Men Hold Down Beautiful Dog And Prepare To Skin Him Alive For Yulin Dog Meat Festival





Credit: EPA

Credit: EPA

It’s getting close to that time of year again: when the Lychee and Dog Meat Festival in Yulin, China, commonly referred to as the Yulin Dog Meat Festival, barbarically murders tens of thousands of dogs for their meat.

Pictures have already surfaced of the cruel practices that the natives put these innocent dogs through and they are disgusting.

These dogs are mostly stolen pet dogs or strays and their misery begins the second they are taken away and packed into sharp metal crates with dozens of other dogs. Videos have emerged of dogs crying in their crates as they are lined up to be slaughtered or sold.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

They are starved and dehydrated by the time they reach slaughter, and many of them die from injuries obtained during the journey.

Once they reach the place where they will be killed, they are held down and skinned or burned alive and then thrown in a pot to be boiled and butchered. Those that aren’t skinned alive are beaten to death or have their throats slit open.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

The Humane Society International said that cats and kittens are also sold as meat at the festival and that they were working to save them as well.

“It’s nauseating to think that these poor guys were next to be beaten to death and eaten.”

Eating dog meat is an old tradition for the region and others around the world, just as eating pork and beef is in the United States.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

Some may argue that the mistreatment and consumption of dogs in their country is the same as what Americans do to livestock. Though there is no justification for how factory farms raise and mistreat their animals made for the sole purpose of being slaughtered and made into food, this dog meat trade and festival is still far worse.

First there’s the fact that many of the dogs are stolen from their humans, meaning they’re illegally obtained and the humans must know what their beloved pet dog will endure because they were stolen for the festival.

Credit: Dogington Post

Credit: Dogington Post

Then there are the actual acts of cruelty against these innocent dogs whose lives, even as starving strays on the street, would have been much better than their barbarous last few days and the horrific end they will face.

Even if one can look past the cruelty, the food safety is way under par because these animals are not tested or treated in any way prior to being eaten. Strays especially are prone to diseases and are among those being openly consumed by festival-goers.

Credit: The Humane Society

Credit: The Humane Society

This festival does not discriminate on dogs either. They will take dogs of all sizes and all ages, often slaughtering the puppies as well or, if the puppy is lucky, selling it as a pet.

Adam Parascandola, from the Humane Society International, said, “We’ve seen all manner of dog breeds coming in to the rescue shelters, some of them obviously someone’s pet because they still have their collars on with their names.”

Below you can see a puppy asking for attention from a stranger, as puppies do, not knowing that it will soon be skinned alive and eaten.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

While countries around the world have taken stances against the festival, Chinese supporters of the dog meat trade have also turned around to refute the naysayers. Some have said that we should have “mutual respect for others” and that “if you don’t like to eat something then don’t eat it,” completely ignoring the animal abuse aspect that many are truly against.

Last year, activists campaigned openly at the festival and at the Yulin government headquarters. They also would intercept trucks hauling dogs to festivals and either give them food and water or attempt to buy crates of the dogs just to save as many as they can. Though hundreds will be rescued, thousands will still be killed.

Some activists have unfurled banners in front of the government headquarters in Yulin to critique the lack of food safety and ask that the government at least enforce existing health and administrative laws. Instead, the authorities continue to disregard requests for law enforcement and allow the festival to occur as-is.

Credit: The Daily Mail

Credit: The Daily Mail

What’s worse is that this isn’t an isolated event of cruelty. It’s estimated that China kills 10 million dogs every year for food and that the killing practices are just as awful on a daily basis throughout the year.

Eating dogs isn’t a common occurrence throughout all of China, but is popular in rural and poor areas where dog meat is easy and cheap to find, such as Yulin.

The HSI said there’s a glimmer of hope for the younger Chinese generations, as it is the older generation that is caught up in the tradition of the festival while the young people want the “festivities” to stop. As the older generations die out, China has a real chance of banning this festival once and for all.

Despite photo and video evidence from activists that are in Yulin attempting to help these poor animals, the government maintains that the festival is not happening.

What are your thoughts on this treatment of dogs in comparison to America’s treatment of livestock? Please comment on, like, and share this article to raise awareness!

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  1. Gets these fucking images off the internet!!!! Putting these graphic and disturbing images up makes me sick.
    What these barbaric, inhumane, EVIL life forms are doing is absolutely unforgivable and something needs to be done NOW!!!!! What is raising awareness going to do?! How does that put an end to the suffering of these beautiful creations that are only here to love us and their owners.
    Actions needs to be taken against this evil.

    • I am sick of this good USA and EUROPE citizens which kill and rob rest of humanity and they are grouse of eating animals. What India people think about beef meat usage in USA or Europe, it is sacrifice of holy animal.
      Everybody have there own custom and i don’t have anything against that people who eating dog or cats continue to do they traditional customs in theirs countries.

      • The issue is not so much that they eat dogs. The issue is the way they kill them. Would your comment apply to humans as well. If a country thought it was acceptable to eat children, would you then also argue that it was their custom and to leave them to it.
        I understand what you are saying, but I think that you also need to see that there is no reason to kill the dogs they way they are being killed in those images. They can humanely slaughtered in a way to minimize their suffering.

      • But still, they should not been made to suffer by burning them or skinning them alive. If you’re gonna kill something, do it fast! I will the hell not accept any kind of cruelty to any kind of life form how traditional it may be. How can you find it acceptable?

      • It’s never tradition it’s murder, we share this planet with other sentient beings who feel the same pain like we do.

      • Someone should skin your ass alive and boil you. Then When you try to escape the boiling hot water bcuz your skin is sizzling and blistering off, you’re beaten back into the pot with a metal rod…. or how about being blow torched or having your body tied up in a sack then having your head crushed and beaten with a stick… would that feel? Would you like that ? I saw a pic of a dog with its legs tied behind its back, back legs tied together and a can tied over its mouth, beaten to death, laying in a pool of blood. All this because the believe the more scared a dog is the better it tastes! Fuck you fuck them and fuck anyone else who defends them or treats animals like this! Fucking Pussies

        • Fuck them is right! Annabel. I cannot believe even CNN tries to muzzle free speech about this calling people xenophobes and drawing ridiculous parallels with the West. Where this shit does not happen. Period. This fucking festival was launched in 2009! Not some time in the far past. These fucking barbaric Asians! Are full of glee as they torture these poor animals. May they be boiled and burned in eternal hellfire!!!

      • Nobody cares what India considers to be sacred or not, I couldn’t give two fucks about their religious views so don’t make it about that as it’s not a religious matter. It’s a matter of helpless animals being subject to torture for the amusement of some sick assholes. I don’t care if it’s a dog or cat, cow or chicken, no animal should have to go through that sick shit, a tradition like that shouldn’t exist. Here you are caring more about your dumb religious views being offended and not giving a shit about the actual matter at stake here. Fuck you man.


      • Your sick. Its one this g to eat a dog. But they torture them and beat them now that’s what’s makes me what to fucking kill them

      • Great comment from a person who’s country practices ” Honor Killing” of women when it’s felt that the marriage isn’t working out……

    • its normal in china, what is the problem?

      try to save alle the children that are raped or even worse in the muslims contry or thailand/phiipines.!!

      • yeah what goes around comes around. All you fucking Chinese, Japanese, etc bastards will be killed brutally because of earthquakes and nuclear disasters.

      • Why not save the minority of ROHENJA in Borma that has been burned alive by buddhists in the wrost savage ethnic cleansing ever.Your stupid unsustained allegations of children rape in Muslim countries is total ignorant nonsense.

      • That’s no excuse you idiot. Let’s skin you alive and then shall we ask the same question?
        No empathy
        No compassion
        No soul
        Withdraw trade from this shithole of a country that’s the only way to stop this!

      • The problem is with the people, they enjoy the torture, the men are smiling. They are sick in their heads and hearts.

        There are a few excellent organizations that are working to stop the dog meat trade in Asia, and a few here in USA, StopYulinForever, and Marc Ching for example. They can use financial funding.

        Nobody would torture a pig, chicken, cow like that in countries that have animal rights legislation without being disciplined. They would be jailed, the company fined, and shut down for a period of time. Join Mercy For Animals, in North America, they are undercover slaughterhouse workers. They get the companies fined and shut down.

        Cruelty and torture is unacceptable anywhere. Torture to humans, dogs, cats, children, wives, senior citizens. Speak up for whomever you can. Speaking up for cows in India, when you live in Canada. So what. Speak up for seals in Canada, when you live in USA. So what. Just help someone ( animal, fish , bumble bee, person, a tree).

    • Your comment makes no sense. You want the images removed because they offend you, when you know that it is these very images that drew you here to read the article. Raising awareness gets people looking into what can be done to stop these atrocities. Sadly Anonymous never seems to suggest what options are available to stop these things from happening.
      There is a petition to stop this. Would you mind adding your name to it?

    • Narendra, raising awareness to a problem is the first step
      In fixing the problem. People need to know and have an emotional reponse to it. Hopefully that response is : this is terrible and needs to stop
      Then, pressure came be applied to those responsible.
      That’s how change works

    • What do you mean what does raising awareness going to do about it? If you don’t know a problem exists, how do you expect to address it? You clearly haven’t thought your argument through.

    • Raising awareness made you realize and understand what’s happening. Obviously it’s working.

      Get off the internet and do something about it.

    • I agree with you 1000 percent. These images are not going to help end these poor dogs from suffering. Taking action will.

    • agreed and maybe an animal army of activist needs to burn, scald and torture these people. They are the sickest people on the planet along with all of hte other twisted farmers around the world.

    • No,these images need to be on the Internet…. maybe the rage and anger will cause more rejection and this shit will stop.

    • In order to raise awareness, you need to show people what is happening first. How else are people going to be able to do anything about it if they don’t know? This is why these videos and images were put on the website in the first place. The interested parties are trying to get these graphic shocking horrible images out to the public so the public will be educated on what is going on in other countries and have the opportunity to maybe do something about it to stop this sort of practice.

  2. this country shouldnt have animals at all noy dogs and cats that is just sick to eat those animals then we wonder where disease and sickness comes from, just like aids eating monkeys these just dont stop do they, they act like there straving and have nothing else to eat these people have no shame

  3. I love chinese martial arts and some culture, but to be honest is a fucked up country and things will never change since the most of the people are ignorants as fuck!

    • I think the martial arts comes more from the Buddhist tradition in China. Shaolin Monks wouldn’t be seen engaging is such behaviour.

  4. If you feel bad about this, but still goto those fast food chains and order those cheese burgers, you are just as guilty.

  5. Well, they should kill them in a more humane way, perhaps, but the Chinese need their share of meat as well. Can’t deny them that. It’s their right to switch to cats or guinea pigs or whatever their palate desires, as long it’s domesticated animal.

  6. If it was onlu for the food… then i guess why not. But what i am against is the cruelty uses…. skinning alive.. burning them with blowtorches etc.. that shows that they actually love to hurt animals.

  7. Jesus Christ! Poison there wells! This is sick! Get this shit off of here! This is why they live like this! They have no God in there life! They are animals and they should be killed like animals. Did you all see how much money we have given that country?! Bring napalm back and burn that land alive, or give them a constant feeding of LSD25 in there water supply. Fuck those pigs!

    • 2 Sensei’s in this comment-section. The below comments are mine. The comment I’m replying to here is not, and I don’t believe that peoples wells should be poisoned, people behave like this because they have no God in their lives (it’s irrelevant), they are animals and should be killed like animals (all humans are animals, but if you want to kill humans for killing other animals for food than you should hold the same standard for people who run and work in western slaughterhouses. But that’s not very Christian right?), do not believe their land should be burned alive or people should be admitted LSD-25 without their consent. And neither do I believe in Jesus Christ.

  8. I would like to express this festival with the very humans that perform such rituals on these poor creatures. “Participants” must be alive, conscious and restrained.

  9. Can anonymous do something about those men killing those poor creatures for fun i hope that men kill dog will die and experience what the dog experienced i really want to kill those people cut their feet off i want to rip their eye’s out i want to burn them slowly until they die i want to torture them for 10 years and kill them i hope anonymous would do that that would be nice

  10. People who think this is worse than western slaugtherhouses need to wake the fuck up, stop being hypocritical just because you have a canine in the back yard.

    • I agree Fieldz0r. Another thing which bugs me is that it seems that there are some people here who believe it’s okay as long as it’s done humanely. In other words I can say that I’m very hungry atm, so can I come by your places later and humanely slaughter your favorite pets then? If you don’t support your healthy pets being slaughtered, humanely or not, then why do you support the senseless killing of other animals? Humans are animals too, and we don’t need to eat the meat of other humans or other animals to survive.

      Are you really all so shut off from your emotions that you can’t extend the love you feel for your pets to other harmless living/feeling beings?

    • You are totally correct FieldzOrr. I haven’t eaten animals for 35 years, after seeing footage from UK slaughter houses – and have seen much worse since.
      Some people seem to think it’s ok to torture some animals a bit – as long as it’s not their favourite one. It’s ALL wrong. Just because it’s done behind closed doors here and the US, it’s still done. Terror and pain can be felt equally by dogs, pigs, sheep and cows.

  11. These images are quite disturbing. Sure showing them is away to advocate in trying to cease thia custom. But what moat must understand this a someone custom. Sure its gut wrenching and sad but are you in Yulin? No you are in the US and many or the US customs are frowned upon by other cultures. In the US we eat many types animals, you dont think other people look at the US in disgust, sure they do.Why would you want to take away their tradition and their culture? Thats like taking away turkey from the thanksgiving table that the founders introduced. That is american culture, you wouldnt like it if someone else tried to take your culture and traditions? No. We all may not agree on what is happening in Yulin, but the way I see it, killing is killing, no matter how its done. You dont like it, dont look.

    • I don’t live in the U.S., this is the internet and people here come from all over the place. Regardless of where I live, it could be that where I live it is a tradition to own slaves, beat women, circumcise woman, eat babies, and throw people in vulcanoes as an offer to the Gods. If you don’t like it, just don’t look. Who cares about the suffering of harmless fellow beings right?

      Do you ever question your own humanity if it comes to following one tradition or another?

    • Or in other words: In India they worship living cows. In the U.S. they worship dead turkeys. Because of this, and also in general I find it hard to figure out which of the two cultures is more backward, but if I had to choose between the two traditions I will happily choose the one where no living/feeling being is harmed. They can stick traditions which involve the suffering of harmless living/feeling beings somewhere very dark and very moist and leave them to rot. And that’s how much I would care if someone else tried to take away “my culture” and traditions.

  12. Sisojer. Least we don’t torture our food.most of us don’t kill our of u are still barbaric which is evident in how u treat your woman and kids.u can’t compare farm animals to the intelligence and loyalty of no,this will never be the same

  13. The sick blustered Chinese. They are worse than any animal. So that goes to their president. Sick society.

  14. I love dogs. They’re like family to most people, especially when you raise them up from a pup and they’ve been with you for years…they’re like family, BUT, how is what we do to cows any different. In India cows are largely worshiped. In America we slaughter them horribly. For America, this is hard for us to deal with because we love our pets, but we’re no better when you think about what we do to cows, pigs, chickens. The whole world doesn’t function on American logic. We want them to accept us, maybe as difficult as it is, we need to accept them and their customs as foreign as they may be to us.

  15. The problem here is not about Tradition or some idiotic religion in China. Its about the way they Kill them. If you want to have it for Dinner or Lunch go fuckin have it ( I wish every Dog they eat gives them Rabbies Virus ) . but kill them immediately don’t play by burning them Alive or Skinning them when they’re Lying there. If u have got guts don’t tie that animal and then try to fiddle with it LETS SEE WHO’S BRAVE.
    If there’s anything in this world that should be stopped it should cruelty and Inhumanity like this in each part of world.
    Sins are Rising in this Cruel World.

  16. Dogs are beaten or bled to death, then eaten at the Yulin dog meat festival. Thousands of Chinese citizens have protested the festival, but authorities won’t act until they see how badly it’s hurting China’s global image. That’s where we come in. Add your name to the petition below with one-click to stop this puppy slaughter, then tell everyone:

    Dear friends,

    For the Yulin dog meat festival, some dogs are stolen from their owners and beaten or bled to death. Then they’re hung upside down from hooks, a slit cut from their anus and skin ripped off their bodies, and sold to be eaten.

    The suffering must be unbearable — new research shows that in terms of emotion, dogs’ brains are much like ours, something dog owners and lovers understand well. When we see dogs for what they are — living beings with thoughts and feelings — the torture they endure at this ‘festival’ becomes unimaginable.

    Already thousands of Chinese citizens have spoken out against the festival, but authorities won’t act until they see how badly it’s hurting China’s global image, which they’ve been working hard to improve. That’s where we come in. Let’s show the Chinese government that the world cares about this puppy slaughter and wants them to stop it immediately!

    When our numbers are great enough, Avaaz will take out ads, work with influential celebrities, run the first independent national poll on dog-eating in China, and put this issue on front pages everywhere until Chinese authorities act. Add your name to the petition below with one-click and tell everyone:

    To Chinese President Mr. Xi Jinping, the Governor of Guangxi Province Mr. Chen Wu, and members of the Chinese Central Government:
    As citizens across the globe [we feel] deeply disturbed by the abuse and consumption of dogs at the Yulin festival, we strongly urge you to ban it immediately. Millions of Chinese citizens support legislation to stop the dog meat industry, and we join their call to end this cruel trade.

    Thanks to brave Chinese activists, the festival gets smaller each year, and Yulin authorities eventually withdrew their sponsorship of the festival and even banned their employees from attending. Momentum is building. If millions of us raise our voices now, we can save thousands of pups from horrific torture.

    The Yulin festival isn’t a centuries old tradition — it was started in 2010! And many argue that it was created mainly to boost meat industry sales.

    Time is running out — the festival is in weeks. Sign the petition above with one-click on the link, then forward this to friends and family — let’s make this huge!

    Our community has campaigned against the most cruel bull festival in Spain, against the discarding and killing of male baby chicks in Germany, and against terrible conditions on farms in Spain and France. Now it’s time to speak out for man’s best friend, and get this puppy slaughter stopped for good.

    With hope,

    Rewan, Danny, Luis, Patricia, Jooyea, Mike, Ricken and the entire Avaaz team

  17. In my opinion, these events fall into exactly the same category as using depleted uranium or white phosphorus etc. on living creatures of any kind. However, in the cases of the willful torture of animals as shown above, there is at at least no evidence of gut-wrenching hypocrisy used in Yulin of the kind we have become familiar with our frequent ‘saving the world’ endeavours.
    Maybe we should try to access a few graphic photos of our own atrocities? On second thought perhaps not, Chelsea Manning’s efforts in this direction is already being covered elsewhere on these columns.

  18. Some one needs to nuke China, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, and call it a day. They are sick basturds. Who do not deserve to live with the way they treat animals. They eat everything with no hesitation or care. They don’t care if they are causing distress because they’re happy they did it. I hate there culture and everything about these types of people. No im not a racist but after seeing all this shit. I now am when it comes to there kind. I’m so done with humanity. This is the animals earth we just live here. They were here first and do not deserve this type of torture.

  19. These are totally barbaric practices. I don’t know how to do it, but can’t somebody who does know how to put this up on Causes create a petition to our government as well as China to end this.

  20. Another word for tradition is RETARDATION – in every sense of the word!

    Get the terrorists over there with assault rifles – music to my ears!

    • CHINESE FUCKING PARASITES ALL OF EM how can any modern civilized societies ever have respect or trust for primitive sadistic savages such as these dog torturing poaching asian Boils on the ass of Humanity DOGS ARE MANS BEST FRIEND DOGS specifically and Uniquely ARE NOT JUST ANIMALS OR EVEN JUST PETS THEY ARE SO MUCH MORE and always have been THEY DONT DESERVE TO SUFFER AT YOUR HAND > They are MANS BEST FRIEND our companions guardians protectors of our crops our livestock homes and even our CHILDREN they have lived as our family for 10,000 years they ARE NOT JUST ANIMALS THEY ARE our FRIENDS OUR COMPANIONS OUR confidant and will happily sacrifice themselves to protect their humans from harm , they ARE NOT our food or property to torture and discard and you cannot be allowed to keep treating them in such uncalled for pain and suffering o extreme it boggles ones mind ITS INTOLERABLE TO THINK ABOUT let alone witness or worse ENDURE as our innocent friend the dog is suffering at your will.for your pleasure they are a blessing NOT DRESSING
      STOP THIS CRUELTY NOW because at least 22 million people want to go over there and KICK you off the planet if you dont Stop you savage sadistic sub human evil fucktards

  21. Comment peut on etre des humains si notre humanité fait défaut J ai mal de voir tant de souffrances animales Pour moi un animal est un enfant Faire du mal a un animal c est faire du mal a un enfant voire un bébé

  22. This is not tradition it’s a fukin sick sick day to torture an animal for pleasure humans have to be the most cruelest beings on earth thankfully not all of us but you nasty parasites just remember one day you have to die an while your gasping your last strugling to get breath hopefully ul feel a small part of what those beautiful animals felt hope you suffer the most painful death ever how a goverment can let this happen is disgusting and these people have kids what they going to do boil them next

  23. To bitten yes dogs occationaly bite or kill people through being reared wrong or mistreated but humans kill torture rape cause wars for nothing more than greed and pleasure and if you think that’s acceptable the dog dident bite you hard enough young kids can bite what you going to do if kid bit you say it’s ok just skin them n boil them grow bloody up it’s fact there tortured first even if the sick scum wanted meat there is more humane ways the fact is the evil scum enjoy what there doing

  24. People all around the world eat meat. However, in civilized countries, animals are slaughtered humanely and quickly and not burned alive and skinned alive. That only happens in uncivilized crap holes inhabited by low life scum. That is, until they all die off from some incurable disease like ebola, or until they start eating each other once they have eaten every single crawling thing into extinction.

    • Problem is: These low life scum are your neighbors now and you are given a steady diet by the controlled media to swallow that they are equal to us.

  25. I am a very nice person and I forgive easily.
    If I see you abusing an animal then I feel sorry for you because of the monster vegan you have just unleashed.
    Not only have I taken fighting classes growing up and know exactly how to kill you and where your nerves are for max pain but I have experienced mental hell growing up where I wake up in the middle of the night screaming and I know exactly how to make you have the most mental pain possible.

    In short terms, don’t mess with a vegan… ever 😉

  26. as i look at the pictures i cry. Here in america we are normal and we treat dogs like family! One of the laws should be if you kill a dog then you will die. There are many more animals in the world than dogs and cats. This is especially hart breaking foe me because I am only 10 and i save animals, love them, and care for them. Before you kill them China, put yourself in their skin before it is cut off. (these pictures need to stay here until the problem is solved)

    this word of inspiration came form a 10 year old!

  27. I bet most people on here eat the flesh of other animals and don’t see a problem with it but when anybody kills dogs or cats the horrified at the end of the day the meat industry everywhere is cruel and barbaric.

    • Dim you are. Most of the people on here probably eat flesh. That’s not the point. You don’t understand the difference because you are as much a beast as them.


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