Operation Israel (#OpIsrael) Has Only Just Begun


AnonGhost claims to have hacked 35 Facebook accounts and 77 credit cards belonging to Israelis. They have recently leaked all of the data they have gathered on the internet via Pastebin:


(NOTE: The data provided in the above links is being presented to you for informational purposes only. Any use of the provided information is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any legal trouble you may or may not get into as a result of using this information.)

Snapshots of Facebook hacks:


As mentioned, apart from the Facebook account hacks, AnonGhost also claims to have hacked 77 Israeli credit cards: http://pastebin.com/QUcJ7ATg

(NOTE: The data provided in the above link is being presented to you for informational purposes only. Any use of the provided information is at your own risk. We are not responsible for any legal trouble you may or may not get into as a result of using this information.)

Israeli websites have always been targeted by the AnonGhost team, as well as other teams associated with them, but now it would appear that AnonGhost will be hacking as many Facebook accounts as possible in an effort to harm Israel through cyber warfare. The actual start date of the operation was set for the 7th of April, 2015, but it would appear that things have gotten off to an early start as various websites have already been hacked before the operation date. AnonGhost, AnonSec, the Middle East Cyber Army and other hacker teams will be participating in #OpIsrael. Hackers will be using their own, in-house DDoS tools as well as malware through which they hope to achieve success in the operation. As more information becomes available, we will be sure to pass it along.

Operation Israel (#OpIsrael) 2015 Video:


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    • none of you get it .. not a god dam one . its not about (territory) its about money and control .. jews for 1000s of years of it . had control many others have help maintain it as if it were brand new today . i got one for ya im an united states sovereign . everything the media reports i cant watch for its false . my food is poisoned . my water is poisoned . i have no escape my children I have no escape as well . i dont own money i dont like money . i live with little as possible and i can remain human that way , its not till you have 1000s in the bank you start to loose a sense of humility over time . look at the leaders .. they dont care and cant . so why even bother voting if the only choices are lowest common denominators. you dont vote . corporations vote for you . . we as humans can never win at anything if religion comes first . i urge you all to forget it and try to see the real human objective here . its to move up in the world and somehow love the oppression of it . oppression is religion and all aspects of it . you fail as a human if you can not separate your self from it and LOOK AROUND AT YOUR OTHER HUMANS realize they matter just as you do . war is not your war you need to turn on the people holding all the money of the world before you will ever see your land back . and that is a FACT !!! the moment people give up money is the moment humanity will evolve and rapidly .

      • Every election in America has been won by the party which spent the most on advertising and marketing. In other words the best car with the worst driver beats the worst car with the best driver…. every single time!

  1. hay to all the anons
    i Dont get why u harming israeli people if u hate their goverment
    all this people never did bad things to u and u harm them
    i thought all the anons hack for the Ideology that we need peace
    and no RAcisim
    What u show here is how much u hate their relegion and not ur Ideology
    THat u fight for war and not for peace
    and that u hate them for being jews and israelys
    I Hope u will understand that not all of the jews are bad and they fight for the country like all of the states
    No one wants to fight they obligated
    what u show here in this post and operation is Anti-Semitism

    • thats not anti semitism its truth. there are tons of reasons to attack israel . oppression of the palestinian arabs theft of their land destruction of their homes then subsequent appropriation of those homes for jews settled from europe and russia ect. armed settlers committing horrible acts on the trapped population of gaza. the idf committing war crimes nearly every time they attack gaza and the west bank. this is not war this is not about defence its israels way of squeezing the palestinians out by making life intolerable. israel is guilty of war crimes. the palestinians are guilty of resistance

    • There is no Antisemitism in this video. It merely highlights the racial genocide being perpetrated by the Nation of Israel on a daily basis. Attacking defenseless women and children with machine guns and rocket launchers will no longer be tolerated by US! We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us

    • These Anons do not represent all of us. They’re terrible people, not true to the idea of freedom and peace. Do not equate them to Anonymous, for they are not true Anons.

  2. Just think for a second, where would you want to live along with your family,wives and daughters? Where would you feel safe? In Israel or an extremist mulsim and sharia law dominated country????
    Anonymous, you have went far beyond your goal and target,interfering in international matters, using some people’s sympathy for your own advantage and publicity.
    Stop misleading people.

    Anonymous says Isreal is using its power and technology along with support from USA to suppress Lebanon and Palestine, but isn’t Anonymous doing the same thing with its power- misusing it to brainwash people against Isreal,hacking into the government sites,revealing confidential documents. Who is going to protect us from chaos and ISIS like extremists when they takeover? You?

    • Do you live in a so called ” extremist muslim, sharia law dominated country”? Looks like you don´t really have an idea how the middle east is. You really sound like a guy who only watches TV news and keep saying what they tell you.

      I have been in the middle east like 6 times , Yemen, UAE and saudi-arabia,and let me tell you something new: you won´t get killed or hunted when you are a christian, suprise.

      oh and fyi, i live in germany. The land full of Nazis. We hate everything. Really. *sarcasm ends*

    • Extremism in this instance is a reaction to the actions of israel…. Look at the 6 day war, pre ’67 borders and how they have changed over time. Israel needs water from iraq and america wants the oil all at the cost of the lives of your brothers and sisters. NWO also aims for a 500 million world population and Iran wants nukes. Send the Ashkenazim Jews back to Georgia and some peace in the middle east might just be a possibilit

  3. Thanks anonymous for all the good thing you have done these year’s,you are like heroes! But why this? Why attack a puny country like Israel? When Palestine is like triple bigger then Israel? Like helping the oppresser’s to oppress more.It’s horrible when kids die on both sides,but that’s war and war is just a useless, time conserving and waste of life thingy. I dislike war, aint no good comming out of that. Thought ppl would gotten smarter when year 2015 with knowledge of WW II,war doesn’t solve anything.

  4. It’s insane to punish the people of this nation. I looked up to anon, but now I see you are no different than the very governments you claim to fight! Sad, very sad

    • These Anons do not represent all of us. They’re terrible people, not true to the idea of freedom and peace. Do not equate them to Anonymous, for they are not true Anons.

  5. Sad, very sad. Harming innocent people. Idc what your purpose is, good job on showing me you’re no different than the u.s government. Congratulations!

  6. When will this hate stop? I thought everyone was to come together here as people no matter what their religion is. Jesus was a Jew and I wouldn’t mess with God’s son. The Jews are the smartest people on the planet. They have changed the world because they are so brilliant in every way. Millions of people live today all over the world because of their technology they have created to help in almost every medical technology on the planet. I don’t know any other culture that has helped this planet more then the Jews. I love all people except those who’s hearts are filled with hate. I would never live in the Middle East because the way the people think is extremely disturbing way to much hate and sick humans blowing themselves up. I’m blessed to live in a country where my next door neighbors are not coming in my neighborhood blowing everyone up. If Jews were the ones blowing themselves up in their neighbors country the wall would of been built on the other side.

  7. no no no! for the first. Israel did not invade or steal you`re home. they were there first, (and yes i know. they stole it from another people who are extinkt today) no they did not ask you to forgive, they asked you to forget their dumb shit. the reaction to destroy will only get the jews pissed off. ( you did advertice that in this video) so that is not a solution! this is pro-palestine propaganda (refering to the flag in the end) I CALL ON THE 99% TO DO NOT INTERVIENE! THIS IS NOT OUR FIGHT! let them solve this shit on their own! israel has done some dumb shit. but fuck so has the palestinians! DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH THE SAME CRAPP AS ISRAEL HAS DONE!

  8. Do what you gotta do, Anonymous. Take the moral high code, of course, and only attack government related cyber infrastructure, and of course people’s sites who are calling for genocide. You’re not being oppressive if you make your targets the government and specific individuals who are truly hateful (not just a little racist or resentful). You’re not being bad, just make sure you stay good in the process. You’re gonna get a bunch of motherly guilt trips and even vicious cyber attacks back accusing you of anti semitism or terrorism. To be quite frank, a lot of things that you see that you don’t like in the wests’ governments, both left and right, Israel has them in spades. They’ve been trained to take the tiniest criticism like hate speech. They have been trained to think THEY are fresh out of the concentration camps, instead of their ancestors who were iffy about what Israel was doing. They’re brainwashed, fanatical, and over sensitive. Don’t blame it all on religion. Israel has one of the highest athiest populations in the world. Many are only cultural Jews, and use this war on Islam to look down on all who follow an old fashioned monothiestic faith, be it used in an oppressive way or not.
    Just don’t lower yourself to their level. Like the jewish mother guilt trips they are so infamous for, they are brainwashed by their own self righteous eternal victim delusions, that at one point were justified, but now are being wrongfully used to justify the oppression of others. I’m sure a lot of Israelis are innocent, but the fact that the country was founded by a lot of Bolshevik Communist Athiests, Babylonian Talmudic Pharisees, and Apostate fake Jews (who were actually Ba’al and Phallac worshipping Satanists) is gonna rub off on government and the people’s collective attitude (not collective guilt, but attitude).
    Israel is not puny. Israel is not oppressed. Israel is not above paying for the consequences of their action. I just ask that those who want to help the Palestinians, and send Israel a message not only for hurting Palistine, but America, to, and by an extent Russia, to not play into the NWO Globalist Agenda, to use this as a stepping stone for the Illuminati to have an excuse to impose more tyranny on the world, because those very same people are partly responsible for what we see now.

  9. If nothing is done to Israel and it would appear the international community are too afraid or lazy or just dont care, isreal will do again what it did last summer, murdering thousands of innocent people. You appear to be the only people in the world sticking up for innocent victims. Well done. Congratulations! And thank you from those of us who would like to help stop Isreal murdering women and childern in the name of its religion (yet one if its commandments is thou shalt not kill?!). Thank you all so so much! Please keep at it. For evil to rein all it needs is good people to do nothing, and few are doing anything. Congrats!

  10. As no one else is willing to take on Israel for what they did and continously do it seems like the right way to go. Of cause it would be better to take on the government directly, but in the end the people of Israel are responsible for the deeds of their politicians they voted for.

  11. This is like fighting for Native Americans to get their land back. I’m not for Isreal or Palestine because this has to do with each stacking claim for something that can’t be said they own

    • Israel is a gift to the Ashkenazi Jews for financing america and its allies in WW2. They’ve been expanding the boarders and slaughtering neighbors ever since. The 6 day war operation in ’67 and the land grab that ensued is a prime example. Send em packing back to Georgia

  12. I protest this. You are harming the lives of innocent people. These people have nothing to do with the actions of the Israeli Government, nor do they have anything to do with the Palestine situation. They’re simply people living in an area where there is a territorial dispute. This sickens me. Anonymous is supposed to be about protecting the people from those who want to exploit and steal from them. What these people are doing is the exact opposite of what Anons should be doing. I hope other Anons turn their attention to stopping these bastards, because this is just wrong. They’re giving the rest of us a bad name.

  13. God say’s he will curse those who cure Israel and Bless those who Bless Israel. You might think your going to defeat Israel but the have the most high power of any country, They have God and you can rest a sure God will protect them. They have a right to defend themselves just like any other country. You say you promote piece this is far from that. I pray God has mercy on who ever goes against Gods chosen land.

  14. I’m all for anon all day I consider myself one I don’t hack yet but I spread the word all day and I would stand with all the anons but this confuses me the pics show fuck Isreal I get that but it also says kill all the jews is that yall or is that the people u hacked in all reality this page on it seems anti semtic… not the video but all those screen shots are definitly

  15. Not supporting this. Your targeting the general public and stealing their credit card info. This isnt something you can remotely call anything other than theft. You should be better than that Anon.

    How about you turn your attention to internet bullies who pray on poor girls and boys and cause them real harm hiding behind their internet warrior computers. Or how about you target Hezbollah and Israeli politicians hell bent and causing more and more bloodshed.

    For your information I am not a fan of how the Israelis are grabbing more and more land, but hacking Joe public’s Facebook and bank accounts? Really? I can hear corrupt governments pissing themselves laughing at your ineptness on this one.


  16. Hi Welcome Israel 2015/04/07 wer ar Hacked les Website and le Servuer le Pybasse le Login Le Card le Bank Save ?? Me $!M0 Ezz Messager To Anonymous Vs Israel


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