Now Live In A 100% Sustainable Landmark – The Dutch Windwheel


The Dutch Windwheel, is an initiative of the Windwheel Corporation that aims to erect the ring-shaped building in the Dutch city of Rotterdam by 2025. In addition to it’s array of features, the Windwheel promises to be powerful enough to partly fuel the 570-foot structure — packed with a 160-room hotel, 72 apartments, and 40 rotating cabins.

The Dutch Windwheel is made of two of three-dimensional rings with a light, open steel and glass construction. Because the foundation is underwater, it looks as if the Dutch Windwheel is floating. The outer ring houses 40 rotating cabins on a rail system (giant coaster); the inner ring is an innovative windmill housing a top class panorama restaurant, sky lobby and hotel; whilst the structures apartments and commercial functions are housed in the plinth.

The Dutch Windwheel, a high-tech version of the classic windmill, is a concept for a sustainable landmark that will not only generate wind energy silently, but also capture rainwater, recycle tap water, and produce biogas.

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Photovoltaic thermal hybrid panels will be used to contribute to the generation of electricity, and rainwater will be collected for use in the building. The building’s water usage will be carefully managed, with rainwater captured atop the structure, and tap water fed into the wetlands that surround the Windwheel. The residents’ waste will be recycled and turned into biogas.

The Dutch Windwheel website reads: The Dutch Windwheel will be a showcase and accelerator for innovation, renewable energy and the circular and inclusive economy. It is the dynamic showcase for Dutch Clean Technology and provides a continuous platform to demonstrate technical and technological innovations. One of the innovations that can be developed with the Dutch Windwheel is the EWICON ( Electrostatic WInd energy CONverter) technology. This pioneering wind turbine converts wind energy with a framework of steel tubes into electricity without moving mechanical parts. Result: less wear, lower maintenance costs and no noise or moving shadow. This makes the Dutch Windwheel the most innovative ‘windmill’ in the world.

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We wanted a 100-percent-sustainable building that serves as a platform for all kinds of innovations,” said its developer, Lennart Graaff. “Our aim is to develop a building that generates more energy than it uses. And we will [employ] every innovation that can contribute to that goal. The building’s multi-functionality makes a solid business case, ensuring that it will be profitable in 10 to 15 years.”

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