NYPD Cops Try To Arrest Teen Girls, Watch How New Yorkers Shoo Them Away


An intense video of police abusing their badges, manhandling underage girls in Upper Manhattan and local residents’ attempt to extricate two young girls from police custody has gone viral.

On May 14, Michael Barber of the Copwatch Patrol Unit captured two undercover NYPD officers attempting to arrest a 14-year-old girl over allegations that her 7-year-old companion had pushed the button on a police call box. The arrest attempt, which went down around 7 pm in the uptown neighborhood of Washington Heights, was thwarted by other members of the community.

Watch the whole video below — the intervention begins at around six minutes.

In the video, one of the officers can be seen calling and grabbing two young girls over to his car and questioning them before an angry local resident confronts him. The angry woman is seen warning the officer that he had no business laying his hands on a child. She keeps demanding the officers’ names and badge numbers as other residents step in the path of the two officers trying to seize the girl. After successfully separating the officers from the children, one of the women is seen screaming at the officers, “You know you’re doing wrong! Go Home!” The officers then retreat to their car and drive off empty-handed.

Community policing is very important. We have a lot of these officers who aren’t from the community that they’re policing. They don’t know who is who, and who is what, so they automatically assume that everyone is a criminal. We document any type of police interactions with the community. Usually we record all the way to the very end, because in a situation like this, you never know what might happen,” Barber told RT.

He also said the officers’ behavior was unusual. They never called for backup or tried to explain why they were detaining the girl. They also refused to give their names and badge numbers, only saying they were from the 30th Precinct. That drew jeers from the locals.

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  1. are you sure they were actually cops? I have heard something like this before and it turned out they were sex traffickers not cops. I know there is a lot of abuses. But I also know that there are many pretending to be undercover cops who aren’t. Last year on the news was a story about a teen that someone pretending to be a cop with one of those red beacons on top of an unmarked car tried to pull her over. She had been told by her parents to make sure she pulled into a parking lot or somewhere like that off the road where it was safer. So she kept going, but she used her cell phone to call the police station and tell them what she was doing. The guy told her hang on a minute, checked, came back and said “Do not stop” keep going we have no one in that area, help is on the way.” A few minutes later 4 cars showed up surrounding them. Turned out the guy who tried to pull her over was a serial rapist with several warrants out for his arrest.

  2. Are you sure they were actually cops. People claiming to be cops have does this sort of thing before. It is not unknown for sex traffickers and rapists to pretend to be cops and do such things. Since they ran rather than giving any info and not calling for back up I think that is more than likely

  3. Pussy ass police officers thinking they’re bad,without a gun and a badge what do they have?, a sucker in a uniform waiting to get shot


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