#OpExposeCPS: Anonymous Targets Child Protective Services


Anonymous activists have announced a global campaign to expose the corruption and rampant child abuse plaguing the Child Protective Services. The first phase of Operation Expose CPS is to force FBI to investigate the CPS-DHS system, which has become a profit center, as a whole; bring the criminals to justice; act against the legal kidnapping and trafficking of children for profit, and stop the unjustified terror campaign against American parents and their children.

The group warns, “If the FBI refuses to perform an open investigation on CPS-DHS, we will brand not only the FBI but other agencies, which refuse to investigate such as the DoJ and AG offices, as supporters of the child trafficking ring and they can sink on the ship of child abuse together. We have all sat by for far too long waiting for something to be done. If our demands are not met we will take down the entire CPS organization piece by piece. Your days of child abuse and profiteering from children’s misery are coming to an end CPS. Child Protection Services, we will never forgive the horrors you have committed against these children just as they will never forget their treatment at your hand. You should have expected us.”

In the video announcement the activists also demand an investigation into Georgia State Senator Nancy Schaefer’s murder in 2010 after she produced volumes of evidence against CPS to the US Justice Department and the International Criminal Court.

“We also demand a full, open investigation into the murder of Nancy Schaefer. We know this was in no way a murder-suicide. Nancy was murdered because she got too close and because she was taking children away from the CPS. Not only was Nancy helping tons of families, but she was clearly onto something very big for CPS to have murdered her. Justice will be served for this woman,” the group warns.

CPS, DHS, welfare officers and other child safety departments are accused of stealing children on some or the other pretext, taking the wrong children, giving their custody to foster parents with a criminal history who eventually kill or sexually abuse the innocent kids, and forcefully kidnapping the children from caring parents who end up in costly legal battles to get them back.

The Operation Expose CPS has evolved into an organized effort with a first round of calls/faxes/emails sent to the FBI on March 21. The second and third rounds of protest were carried out in April and May. A final international day of protest against America’s department of Child Protective Services is scheduled on June 5. You can visit the campaign’s Facebook page for updated announcements.


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        • Scientology has all sorts of faults granted, but they aren’t making up the fact that at least the majority of “mental illnesses” have no physical symptoms that can be accurately measured. All diagnosis are made solely on the opinions of “Dr.’s”. Psychiatry is still the laughing stock of actual doctors. Now admittedly MRI’s demonstrate that psychopaths generally have different brain activity in different regions when shown certain images, as opposed to more sane people, they often have damaged frontal lobes. But psychopathy is a diagnosis almost never given until someone enters politics or murders someone, or allot of someones.

          Further, failing to appreciate that Scientology can be correct on at least 1 subject, while being flawed on every other is called “ad hominem”, or in English “against the person or persons”. While I can relate to how you feel, it’s a logical fallacy, and flawed logic, you’ll gather much more understanding in and of the world by taking individual claims on their merits instead of writing people off entirely for being previously wrong.

          Full disclosure, I was forcibly drugged with psychotropics for many years of my life. I made the mistake of getting too high one night around the wrong people, wound up in the psych-ward, and from there I didn’t sober up from one pharmaceutical cocktail to the next for YEARS. Because I was lied to, brainwashed, as was my family. Thankfully some of us have strong wills, strong resolves, and can fight back under favorable circumstances… We can’t all do that, and it’s a serious issue of poisoning people with psychotropics in this country, and more and more CHILDREN are targeted for forced psychotropic drugging, when not being forced on Amphetamine Sulfate/Adderal, told they have ADD/ADHD because they can’t cope with the torture of the Prussian model of indoctrination we call “public education”.

          Also worth noting the Holocaust is fraud. Hitler had those people (of various races, religions, and creeds) in Forced labor/Internment Camps just like the U.S. had Japanese in Internment Camps at the same time, but unlike the U.S. which wasn’t having problems with food supplies and medicines being cut off and bombed, the Germans were. Most of the dead died from Typhoid Fever, Typhus, or starvation. The Nazi party had an agreement with the Zionists in Europe, and Hitler basically helped create modern Israel through the Haavara Transfer Agreement, startpage it all, it’s no lie. The only reason Hitler and the Nazis didn’t ship all the Jews they could to Palestine was because WWII started AFTER the agreement was made and once the war started they needed all the help they could get forced labor or not.

          Anyway, educate yourself, because using logical fallacies and being either truly ignorant of history, or wanting to push a false narrative isn’t helping anything.

          • the internment of Japanese citizens was not good of our government, but it didn’t occur until at least a year AFTER pearl harbor was bombed. Hitler had already killed more than a million human beings…it is not even a comparison to the crimes against humanity that was the holocaust…that just stupid to suggest.

  1. I am fighting for my grandkids they been in the cps system for ten months now and I don’t know why I live in Mt.Vernon ,Indiana but dealing with the cps from Evansville ,Indiana.

  2. I had to fight & was put back into debt, all to get my kids back from AL Jefferson County DHR it’s SO corrupt they illegally took my kids and placed them in separate foster homes. Please help us and I will gladly help you guy’s expose the corruption. I will go down in a blaze of glory before DHR will EVER touch my kids again. Thank God they’re safe and secure home with us & our ordeal was a fairly short one.

    • I’m currently going through this and it’s the worst experience ever. They had valid reason to investigate but they do NOT have valid reason to have removed my newborn and my 7 year old from our home. We will get them back in due time…hopefully…going to keep my faith….but the damage has already been done 🙁 I’m currently entering debt as well and am having to sell my home just to pay it off. We should all receive some sort of compensation as well. This is just ludicrous…every aspect of it.

  3. It is about time someone has done something. I do not want CPS to be charged with money. I want to see them be put down for what they are doing to these kid. It is time for retribution.

  4. My name is Daniel Joseph I am 23 yrs old I was a foster child for most of my childhood … More than most . my case was one of the biggest in Cleveland OH and boy the things that happened … My story isn’t a short one so way too much to type . this has to stop . if you ever want to hear my story .. Let me know I won’t spare any detail.. They never spared us . We do not forgive ..We do not forget ….. Anything .

    • plz find me on fb. have two pf. Marshall Scotty and or William Scotty Marshall. id love to hear it. im out here in notorious kay county oklahoma whos known for corrupt cps. or email

  5. I do not know if you all read this. But, this year my daughter’s mom was on CPS for having our daughter around a drug user. She got caught and failed a drug test. After 3 allegations and bruises on my child. A month and a half later after the failed drug test. They closed the cases on her. That’s some bs. And did I mention she hate move out of her boyfriend house and into her mom’s where, they do drugs as well. It made no sense.

  6. I was in custody of CPS for about 7 or so months as a kid, i was taken from my parent for NO REASON at all, im back with my parent (Thank god) But they had no right… and while i was there, they didnt treat the kids how they supposed to, they don’t get the love and care, they don’t get read a story when asking a “Supervisor” and they don’t get tucked into bed…
    They just do this for the money, its what runs this country…

  7. I don’t understand who they think is profiting from placing kids in foster care. The whole system is woefully underfunded. CPS agencies are always in debt. Caseworker pay is rediculously low. Foster payments aren’t nearly enough to take proper care of a child. Private agencies attempting to run group homes or residential facilities go out of business all the time because there’s just no money in it. The problem isn’t that CPS is over zealous about taking people’s kids. The problem is that the liability is so high for them if they don’t take the kids and something happens. Fund these agencies properly and hold parents, rather than agencies responsible for bad parenting. Also, it’s worth noting that every single state has their own system. To say that every agency in every county in every state is full of corrupt, baby snatching, profiteering, lowlifes is a remarkable over-reach.

    • I am in total agreeance with you on this. #OpExposeCPS Get out of here with that. If Parents did what they are supposed to do CPS would have no reason to take your children. I work for CPSp and our agency is Top Notch we care for kids when we get them in our custody. We hate taking Kids from their Lo Life Parents only because they don’t know the life they live is not safe or is wrong. Fund these Agencies that are here to protect reather than beating them down with your hate. CPS has saved several Lifes while you all sit back and throw stones at us for doing whats right for kids. I know we must be doing somthing right other wise you all wouldnt have this Page up your just Mad. Get Clean Live Right Keep Your Kids. If not were coming !!!!

      • My children were taken from me for 6 months because of an allegation of drug and alcohol abuse. Even though my husband and i both tested clean “on the spot” and also for every other time they wanted to test us didnt matter! They put my children (2yrs and 4 month old) in a pre adoptive home.. not a foster home. We fought like wild cats to get our children back.. thak GOD for our CASA worker. She stood up to cps and demanded the judge hear us out and her as well. Needless to say our children were returned to us and all charges dropped. But the hell we all went through still stays with us to this day and it has been 15 years!

      • You are sorry and full of shit CPS worker or you are the most ignorant person to comment so far. Ok so you claim to have saved some lives right? Well I’m not sure I believe you but let’s do something you weren’t trained for and sorry ya not going to get paid for. Let’s give you the benefit of a doubt and say that’s true. Now let’s compare the lives you supposedly saved to the number including families lives that you have ruined and since it’s their lives not yours they get to say whether or not you ruined or saved them. Now do you really have wonder what the true outcome is or are you going to rely on your training or are you going to except the facts? The fact is that DHR / CPS do more damage than they do good and more rights are violated than not. Just so you know CPS worker.

      • CPS is registered as a business. We don’t need CPS. We need orphanages to take the SMALL percentages of children that are a justified removal.

      • Back in the wild west days an organization like CPS coming to steal children wouldn’t have lasted because the home wrecking thieves would be dropping like flies. If this was implemented today on a widespread scale this thievery would slow down or subside. Apparently this is the only solution for criminal cops and CPS workers.

    • Oh woe is me. Underfunded my eye. Kidnapping is kidnapping. Extortion is extortion. “The problem isn’t that CPS is over zealous about taking people’s kids. The problem is that the liability is so high for them if they don’t take the kids and something happens”. What block of cheese did you fall from? They kidnap kids in a heartbeat, then terrorize the kids and parents until they are dead broke or dead. Social workers are the most vile and evil people I ever had the dis-pleasure of meeting. They have been since the ASPCA started it. EVERY agency is corrupt as they ALL use the same handbook of stupid excuses. They do it for the money. They must kidnap more kids than they did the year before or their federal funding is cut. As it should be. That is one glory hole that should be caulked shut.

  8. I would love a link to your data on 5 children dying in foster care per day as a result of adoption…
    In 2013 there were an estimated 1520 child abuse deaths. That is 4.16 per day. How in the world could five of those be by foster care!?

    Until you work a day in the field and get the necessary training to know the job you are in no way educated to make an attack against a Human Service Agency such as CPS. Enacted to protect children. No child is placed in care OR adopted without a court hearing ruled upon by a Judge. Your “witnesses” are people who have abused and neglected their children. Why don’t you try helping the cause to have better quality of care and services for families working with CPS than trying to “bring it down.” Newsflash people will always abuse their children and CPS is federally mandated- they’re not going anywhere anytime soon.

    • You have a lot of nerve coming on this site to state that these kids are being abused and neglected by their parents and that CPS AND DHS are the ones here to help. My phone number is [*]and I would love to tell you of the hundreds of stories of mothers and fathers having their children sold out from under them in the name of “protection”. These hundreds of stories are just stories I personally have been told. Check yourself. V* WE ARE ANONYMOUS AND YOUR JOB IS OVER V*

      [*moderated: “kindly, no phone numbers”]

    • No child is placed in care OR adopted without a court hearing ruled upon by a Judge… As you quoted is a blatant lie. My children weren’t allowed to even speak to me… And it all rooted from my 16 year old daughter aledging me pulling her hair during a visit. My other 2 children were not even in my custody at the time if all edged event. On short. I have my youngest back but she’s severely emotionally damaged. Have not heard 15 and 17 year old voice in exactly 2 years. The sidings are not close at all anymore. I was threatened.. Lied to and toyed with for 6 months.. Took drug tests (which was illegal for them to administer).. I was told kids didn’t want to speak or see me and the kids were told the same. NO COURT DOCUMENTS OR PROCEEDINGS EVER OCCURRED OR EVEN FILED. What human is OK with being a part of destroying 4 + lives and lying to children????.. Then they just move on to the next case. If your profession desensitizes you that much from mankind… There is a major issue on where your moral compass points.

      • Do you have any idea how stupid you sound?? Have you ever seen what these so called “hearings” are like when the just makes court orders to remove children from their parents??? I have. I personally have had my medically fragile son removed by a court order because I FAILED TO COMPLY WITH COURT ORDERED CLASSES that they only gave me 30 days to complete!! And you know why I “failed” to comply… The same week my baby was diagnosed with Infantile Spasms, is the same week they said I had one month to enroll and make progress, which I did but I missed several classes and apparently that was so unacceptable that they ordered my baby removed from my care, you know why I missed each one is those classes? I WAS TAKING MY BABY over 75 miles each way TO THE DR 3 TIMES A WEEK with no car I had to pay for Uber, and I HAD DRS NOTES FOR EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THE 4 CLASSES I MISSED. and I was just told by my social worker today that she’s “not going to go over this again with me” when I asked her what’s going on with my baby medically and she again refused to answer that question and I have had not one single update in over 2 months. So sorry to break it to you, but CPS is a sick messed up tyrannical establishment that ABSOLUTELY takes children from innocent parents. And that’s really not even a fraction of what they’ve put me through.

  9. My daughter was taken from her father for neglect. When DHS of Mississippi got in touch with me Joyce Cook the social worker told me I needed a lawyer, I could not take my child because she did not know If I was a serial killer or rapist. I fought in court for my child for 4 years until the day the judge said I could not have her because I was not mentaly stable enough to raise a child, and he said that without a Dr. evaluation on me. So they took my rights from me. 3 years ago the other social worker my daughter had Latonya Evens called me and told me that I could adopt my own child if I wanted to. From that moment I knew it was just about selling children. I would love nothing more then to take back what the social workers has taken from me and everyone else that did not need to loose there children…

  10. My daughter was taken from her father for neglect in Mississippi, when they got in touch with me Joyce Cook her social worker told me I had to get a lawyer because she could not give me my daughter because she did not know if I was a serial killer or a rapist. I fought for my daughter for 4 years. One day in court the judge told me I was not mentaly capable enough to raise a child, he said that without a Dr. evaluation. About 3 years ago Latonya Evens my daughters other social worker called me, she told me I could adopt my own child if I wanted to. that moment is when I knew they was only selling children. I would love to take back what they not only did to me but to other families as well….

  11. Dear Anonymous,

    I’ve been noticing on the app KIK there has been a lot child pornagraphy going around and I wonder if you guys can take a look into it. The user dominatrixmonica on KiK is one of the biggest contributors to child pornagraphy. Please help these children who are taken advantage of.


  12. http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/news/south-australia/south-australian-police-officer-charged-with-underage-sex-offences-faces-up-to-10-years-in-jail/story-fni6uo1m-1227026939561

    When positions of authority become the ways and means to commit heinous acts and the trust of a nation is betrayed it is the duty of every citizen to rise up against those who would ignore, cover up, or condone the actions of their fellows.


    I am legion. We are many. We do not forgive. We do not forget.


  13. My daughter allowed the father of her two girls to come visit them in her house. He figured he could have sex and he attacked her. He pulled her gun from the closet, which was fortunately empty. The police came and charged her with two felony gun charges for a legal gun in a stand your ground state. The lied and said her PTSD was “must be on drugs”. They let the father go despite choke marks on my daughter’s throat and a concussion. What followed was destroying her life with so many therapists to see and drug groups to attend that she had to drop out of college where she was on the Dean’s list, even though the therapists kept saying she has no alcohol or drug problem, just PTSD. The slander from her father’s wife who wanted the kids for the money she would get for taking them was epic and CPS and Guardian ad Litem both lied in court by hiding prescriptions from the judge and pointing out the drugs in her system and told him she was hiding the THC from the pot, which is impossible if the prescription drugs showed up. It cost me almost $70,000 and my house to try and get them back. Neither she nor I have seen them in five years.

  14. Maria Glassmire: Children Aid Society Was Selling Kids to Foster Homes Back in 1972 And So I still Have Flash Back’s of My life Wow it’s Amazing I Even A Live to tell My story,it’s Philadelphia My Birth Mother Giving Me She Taken a Drug overdose and Is Worried about My Outcome in Life,So I Get Put up..and I was to Be Given up at Birth,But They Decided to Keep Me For 5Years They Teach Me Nothing But ,I was left in A Foster Home that was Living in Hell,I can Recall a Big Window Room In The Social Worker’s work Place Ware Kids Got To Sleeping over in ,Before the Night to Be Viewed For Placement Into
    ADOPTION: Well Caseworker Very Handsome Young man Would Say ladies This Is The Funniest Part of My Job And He Started to Sexual abuse Us ..I was only 1 Going to Be Two: The Foster Home was more of the Same : and My ADOPTED Mom and Dad Mom was always working and Stress she Need a Stress She yelled at Me all The Time.My DAD was Wonderful He Never Hurt Me in anyway:To get away From my Mother I was Told as a Teenager to Lie to Get Back in Care So I Did to get away From my Adopted Mom: I stayed in Care until 18 And Brain washed about Sex since I was a Baby: I had My First Son Paul in the State of Washington when I moved Back with My Adopted Family to try to Make it Work out for my Son..and It Didn’t Because we lived on A site of Arsenic and Led Ect Got To See my Son on A Newspaper ware one story telling the truth on the other side of Washington they Did the story making it Look Not Very Good for us ..Now I Got to Know Fake News ..What it Didn’t Say was We Didn’t Know when they Got into the House Because they to happy About Getting it .They Didn’t Pay much to anything they Signed…I was Going to have a Baby Soon that’s All they Knew and We ware upset to Find He Had Autisum Anyone who lived their had Some Kind of Disability: They Lawyers We Try to Get Keeping every Made Sure we Got Nothing:Paul Now they Keep
    Him In Maine angist my Mother so she only Gets Visits They Say it’s Because I tell such a True story and I need to Learn to Stop Why my Son who is 24 With Autisum is abused: Before I Could recall my Childhood: I had Two Children Sean &Dorthy I miss them to This Day When CPS Well I got to Know How it Really Don’t Matter How Much you Jump When they ask you too: Even with the Doctor Report that They said That Didn’t Existed:After all I was Ordered By the Court So even State Lawyer Already Got One Before Court they Payed For the Doctor of course if They asked Me to Go I would After all It’s For my kids : But they Had Them Sold to their Foster Home Before Court:So I get on the News With Wlky when they Taken My Son Frankie From Birth they Get Upset at the Story and Next they had To Be Truthfully about getting Frankie Home,But in the Meantime They taken My Son Paul though APS in Maine and I Thought We ware Became Friends with a Guy who worked as a Plumber in Are Home He Has a Relationship in the Family That’s FBI and Telling Me if I Do another Story on the News I’m Going to Be Delt With and They Didn’t kill Nacey I most Definitely think they Did …

  15. i have 2 nephews and 1 niece in state’s custody since march 2014 to present. my 4yr nephew got RAPED in state’s custody. my niece got her arm broken my 11yr nephew was put in a psychiatric hospital. where he don’t belong. cyfd refused to take my application to get the kids. if anyone can help me find a lawyer who will stand up to cyfd. thanxs

  16. Anon please follow through and TAKE ACTION! CONTACT ME. I HAVE RECORDED EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING. 6 DIGITAL RECORDERS FULL OF DHS WORKERS LIES, I NEVER SPOKE WITH ANYONE WITHOUT RECORDING. They’ve tried to say I’ve spliced tapes- but you can’t splice digital, these recorders can’t even be connected to a computer. ONly played or deleted. So now to punish us, they’ve taken my ALMOST beautiful teen daughter from FAMILY and SENT HER TO STRANGERS!!! THEY LIE, LIE, LIE, THEY won’t LET HER TALK TO ANY FAMILY! NOT HER SISTER, BROTHER, AUNTS, NO ONE. SHE sent a MESSAGE THAT SHE IS AFRAID. But the CORRUPT EVIL WORKERS ARE FALSELY AND FRAUDULENTLY REPORTING that SHE IS HAPPY and that SHE DOESN”T WANT TO TALK TO FAMILY. SHUT THEIR COMPUTERS DOWN! PLEASE HURRY. WIPE THEM OUT! DELETE ALL THEIR FILES. I AM CONVINCED DHS ABUSES MORE CHILDREN THAN ANY THEY HAVE HELPED!! CHILDREN and FAMILIES DESPERATELY NEED YOUR HELP! Cleveland County in Oklahoma is the most corrupt from the CASA who offices in the same building where the hold the SECRET 5 min hearings with the “DHS JUDGE”. It is a MOCKERY of the JUDICIAL system and SMOKE AND MIRRORS that ONES CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS are PROTECTED. THE Court appointed attorney do not even see the children they are supposed to be representing, despite DHS paperwork clearly stating the children’s attorney is to see them before EACH COURT HEARING. The parents attorneys are much the same, they STIPULATE to charges, and one cannot even get a JURY TRIAL at the beginning of the case to contest a child becoming a WARD OF THE STATE! IT GOES THROUGH the DHS JUDGE and PARENTS LOSE 100 PERCENT OF THE TIME! The DHS WORKERS are so skilled at CREATIVE WRITING half truths in their reports to MANIPULATE CASE OUTCOMES. My FIVE year old BRAVE boy came back BRUISED on each side of his jaw and BRAVELY told EVERYONE in the case TRUSTING that they would PROTECT him and DO THE RIGHT things. THEY DIDN”T. THEY FAILED HIM MISERABLY. TO PROTECT THE ABUSER ON METH, INSTEAD they ripped him from his MOM and sister and the nice home he had been raised in since birth and placed him SOLELY with the ABUSER with a KNOWN history of VIOLENCE, who held us at GUNPOINT, TESTED POSiTIVE FOR METH WHILE HAVING MY SON, and YANKED HIM out of the school he shared with his sister, and away from anyone he could TRUST AND CONFIDE IN. DHS then kept my daughter and I in their system, and wouldn’t give us an answer WHY, They had NO ANSWER, THERE WERE NO DRUGS, NO ABUSE, NO NEGLECT, they TRIED to get PSYCH EVAL but those came back WITH DR. SAYING RETURN HER CHILDREN!! (THEY EVEN MADE FALSE ALLEGATIONS OF AN INAPPROPRIATE RELATIONSHIP TO DISREGARD THAT- I can’t make this stuff up) OVER 3 YEARS….They try to COERCE GUARDIANSHIP, after they would STOP counseling. PLEASE HELP THE CHILDREN!

  17. I know this is a super old thread but I need help. I had my daughter may 17th. She is my rainbow baby. My other children ended up being stillborns. My daughters father has a nasty family. His sister who is a Nurse practitioner called and reported me to cps stating false allegations. I haven’t seen her in over 2 years…. She released test results and they substantiated the abuse bc of supposed drug use but I wasnt ever tested by the hospitals. Its all made up by my fiances sister. They also followed me around video taped me when I was feeding my daughter and sent the video to cps stating that was me rocking and nodding off from using heroin. When in all reality I was feeding my daughter and rocking her. Between his oldest sister and his twin sister they blew up cps phones to report false shit. I’m just lost and cps keeps bullying me into not fighting. I need someone that has experience. I have a court appointed attorney but I’m afraid she doesn’t really care.


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