbing something. just not mindless.

    • The point is the tv slaves you as like an addiction 4 hours a day 1420 hours a year. When you could have done great things with your family and friends

  48. Years ago people couldn’t get to london, So they would send someone to represent the voice of the people a MP.
    But surly today people can vote for the laws they want via internet or post a good example of this was the scottish referendum where the people voted.
    If capitalism was the gun then consumerism is the bullet and you are the consumerism is a side effect of the latter. When you voted , It may have been you wanted John man as your representative but not a labour Government this isnt even an option. People may have voted nick clegg , People may have voted David Cameron But one thing for sure is that no one voted both.

    PS The anarchy symbol i see kids wearing means anarchy is order the circle over the A is O meaning order. Its a idealogy of left wing Liberalism. But dont mix this up with Karl Marx

  49. It is, without doubt, possible to overlook or simply ignore those things which are not very obvious in our daily lives, it is this fact that makes many of the actions of our government possible. Actions of government in the area of economic markets, which, must include the primary economic medium of exchange: money, will always, without exception, create interference within the forces that normally function within the market. It is the sole aim of government to influence not only the market, but also the behavior behind the market through such intervention, such interferences always alter market forces, distorting them and in most cases hindering the natural flow of such forces to the point that the market system is thrown into economic chaos. Like money, most government intervention seeks to direct consumption that would not otherwise be a market directed choice, in a very similar fashion as the government seeking to direct, through legal tender laws, the use of its monopoly fiat paper money substitutes.

    As these distortions continue there is a growing amount of economic dislocation of normal resource allocations, direct market signaling systems are misdirected into areas that would not otherwise be present or prevalent in the market itself. Since the aim of government intervention into the market is not simply an economic, but a social interference, directing certain social agendas with a political basis in origin, we can assume from such a conclusion that there is, based on this official aim, a motive to create a controllable society in which the government is the primary source of all economic and thus social forces within the country.

    While that might sound a bit conspiratorial, the fact is simply that the character of government, especially when it reaches a particular point in its evolutionary growth, is to assume such a position of bureaucratic control. Such events are not novel to history, but quite common in all large civilizations; Ancient Rome being the most notable and perhaps the most comparable. As in the decaying Roman Republic, our Republic, long lying upon its deathbed, has been subjected to the same type of government mentality. Our government appears to be equally as eager to keep up appearances of one of republican ideas of liberty and freedom, all the while subverting those very vital principles through directing the forces of economic and monetary markets to achieve a social and political goal that is not consistent with the principles upon which this Republic was founded.

    As with all government interference and regulation, the purpose appears to be to use such interference and regulation as a means to an end, but not the end itself, for the actual purpose of all interference and regulation is subservient to the ultimate goals of control. While we are sold on the idea that such interference and regulation is protective, the fact is that the goal is an indirect encroachment on the rights of the individual to make individual choices based on his or her own decisions and needs.

    This government has assumed an old and ancient ideology, strange as it might sound, as its creed the “Divine Right of Kings”, for Kings of old thought themselves divinely appointed to care for their subjects and to direct the lives of their subjects, whether just or unjust, based on the divine direction they assumed to be correct. For ultimately, this divine right provided the Kings of old with such a degree of divine wisdom that their decisions were essentially beyond reproach and beyond the ability of the King’s subjects to question. Thus, the providential guardianship of the King over his helpless and unknowledgeable subjects presented a degree of power that would not have otherwise been available to the King. The same is true about our own government, especially today. Today, our government assumes essentially what could easily be considered as “Divine Right” over its “kingdom” and operates under the assumption that it knows what is best for its subjects.

    This extends, not only to government regulation and interferences into the physical markets, but also this government has, for decades, been on a quest to even control the mental, spiritual and moral makeup of the country; while not directly imposing a government authorized moral system, there are, through the control of economic forces, a degree of control over the ability of the individual to choose what to believe, how to behave and what to think. The government assumes to know what is best, what type of money is best, which type of businesses are best, what type of consumer goods are best. What is good and not good for your body, what manner of speech is proper and correct, what mental attitudes are acceptable to society; it is a means to an end, and that end is and has always been controlled regimentation, conformity and compliance!

    In the eyes of government bureaucracy, the ideal would be to remove all determination from the individual to make choices in his consumption of goods and services, in his ability to think for himself, to have a type of censorship that only allows for the individual to think that which is generally acceptable to the whole of society, of course, what is acceptable to the whole of society has been engineered through decades of gradual compulsory regiments, each building one upon the other, all with the goal of a collective conformity of purpose. We talk about the dumbing down of the American public, but we fail to understand that has simply been one of the methodical processes of control that the government bureaucracy has implemented in its quest for placating and thus dominating the independent spirit of the individual. This government has evolved into what other governments throughout history evolved into, that being a Paternal Organization set to develop the public opinion with a defined belief system, one that is ultimately compliant with and supportive of government without the necessity to question its directives.

    It is therefore, essential that any hint of free market decision-making be eliminated, for once a person cannot longer determine his own choice in consumption, then the individual becomes essentially a ward of the State. Likewise, the assault on the idea that there is a Right to Private Property is an equally essential component of the overall directive of control. When the government can issue money substitutes that cannot, by definition, be considered the actual real property of the bearer, then the remaining directives become easier to establish. Government intervention and thus interference in economics is the main avenue utilized by government to implement its controls over the population. What has happened and is happening is nothing short of a longer version of a communist revolution; instead of a radical violent revolution, the same effects can be achieved through a gradual introduction of what amounts to communism through incremental government directives, regulations, prohibitions and induction training in public opinion, i.e. “political correctness”.

    Never assume that there is not a political and social purpose behind the governments programs, which directly interfere with market forces, whether it is through regulation, monetary creation or manipulation, all are methodologies toward the goal of ultimate control over an increasingly compliant population. It is evident that through such interference into the markets, businesses and entrepreneurs are systematically forced to actually change the way they do business from market induction to government bureaucratic dictates. Business must take its signals from a distorted view of the market, one that is regulated and controlled instead of proper market signals. Instead of obeying market directives, which actually generate a market result, businesses must obey a plethora of government regulations that are so immense that even the regulators cannot adequately discharge their regulatory duties and can rarely properly interpret the very regulations they are responsible to enforce. Far from being a negative for government regulators, such vagueness is necessary for it provides government with a broadness of implementation and an “out” when such policies are questioned.

    Such bureaucratic systems are always subject to corruption, this is true anytime actual market forces are interfered with and controlled. Under normal free market conditions, fraud is short-lived due to the fact that there are signals given that alert the consumer early of the possibility of corruption. Under a system where government intervenes and interferes with market processes, fraud becomes easily hidden since the market signaling process is distorted through government intervention and the regulatory processes employed. It is also essential to understand that any system that employs force to achieve a goal will always create an atmosphere where few will profit from many and income distribution is always stratified through such systems of bureaucratic controls and intervention. Government patronages become common place as those with political connections benefit the most.

    Opportunities become very limited due to regulated competition that favors certain politically connected corporations, entrepreneurship becomes increasingly difficult to compete in business where regulation is based upon government patronage to the virtual exclusion of those that might build a better mouse trap but are limited in the opportunity to do so because the established mice trap company is protected by official regulatory walls. There can be no possible way to insure an equitable field of opportunity under such systems, as a rule there are those few therefore, who will prosper at the expense of the majority of individuals. As we have seen, risk becomes socialized while profits remain privatized which, is a complete distortion of market principles where risk and profits are always a private combination of business.
    It can be observed therefore, that there is simply no possible method by which the bureaucratic regime can exert such power with any degree of fairness or equitable distribution of opportunity. There is the assumption, by those in government, that it is within the power of government to implement changes in the market that will actually produce equitable results, thus the exercise such power under that assumption, but reality points to a very different set of results. Government intervention into the markets is based on certain assumptions. Most bureaucrats tend to view the public with a condescending eye, one that sees the public as needing direction and guardianship. Thus, government becomes the social worker and policeman of the population. It is this attitude that permeates bureaucracy and provides the excuse for more and more intervention into individual lives, organizing the individuals through classifications and groupings, stratifying the population into distinct and separate classes all for the purpose of social control.
    Under such bureaucratic systems, normal legal values are tossed aside and replaced with a regulatory mentality that implies the superiority of a “higher law”, this ideology began in this country during the Administration of Lincoln and it has simply ballooned to the point that we are subject to the arbitrary interpretation of “higher law” rather than the actual Law de jure. Social construction is paramount to the bureaucratic regime, and it is employed through a variety of means, but primarily through intervention into the market processes, controlling and directing both production and consumption. Since the advocates of the “higher law” must mete out a form of justice that is rarely equitable, they do so under the pretense of equality and fairness for the public good. Thus, those who advocate free markets, liberty and freedom of the individual are seen and described as opponents of equality and the public good. They are portrayed as greedy and selfish because the assumption is that the public good cannot be advanced under a pure market system where government is not involved with intervention to create what it imagines as beneficial to the “many” rather than the “few”, but the very system promotes exactly the opposite of what the pronounced intention is and how it is promoted. The assumption by government bureaucrats is that all forms of exploitation can be eradicated through government intervention yet, with this assumption there comes a blindness that prevents those in power to understand that they actions create far more exploitation than it can ever eliminate.

    Of course, with these assumptions come the efforts to equalize both income and wealth, thus all manner of redistribution schemes find its way into legislation, whether it is through various taxation or programs. Anyone seeking to actually improve their lot, to actually embark on a path of success where income may be considered above average is castigated as greedy and shameful, detrimental to the public good and the equitable cause of “higher law” and “social justice”. It is therefore, the character of interventionism to foster corruption, there is after all, nothing but the arbitrary decision-making process of bureaucrats to determine the application of what might be considered fair and just, for the Law de jure has been neutralized throughout the system.

    Essentially, while we all know that the free market doesn’t provide a “free lunch” that is exactly what the government bureaucratic system seeks to provide, all at the expense of the actual producers in the controlled market. The bureaucrats don’t understand that in all forms of market expression, resources are always scarce, thus anytime any good, whether it is a consumable good or even money, the consumption of that good will always, as it must, come at the expense of someone. The government, through its various means of control, does not appear to understand that fact, or if it does understand it, it assumes the power to disrupt such market forces with an artificial construction seeking to replace market principles with a planned system, centralized and consolidated. The government however, can never be an actual producer and can only siphon off productive activity and in the process it ultimately destroys any productive results to the point that the entire economic system eventually enters a state of failure. Not only that, but since the government and its intervention cannot possibly account for actual economic calculation, the system goes into dystrophy, its artificial monetary substitution system loses economic potency, the entire structure enters various stages of decay that befuddle government economists because they have been so indoctrinated into the official government assumptions rather than the economic reality that the market will always seek to restore.

    It is therefore, ultimately impossible for such a mercantilist market to remain stable, there are simply far too many distortions created by the system itself to remain viable. Since government intervention cannot adequately reproduce economic calculation, all of its efforts of control over the market culminate in social and economic destruction. As was mentioned in the beginning of this essay, the government is seeking to displace market choice and yet, since all markets deal with the scarcity of resources it is impossible for the government to implement a system where choices are completely eliminated. Since choice determines price or costs within the market, the governments attempts to restrict or limit choice, thus competition, within the market through regulation displaces normal market signaling systems, creating more and more distortions leading to economic dislocations, the misallocation of resources and ultimate economic failures.

    As such intervention increases, and it is a natural process of intervention to exponentially increase without much effort, the whole process eventually becomes an exercise in futility, an absolute absurdity. Of course, bureaucrats don’t understand that the entire free market system of private property and the enterprise to achieve wealth is absolutely the best method of bringing about a higher level of living standards far the greatest bulk of the population. The problem, in the eyes of bureaucrats is that they don’t understand that life is life, it is not fair, it is not an equal playing field, nor will it ever be, despite all the efforts of government intervention to transform the system into one where all people have the very same opportunity to achieve the same living standards. The idea of equal opportunity is itself a misapplication of an ideology that simply cannot exist in real life. The ideal that opportunity is a factor of life that can manage, controlled or transformed is fundamentally flawed in its conception, yet government bureaucrats are seeking to equalize something that cannot be equalized or managed.

    Though the government assumes it has both the ability and the power to manage and manipulate markets through various types of intervention, it fails to understand that it is the market that creates civilization. Through the interventionist policies of government essentially the government is setting up its own demise. The government appears to believe, at least evidenced by its actions, that there is an alternative to the free market system, but there is none, there is only the alternative of market distortions created by such intervention. Government bureaucrats appear to believe that the markets are the product of human design, and while it is definitely true that the market is the product of human action, it is far beyond human design. Government intentions to manage and manipulate the market defies the fact that the market, just as money, emerged in history as a pure phenomenon of unintended consequences, all in the pursuit of the self-interest of human action throughout the course of mankind’s history. Money, like the market, has no artificial substitutes.

    Carl Menger explored the subject of the emergence of money within markets, it emerged as a phenomenon of trade, as did the market itself. Money is simply the most tradable good, the most competitive commodity to emerge to suit the necessity as the most tradable good was gold and silver, history proclaims the success of gold as money through several thousands years of utility. There was no intention to make gold or silver into money, it was simply the competitive nature of the markets making the most useful and efficient choice.

    The first and foremost weapon in the governments arsenal in pursuing market manipulation therefore, was real money, it had to be displaced before all other market principles could be manipulated and somewhat managed. Thus the demonetizing of gold and silver were a priority of government interventionists. Without such steps it would be virtually impossible for the government to implement the vastness of social controls, all the while expanding its own scope of power. The incremental revolution that has taken place over the decades is astounding when viewing it for what it really is and how it has progressed. With the advance of this interventionist system, there has been a growing and perhaps more pronounced hostility toward the free market in general and capitalism specifically, this hostility has been intentionally crafted, for without it the systems of control could not possibly continue to be implemented. It is easy to see this hostility around the world, yet it is obvious that such hostility is artificially constructed and is based on a total ignorance of market principles. All one need do is listen to the rhetoric within the public arena to see that it is based on ignorance, but it is exactly that ignorance that is useful to this government.

    If you have noticed recently there have been many in the public arena that have heaped praise on the Chinese model of “capitalism” yet, for all the praise, they neglect the obvious and that is that the Chinese model is actually a failure that will be exposed soon enough. Yet, such praise is actually nothing more that ploys to further implement more bureaucratic controls and management over our own economy. These bureaucrats are delusional in their understanding and their faith in the power of their actions verses the power of the market to seek to correct the distortions they create. There are many within our government who actually believe that a mercantilist form of socialism actually represents advancement over the free market, that such a system is superior, at least ethically superior, to any market production that is based upon private profits. Unfortunately for those who hold such wayward beliefs, their system can never function to the degree that success would be sustainable for a long period of time, nor could it produce the necessary standard of living to maintain popular satisfaction. They seek to make their fantasy of a government induced free lunch possible while rejecting the only type of market that can provide a higher standard of living for the masses which is the free market unhindered by government interference and intervention.

    Government bureaucrats cannot seem to grasp the grand nature of the free market, that it is essentially unplanned order in the highest degree; since they have no understanding of how something can be unplanned and yet ordered, they seek to place their particular brand of order upon it, but their alternative planned order only displaces market order and creates, in its wake, economic and social destruction. It is, without doubt therefore, these extremely irrational tendencies of government that pose one of the greatest threats to our civilization, in particular our liberty and freedom, as well as our well being. If there is any consolation it can be found in the fact that the system that they have created is rapidly falling into a state of total disrepair, the question will be for all of us, is what type of world will we choose to rebuild after the collapse of this artificial system of control?


  50. Let us never forget that an enemy to good government is an enemy not only to Our Country, but to each and every Citizen of this country; for such an enemy has divested himself of all social sentiments and duties which are characteristics to the goals of good government. Such an enemy has degraded himself far below the rank and dignity of man and deserves not only to be classed with the lowest of the low, but also deserves our indignation and contempt, such are those traitors who under the pretense of leadership presume their positions to be that of rulers. These enemies are licentious disturbers, destroyers of the public peace and the public good, as well as the future of our Dear Country for whom so many have given their fortunes and their lives.

    Those within our government have expressed their disrespect, time and again, for the principles upon which this Country was Founded and through which it once Prospered. It has been proven that these politicians despise good government and sound policy through their presumptuous actions, they not only show disregard for the legal standards set forth by the Constitution, but even disregard the Consent of the People themselves. This federal government is bound by the Compact of Agreement, made solely between the People of the Several States united only by the continuation and adherence of all articles within that Agreement by the parties thereof. When any party of such a contract either disregards or violates the articles upon which they agreed, then that Agreement is null and void. It should once again be obvious that there are those, enemies of both good government and the People, have Breached the Trust of that Noble Compact and trod upon every fundamental principle of Representative government.

    Therefore, in order that we may form a right judgment on the duty that has enjoined us by the Noble Text of that Compact of Agreement, for our Protection and the Prosperity of our lives, that we should now not take the necessary steps to ensure both our security and our future prosperity against all usurpations, against all despicable acts and legislations intent on our subjugation and the degradation of our Constitutional Republic would be considered a dereliction of our solemn duty.

    Had those we elected persevered the state of sound rectitude in their decisions and their behavior toward the Law of this Land, then we would be disposed to follow them and obey the legislations that they pass however, this is no longer the case. We must therefore, concede to our own conscience and those same principles that led our forefathers to reject the abuses and usurpations that pressed upon them, taking upon themselves the instruments of self-defense and preservation.

    Today, we are witnessing a multitude of absurd decisions and the most pernicious legislative acts that are contrary to every good principle of government and Proper Representation of the People themselves. We must understand that the doctrine of non-resistance, of unlimited passive obedience to those who are proving to be the worst of tyrants, concealing their villainy through the use of a light and insubstantial guise, posing in their treason, as Constitutional representatives bound by oath when they are providing us with all the evidence that reason should require to resist their cunning and destructive ventures.

    In such a state, should we not have the Right, nay not only the Right, but the Duty to make such persons, those who are enemies within our own house, paid by our own labor, who have injured our well-being and our future stability, repair the damages that they have heaped upon us and upon this country. Is it not within our Right and Duty to inflict Just Recompense and extract Punishment upon them for such heinous crimes against this People and this fair Country and in such actions hope that we will restrain them from doing the like in the future?

    Have we not witnessed that even the most basic necessity of our Liberty and our future Freedom is being rendered impossible, in most cases, to enjoy our lives in any tolerable degree without feeling the pressure from this government? Has not our resentment grown, lashing out at our own conscience that we now find ourselves in a state that can no longer be considered or even called a state of Freedom, but a state of the vilest slavery and dreadful bondage?

    Is it not the most perfect state of Freedom that consist of obeying the very dictates of right reasoning and thus appropriate actions both in maintaining and defending the very Rights that were secured for us by those who crafted the Articles of our Constitutional Compact? Our Fair Land has been lead into a fallen and degenerate estate; we have been betrayed by the actions of those who were entrusted to protect this Land and its People from the very dangers that they now impose upon us!

    Those within this government are saturated with the unbridled lust for power, unrestrained by our Consent and disrespectful of the very tenets upon which government, this government is obligated, by Solemn Compact, to uphold. These officials, forgetful of their oath, have forsaken the true design of good and civil government and that is to protect men in the enjoyment of Liberty. Thus, it should follow that such tyrants, through the use of arbitrary powers, are completely inconsistent with and subversive of the very standards upon which they have bound themselves by oath. Should we not therefore, be of the mind that consequently, all authority of such tyrants is both null and void, making our duty to their actions and their illegal legislations equally as null and void?

    When a People find themselves cruelly oppressed by The State, they have the Undoubted Right to cast aside such a yoke of tyranny and assert their Rights and their Liberty. It is however necessary, if such reasoning is considerable, to judge that they have both the sufficient power, and indeed, the strength to maintain their position, standing their ground in the defense of their Just Rights against their oppressors. So, the preeminent law is that of self-preservation, it is the first law and it is our indispensable duty to protect ourselves when all other means of redress have been exhausted and therefore we have the Right to Renounce all submission to such an abusive government.

    In Liberty and Eternal Vigilance,

  51. Nearly there Humanity – We need to start pushing back, and applying pressure to these talking heads… The days of Humanity bowing down to any clown claiming authority over others is coming to an end, hopefully. Deceivers and manipulators are not our rulers and Humanity are not anybody’s slaves …
    We’re coming of age guys – it’s time for us to claim our Sovereign Awareness and the Freewill power given to us by Creator – and for Humanity to do whatever we determine is necessary to be Free from those who would oppress us – We Are Masters of Our Destiny.

  52. “In a way, the world-view of the Party imposed itself most successfully on people incapable of understanding it. They could be made to accept the most flagrant violations of reality, because they never fully grasped the enormity of what was demanded of them, and were not sufficiently interested in public events to notice what was happening. By lack of understanding they remained sane. They simply swallowed everything. . .” 1984 George Orwell

  53. I just woke up.I’m ready,my brothers and sisters at one point violence against us will start and we have to be prepared not only mentally but physically.IN

  54. I just woke up.I am ready!Brothers and sisters at one point violence will start against us and we have to be prepared not only mentally but also physically.In my country the police and secret services already try to shut our mouths by beating us,searching for us,put us in prisons and many more things. We need to be ready to face anything,but together and with love,God,care we can defeat them. Keep the resistence my friends,see you in the street!

  55. This was written more then 200 years ago and we need to revisit it
    –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.–


  57. So, fighting for truth justice and equality is nice, but you gotta think more ahead just starting a revolution cause something is not right with no greater plan doesnt solve anything which history thaught us, there were many revolutions, which had the same in mind but look where it brought us, nowhere just running in circles, well the ones with power, might (money) just got replaced with others. Same shit different assholes. So starting a revolution just for the heck of it wont get us anywhere. What we need is a real plan, how the worl should look after it and how to make sure that we wont step in the same footsteps as the ones before us, and how that can be made a reality.

    Next Point is you gotta know what you are dealing with, so what do we know?
    I can only say what i know and that is we are all slaves to money and our goverment, so lets take money and our goverment out of the eqaution, what would happen. Anarchy every fuck just does what ever he wants and soon there would be the same shit again the ones with power rule over the ones without it. So what to do? There need to be rules, rules that are already there but the fucks with power dont give a shit about and only the ones without it are made to follow. So there needs to be a System in place that shit like that doesn’t happen talk about a better Democracy , cause the Democracy we have today is’nt worth shit cause what do the people, what do we really have to say in that matter, we can elect some people who we think follow our interests and promise us this and that, what really happens they dont keep their promises they just bait us into voting for them. After that they only follow their own interest. And that only if u can trust the Voting process which is another point they can just manipulate the results and those who really want to make a change dont even see the light of day.
    So why is that? There must be something really wrong which is hidden far beyond what we can see. Which must be first seen, you can’t fight what u dont see. The Media Mafia is not just a myth, many Bands and Actors are trying to tell the truth u just gotta listen to what they are Saying-Singing and u will realize that somethings pretty off.
    And that is just the tip of the Icemountain.
    U gotta do your homework before u start a war.
    Well just something to think about, im already fighting.
    Hope some of u will start too.
    The skys the limit and i plan to go far beyond it.
    Gotta have a goal.

  58. the whole government system and those running it would be destroyed and brought to there knees in days if every person on this planet who is awake quite simply did nothing and I mean nothing !!!!!!!! were the ones in there controlled rat race that keeps them in control lol the irony of it ….if people were that awake they would realise that there daily routine is pointless and of no benefit to themselves or there family !!! the rat race has destroyed families and is desighnd to do that ,,,,,the only people benafiting from our slavery is the governments…YOU DONT FIGHT FIRE WITH FIRE DO YOU ??? that’s just stupid you fight it with starving it from oxygen ,,


  60. Yes. I do believe that these occurring destruction of humanity can be save by the people who was awake of these things. Everyone of us can state the truth, as long as you know it. Together, we can save humanity.

  61. Hey everyone. I like it. But can you please hack the German anonymous fb site?
    They’re posting radical right wing shit only, reaching thousands of people. It’s horrible to see the mobilization they’re starting and incrementation of extremist and racist thoughts.
    This must be stopped, how can we reach someone to act against this insult upon the name of Anonymous?
    Cheers from Germany


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