OpAfrica: Anonymous Attacks South African University, Leaks Huge Amount of Data


Anonymous has attacked the official website of the University of Limpopo in South Africa, leaking huge amount of sensitive data.

The attack was specifically carried out by the Anonymous group known as New World Hackers (NWH). The attack was part of Anonymous’ Operation Africa campaign against corruption, child abuse and child labour in African countries. The campaign was launched by the hacktivists who are concerned with social justice and equity.

Currently, the Operation Africa campaign by Anonymous is gaining attention and momentum on the continent and beyond. The operation has so far been carried out in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, South Africa, Tanzania, Ethiopia and others countries.

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Before the University of Limpopo attack, Anonymous had attacked Kenya’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leaking sensitive documents on corruption being perpetrated by some government officials working in the ministry. In this latest attack on University of Limpopo, NWH hacked the server of the university. The attack was said to have been conducted on May 13 2016.

Hack Read reports that the homepage of the university website was replaced with a page uploaded by the hackers, with a brief message explaining why the site was targeted. N

WH member who carried out the attack was identified as SinfulHazeCE. The group later told Hack Read that some university students even congratulated them for the successful hack of the university site, due to the ill treatment they are getting from officials of the university.

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NWH said it is still analyzing the data. However, what the hacktivists made public, showed a GhostBin post showing one part of the data of examination and Intranet files uploaded on Maga.nz. Another file also showed personal data of 16,000 university alumni publically available on the Internet, including names of the students, surnames, ID numbers, their faculty, date of birth, department and campus codes.

The sensitive part of the data is being analyzed by the hacktivists. The group will make it public after the analysis. As at writing this story, the university authorities have not commented on the hack.

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Operation Africa is still ongoing, and will possibly lead to more countries being attacked, to expose the corrupt dealings of the governments, public and private institutions on the continent.

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We are closely following Operation Africa. It is believed that by the time the operation comes to an end on the continent, many corrupt dealings would have been exposed to the rest of the world.

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  1. Poor students. Bullshit!! All they do is to riot and burn everything in their path, because they want everything for free. You don’t know shit about South Africa, do your fucking homework. Just more propoganda.

  2. Why not rather hack Number 1 and leave the Universities alone. Thomas has put it very well. Before being thought of being racist, I am black.

  3. I totally agree with the previous 2 posts from Thomas and SimpyAnon… They should rather target this so called government we have here is South Africa! Expose them to the world and hopefully there will be change!

    All this government is good for is lining they’re own pockets and lying to the people that vote for them all this while pulling the blindfolds over the voter’s eyes!


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