#OpAfrica continues Anonymous’ War against Injustice


War has been declared on the governments of Africa, but in the latest branch of #OpAfrica operations, Anonymous are seeking out to put an end to child labor, corruption and the injustices that accompany them. Multinational corporations through to individuals are being targeted for their greed and cruelty.

During one latest stint of #OpAfrica, Anonymous hacktivists back-doored their way into the Ugandan Ministry of Finance and an IT company, Broadband Systems Corporation, ran by the Rwandan government. Email accounts, passwords, phone numbers, employee names and more were accessed.

The #OpAfrica campaign is a revised #OpCanary to further highlight the human injustices and abuses that continue. Other targeted countries under #OpAfrica include South Africa, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Sudan, South Sudan and Ethiopia.

GMOs, finance, child abuse in all forms, and big corporations are all on the agenda’s target list.

For further information on the OpAfrica campaigns go to http://anonhq.com/opafrica/ for a comprehensive media guide, chatrooms, or visit the AnonBoard.

Sources: Softpedia, Hackread, Private Sources.

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  1. If all said is true about fighting injustices, then why hack universities that serve the community? These universities has nothing to do with child labour, nor with corruption or governments, I seriously wonder why dont you simply attack corrupted governments and corporations websites


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