New Poll: Almost 80% of Americans Believe Country Will Head in Wrong Direction Under Trump or Hillary


Now that it’s clear that either Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton will become the 45th president of the United States, pollsters are trying to understand the opinion the American public holds on these two candidates – who one of them will become president after the elections in November.

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The current public opinion held on the candidates is grim. Many people in the country are worried about either candidate becoming president. According to a new poll conducted by the Associated Press and GfK, a staggering 79% of Americans think their country is heading towards the wrong direction because either Trump or Clinton will become president.

According to the poll, only 22% of respondents said they would be proud to have Trump as president, while 27% said they would also be happy to have the former first lady as president.

23% of the respondents revealed that they will be afraid if either Trump or Hillary is elected to the presidency.

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Based on individual character and behavior among the two contesting candidates, respondents revealed a disturbing opinion. Three-quarters of respondents said they consider Trump only slightly or not at all civil, while half said he is at least, somewhat racist.

For Clinton, an appalling 75% of respondents said she is only slightly or not at all honest. Most of the respondents revealed they believe she broke the law by using her private email server to conduct official national business during her tenure as secretary of state. 40% further revealed that she intentionally used the private email, despite the rules preventing her from doing so.

On Clinton’s email scandal, another poll conducted by the Washington Post and the ABC News network revealed a majority of Americans strongly disagree with the FBI’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against her. The poll published on July 11, 2016 showed that 56% of American adults disapprove of the FBI’s decision not to recommend criminal charges against the former first lady.

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Six in ten of the respondents surveyed said they disagree with Trump’s proposal to build the wall along the Mexican border. The respondents even went further to say they favor a law allowing undocumented immigrants into the country to become registered citizens.

52% of respondents said they oppose Trump’s proposed ban of Muslims entering the United States. However, 45% supported the ban against Muslims. It was also revealed in the poll that half of the white respondents support the Muslims ban. 69% of the Republican Party members also supported the Muslims ban. For official Trump supporters, 76% favored the ban of Muslims.

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Political commentators say the poll shows the majority of the American public do not trust the two candidates contesting for the number one office. Some even predict it will lead to loss of interest on the day of the elections in the country.

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  1. Where did they get these results?

    If people actually looked at the facts, they wouldn’t have such a problem with Sec.Clinton. the media thrives on hype….. even you Anonymous!

    • Se lied during the investigation and destroyed evidence. There is absolutely no way you can look at those facts without understanding that she lied during the investigation and destroyed evidence. How much sugar coating can you put on to something? I am NO Trump fan or supporter but to choose Hillary knowing these facts is worse than ignorance (we are all ignorant of something), it is self-imposed moral blindness and hypocrisy.

      If the shoe was on the other foot, if it had been Trump who had been investigated by the FBI for these same actions, then he would have been prosecuted. The director of the FBI made this very clear: the only reason Clinton is not facing charges is because she is Clinton. Other people who have with no malicious intention performed the same breeches of law have been prosecuted; their intentions only being taken in to account during their sentencing and not in the bringing of charges. The consideration of intent in the bringing of charges has happened in only one instance, ever: with Clinton. The law was flagrantly broken but it has been ignored solely based on who has broken the law. Ironically it is Clinton who champions the “no one is above the law” rhetoric that is so easy to speak and apparently so hard to follow. This is a representation of the highest level of corruption imaginable, the very courts themselves dance to the tune of the powers that be, and it is being swept under the carpet as inconsequential “media hype”. Sometimes the hype is justified.

  2. There is a third option! Gary Johnson is more qualified than both Clinton and Trump, and in a nation comprised mostly of Independents it makes no sense for us to be limited to the two major parties. Most people are in fact Libertarian and don’t even know it yet. If you don’t want a Trump or Clinton presidency, do your research on the Libertarian and Green Party candidates.

  3. I don’t believe the poll concerning Trump. First, I don’t know who they asked. I’m an old man and I have yet to know anyone who was asked any question by a pollster. The people have spoken. The people want Trump and trust him. I trust him completely.

    This poll is flawed because the pollster doesn’t really care what “We The People” actually believe or want.


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