Anonymous Finally Takes On ‘Global Banking Cartel’ – Already Shut Down 9 Central Banks!


The Anonymous group hacking banks has joined forces with Ghost Squad Attackers, and is now targeting several banking websites around the globe.

Ghost Squad

While the two Anonymous groups have various differences amongst them, the #OpIcarus Anonymous hacktivists, as well as Ghost Squad group, have come together out of expanding mutual interests. This started when the Ghost Squad was “hailed” as heroes after they targeted the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and took down the KKK Website. The group then performed something that had been deemed an about-turn, targeting the Black Lives Matter website.

Today marks the start of the second phase of their attacks. Ghost Squad, once again, has taken down domain. However, this time they did the attack worldwide, boasting about it in a tweet that was shared by the attacker.

The latest target to come under the DDoS attacks, is the official website of the Dutch Central Bank, the Central Bank of Guernsey and finally the Maldives Monetary Authority (The Central bank and banking regulator). During an exclusive conversation between the Ghost Squad attackers and HackRead, GHS informed HackRead that all three of the listed websites had in fact remained down for just over half a day. This had affected the banks online capabilities.

Tweet from GHS

A statement was followed by the attackers, pointing out that they are here and that they mean business:

“This is just the beginning. We won’t stop until all focus is back on the banks where it belongs and all “to big to jail” institutions are held accountable for their crimes. Now that we are uniting our groups, it will only be a matter of time before the whole international banking cartel who are responsible for worldwide economic terrorism, can expect to expect us.”

Sources: HackRead, KKKKnights, BlackLivesMatter, Twitter.

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  1. You are not Anonymous, Anonymous never support anyone. It’s not an organization, not a brand, not a person, not a seller, no one can’t join Anonymous.
    You are fake and cheating people with name of Anonymous.

    • We are all anonymous. They are as well you being part of anonymous not agreeing with their actions doesnt stop them being a part no more than me having mixed feelings about the actions of blm stops me from being a member of anon.

    • Idiot, you just said they dont exist…

      They do exist, in everybody, we are all a part of it the IDEA IS.

      But the reality is maybe only 2% world population is part of this movement.

      If you fight for freedom your a part of the movement.

  2. I am here to ask about the quote “We will be giving tools to each and every Anon all over the world, and we will be holding down PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, NASDAQ, Bank for International Settlements all central banks, London Stock Exchange, and every major banking system will be targeted by Anonymous.”, because i have extremely terrible equipment/tools, and i really do want to do more but I can’t with the terrible equipment/tools i have, if you can contact me

  3. Awesome. Good work anonymous. Kept it legal in my view. I agree with holding the sane responsible, but I don’t endorse crime, two wrongs don’t make a right…

    • ever heard the phrase “drastic times call for drastic measures”. There are alot of things considered “illegal” yet the laws themselves are not legitimate. a question, if it were illegal for you to walk out of your house because someone else told you it would mean breaking the law does that make you a criminal because you have to leave to get food to feed your family? by your logic we should just allow ourselves to continue being abused given that something may be “illegal”… but is it? debtors prison isnt a walled enclosure. its a lifestyle created to sublimate entire populations into a life of debt slavery…

      • therefore a banking cartel who was behind the creation of the law who relies on it to protect and defend against retribution for what is truly criminal cannot therefore be given the expectation of privacy when these acts committed are so heinous that upon closer inspection are a direct betrayal of the public good let alone conciousness. further these are the people funding drugs and wars that destroy not only lives but towns cities cultures nations, the only thing left is the world itself… who in there right mind would allow a single fictitious person (a corporation ) to rule over the corporal body as though your destiny was to be a manipulated servant without consent and lose life so the bankers may sit nicely far away sipping tea eating baguettes while the entire world suffers debt slavery. and dies….

  4. Black lives matter & the kkk are just as bad as each other. They both are HATE groups!!!!! Every life matters not just black or white. Yellow purple green or blue…..EVERY MAN WOMAN CHILD. EVERY LIFE MATTERS!

    • That kind of the point. The shared view is that race,religion,bipartisanship,and other devicive institutions are utilized to separate the masses from unity. With unity is a power far greater then said devices. Those institutions were designed to keep us bickering amongst each other and prevent any collective humanitarianism. Hence the mask as well….they believe same no face no ego mutual interest prevails. There is a great flaw however in the “matrix” (insert nerdy pun at your discretion lol). The feds were driving lizard sec for over a year….mass theory that CIA (possibly COINTEL PRO) have been driving ops of various nature for some time. Icarus seems veeeeeeeery sketchy about this one. Too many variables unthought out unless nefarious motives are at play. The collective consciousness is not prepared for financial anarchy……too ahead of its time. But honestly I don’t think it will work anyway lol

  5. its not safe to attack .gov websites if you do not use vpn. you will punished if you attack .gov website on jail for 2+ years, beware hackers.

    • Yes,this may be true. However,for to be free is not merely to cast off one’s chains, but to live in a way that respects and enhances the freedom of others. -Nelson Mandela –

  6. Anonymus, I hope you realise that you posses a power, a power that has never existed before. And with that power you can change the world for ever. Attacking the banks is indeed a great first step. But we must realise that raising awareness is just as important. The more people we make aware the more people will fight with us against them. I trust you will do what ever it takes to succeed and with my full support I will do as much as I can to help you a long the way. But the only reason I am helping you and our fellow man is not, is because they are not yet aware.

    Thank you.

  7. Freedom is through this path. from this idea you will know where to go to have a not use of transformation to make profit from it. because if anyone would live their own way they can live any other way without transformation. how many people would live in natural ways from freedom of way of living touching hearth and the sky with body and mind. Why people can’t live w/out banks, some people or entire countries. independent countries from ideologies and ways of living. in the end its a scam that was introduced into the countries with hold over resources with techniques that would work anywhere. i can’t cut the power off hein?

  8. healers needed of origins of nature. because you know that you are linked to reality as a natural being and take care of yourself.
    planetsim like those planetary games came out last and this year. this you follow and catch that idea too. sound. emotional and creative

  9. the word of government and country are obsolete. there can’t be people owning more of space in the planet between what they occupy and what can belong to them when everyone has the same space to live on top of the planet every being has its own self and do something with thyself identity and entity association kind family being. a being has its own land everytime because we beings are from the land. and then there is the land that belongs to other beings creatures. like humans will never own more space than they can occupy and control and thats a spacial pattern so if you think in aliens and other beings sentience resolution there are not such things like that


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