The New Earth Incubator: A Consortium for Sharing Suppressed Technology

We are once again on the cusp of technological change, and the technologies that rely on the fossil-fuel, and even nuclear industries, are on the verge of becoming obsolete. Were it not for the corrupt, corporate elite who have spent the last few hundred years profiting from these industries immensely, change most likely would have come long ago.

suppressed technology


  1. I heard we might be moving forward to teleportation then we won’t need roads and we cut down on pollution and get there in an almost instantaneous way. It’s not science fiction.

  2. WHOOP ASS! Any idea who’s working on this teleportation technology? I’d use teleportation to travel the world and then I’d just teleport home at around bedtime! The most important thing though is that whenever somebody teleports, they automatically teleport to the nearest safe space otherwise this could kill a lot of innocent people and won’t be worth inventing!


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