Hollywood To Stand Against Torrent & Other Pirate Websites


Throughout the years, it has become apparent that a war between copyright laws owners and free download sites has been ongoing. Motion picture companies, performers, song producing labs are in a constant battle with the pirate web-sites like the torrent web pages. At times, the film studios are the winner, on the other hand, even when a single pirate website is taken down, several other various sites begin popping up almost instantly to replace it.

The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) appears to be annoyed at these types of pirate internet sites and has, with the help and support of nearly all of the Hollywood film companies, penned a final notice to many pirate websites to shut down. Based on the information via Torrent Freak, Jan van Voorn, Motion Picture Association of America’s Vice President have sent out numerous e-mails to torrent sites, torrent indexes, and hosting services about the issue. Despite this, many of the predominant pirate websites, such as the Pirate Bay and Kickass Torrents, appear to be unphased by the notices

Image Source: Google Image – While MPAA is fighting the piracy in the United States. A letter to Austria’s largest internet service providers, demanding that they block some of the largest torrent sites within two weeks.

The e-mail states that the following notice demands all sites to instantly consider practical steps to finish and stop additional copyright law violations. All possibilities supplied by the internet site to acquire, watch, or in any other case get accessibility to the entertainment content material must be disabled forever. The motion picture studios have not only targeted those who provide access to the entertainment content itself, they have also directed their threats at websites that use the contents posters, prints and other art work with no approval. Additionally, the notice claims that virtually any utilization of the art work of the entertainment content material, for instance film or television show posters and prints, and any use of “the works” itself is banned if it has not been obtained with the agreement of the legal rights holder.

Considering that the MPAA associates have not approved the internet site to distribute “the works”, then the internet site is infringing on those copyright laws as well. This signifies that the document has also been distributed to individuals who seem to pirate the art work and material of television programs and movies.

Image Source: Google Image – Preview of Bittorrent Surf Extension Download Torrent Files Using Google Chrome.

Furthermore, the e-mail notice has made it crystal clear that the MPAA will undoubtedly take the reasonable steps necessary if pirate web-sites do not stay within the stated requirements. Even though there are no provocations, it appears the organization is rather apparent in its notice. However, considering that pirate web pages are recognized for their unrelated disregard of warnings presented by the copyright case holders, it is unclear whether they will head this warning. According to Torrent Freak, micromkv.com, a site which is not widely known, is the only site that has removed itself so far. Although this one site appears to have considered the warning, the leading websites appear to be unconcerned with the notice.

Whenever Torrent Freak approached any of the film businesses to inquire about the efficiency of the strategy, hardly any information was disclosed by the MPAA; instead, they merely verified that web-sites holding the infringed material have been their main focus, and conventional updates have also been provided to these types of web-sites.

These notices ask respectfully that effective measures be taken to stop further infringement,” an MPAA representative explained. “This activity is part of the MPA’s ongoing strategy to curb copyright infringement, encourage consumers to use legal sources of content and increase the viability and quality of those services that actually pay creators for their work.

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