Anonymous – Operation Resistance Engaged: Trump Told to Resign by Feb. 28

A countdown timer has also been installed on the Operation Resistance website, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the uninstalling of the current Trump regime commences.


#OpResistance is engaged. Anonymous on YouTube have issued President Donald Trump a warning to stand down from office and resign by Feb. 28, stating that since he has taken up office, “an unprecedented attack on basic human decency and civil rights” has been witnessed.

A countdown timer has also been installed on the Operation Resistance website, counting down the days, hours, minutes and seconds until the uninstalling of the current Trump regime commences.

The opening footage of the YouTube message gives a nod to those already protesting. “We will protest, resist and continue to practice civil disobedience until we can clearly state that this regime is at an end. You have exactly 35 days or we will take to the streets in a day of resistance,” says The Anon Message, Anonymous.

“Refusing immigration from Muslim countries set the precedent for an isolationist ideology that history has shown us is what perpetuated both world wars,” the clip continues, referencing history to support its argument.

“We will not rest until these demands are met. If these demands are not met we will not let you sleep without hearing our voices ring across this great nation. You have exactly 35 days or we will take to the streets in a day of resistance. We will let you know the true extent of the American people’s power and influence. We are a nation founded on revolution and we will continue that tradition until our government is once again stable and in competent hands.”

Trump’s “pedalling blatant lies” and the expedition of the Dakota Access Pipeline are but some of what is mentioned. “We will not stand for this.”


The call-to-action demands:

1.   That Donald Trump resign from the office of President of the United States by 28 February, 2017;

2.   That the current administration submits its resignation by 28 February 2017;

3.    That the interim administration be made of senior elected officials of the Independent Party, thus removing any bias or unwanted opposition misappropriation;

4.   That early free and fair elections are called on as soon as possible.

On March 1, if this doesn’t take place, the call is for people to take to the streets and mass march for change – “On March 1st, expect us all.”

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    • first it is the legal right of the president to do what he did. He did it to prevent Trojan horse situation. The people we are going up against are very determined and cruel. And Trump as President is our Commander in Chief, so he has our security responsibility, not some circuit judge or Anonymous.

      • Right except the “people” that hijacked the plains and flew them into the twin towers and the pentagon were all from the countries that Trump exempted from the ban. Also it is illegal to target any group of people based on religion or color. Racism is illegal according to the constitution and Trump made it very clear that it was a racist based ban by calling it a Muslim ban.

        • I’m not the poster above but this is pretty simple.

          Number of people who voted for Trump. (We’ll call it f for fools)
          Number of people in Population. (p for people)
          If you passed 3rd grade math you may recall that a percentage is (subset/set)*100 or in this case f/p where f is approximately 63M and p is approximately 319M so approximately 20% voted for him. (Likely they are using the just after the election number of 61M)

          Now to be fair, only 242M (give or take 200K are adults) So you could claim that of the people who could in theory vote, 26% voted for him. And you could claim that 6M adults are convicted felons and cannot vote against authoritarians so you can get him up to 27% If you limit only to registered voters (200M) you get him all the way up to 31.5%

          But don’t be discouraged! If you limit only to registered Republicans (78M) you can get his support all the way up to 81% So there you go! If you can just silence all non-republicans, you can get his ‘support’ up to 81% making him the most bigly popular president of all times.

      • No one voted against Trump, they voted for Hillary…and even if your math was accurate, you do realize that it would mean only 17-18% supported Hillary? Your logic works both ways.

      • Lol thats mainstream media bull shit… He was the best candidate if em all… Stands for Americans… Come here by.due process… Pause while new proceedings are put in place .. This countdown shit is terrorism… Thats not majority america… If it hits the fan a civil war was inevitable.. If killary won the right would revolt.. Damned if u do/ dont situation

    • Hey, Numbnuts. 25.6% of the nation voted trump. The other 74.4% either voted against him, or said “Screw this shit” and didn’t vote. That’s not “Majority in favor of Trump.” Try again, and use your head for something other than a hat rack for once.

      • A smart Trump knows that anon has no power and ignore this crap. He will not comply because you are not the majority. He was elected by the people in a fair election. Screw anon, you, and George Soros. Do you need a lesson on how the electorate works? See each state gets a number of electorates equal to the number of its congressional delegation. one for each member of the house plus two for each senator. The purpose for this is so that no one sate or group of states can decide the election for the whole nation. Yes Hillary had 3 million more votes, but they came from california. The rest of the country voted heavily for Trump, Hence Trump was elected. Once the left stops crying, you will see that his policies are actually helping. They are helping all but the communist/isalmic agenda.

        • I think you may want to recheck your “alternative facts” there, john. To begin with, I believe you”ll find you are trying to talk about the “electoral college”, not the “electorate”. Start there and come back when you really know what you’re talking about.

  1. real anon has never dictated the public their choice does not matter.. THIS IS FAKE ANON> Anon has data and it is disseminated. a dictatorship is where one person or group dictates the outcome, with no say by the masses. 46 million people that can vote voted for Mr Trump. do not think for a minute that whoever is behind this site, will dictate that our vote does not count. IF YOU HAVE DATA< UPLOAD IT OR STFU!

  2. Where was this snowflake army when Obama was doing far worse? Trump has done a lot of good already, these guys are useful idiots.

    • Far worse like fixing the economy the Republicans fucked up last time, giving you subsidized and debt neutral health care covering 22 million formerly uncovered participants, cutting the deficit by 2/3, and tripling the stock market?

      Yeah, that totally sounds “worse” that the absolute nonsense we’ve seen from this stupid, incoherent, bigoted administration. The only idiots of any kind in this conversation are the absolute, objectively imbecilic dullards that voted for this moon of a candidate.

        • Bush did that with his tax breaks that didn’t expire for like 6 years after Obama took office. And a war that wasn’t actually funded by taxation, but by borrowing.

          • And Obama continued the wars almost to the very end of his term. He funded ISIS 3 years ago telling us “they could not be worse than Assad.” People remembered that for a while then forgot. Unemployment has come down, but the number of adults not involved in the workforce has never been higher. Wages are way down for those who are working (under-employed).
            Top it all off that we can now all sleep better at night knowing that while we’ll still probably all die from an Iranian nuke, at least now we’re funding it for them so it will be our accomplishment too.

    • Steve name one thing he’s done that’s good? Were building a wall 20 Billion that the American people are paying for! Plus he going to put import sanctions on incoming food from Mexico that will cost us 20 percent more for food. Were running a gas pipeline from Canada to the gulf of mexico for Canadian oil? Why?He has remove all control on the banks so they can once again cheat the American people that put us in a depression. Every think he has done helps big business not the American people. If your hurting now just wait a few year’s

  3. Crazy ass idiots… clueless what the travel ban is even about and that it actually follows the letter of the law. But yeah, the left nuts dont believe in the law. Trump is not going anywhere. Bunch of domestic terrorist morons

    • Christine, you’re going to be sorely disappointed when you realize you and your minority coalition of Nazis, white nationalists, KKK members, deluded southern imbeciles, and toothless hick sycophants isn’t as large as you thought it was, aren’t you?

    • Well said…domestic terrorists..bullies…making threats if things are not done as they like. Proud moment that our children watch this play out. Isn’t this exactly what we teach them is so horribly unacceptable and wrong?

      • And who shut down the govenment? Who started the wars that the Obama administration perpetuated (with less torture might I add) as per the powers that be so desired? Why are we banning people from these countries of concern, that we have bombed to fuck? Do you know what a refugee is vs an illegal immigrant? Do you know what a treaty is? Do you know how the debt crisis started under Bush and how the Chinese now basically own our country as a result? Have you looked at the issues which affect us? Have you any clue how much Obama did to reduce our debt and turn our economy in the right direction? Do you care about the people we bombed? Who are the terrorists? The greedy individules who are stripping out the regulations that protect the air that we breath, the water we drink and the food that we eat? Or do you want to see what we all depend upon decimated by these super wealthy and disconnected conmen?
        If this stream of polarization is anything to go by our country needs to work on it’s education system. The world is watching and belittling us because we have elected these snakes (and they are not in the grass, they are in our faces ready to strike). There is no solution in the current government, only a solution for those on top.
        People have every right to question, march and fight for what they believe in, how dare you deem your fellow americans as terrorists. Are they commies too? Grow the fuck up.

    • Christine, you are one dimwit. The ban was done inappropriately. Your president THINKS he can wave a wand and things happen. Well his is quickly learning that he cant stifle the press, fire people as he wishes that wont land on egg on his face like today a federal judge ruled against him, a judge appointed by a rep president. He could have executed better. There were visas issued already, people coming here for medical care, etc. We are all for safety and better screening but what is “extreme” vetting? Is he saying our intelligence dept doesnt do their jobs well? Remember, never ever ever mock intelligence or give them a hard time, their bit is bigger than the president. They have copies of his taxes adn can set them free. I give this stupid trump no less than 2 years, he’ll be gone. He is pissing off world leaders and taht is NOT diplomacy, he walked into an office and suddenly he is out to rip world leaders ??/ give me a break… you can be an ass buying a building and piss everyone off, but your result is just in that small building. But world leaders effect whole countries. I am for a temporary pause in issuing visas, but do it the right way by going though all the channels, not sign a paper and wave your wand becaus that shit will bit you in the ass as it is doing right now.

    • It was illegal! A federal judge just deemed it illegal last night and all the visas they made invalid are all being reinstated. :p

    • Legal, vetted legit green cards or visas made illegal overnight at the behest of the nazi behind the ‘un-useful idiot’? At least 4 lower court judges and a federal judge have found it problematic enough to stay the poorly designed, hastily slapped together order.
      Btw, the unemployment number is UNDER 5%, in 2007/8 it was as high as 10. The market lost the most value at any time since the ‘great depression’ and now tips 20k. You want better paying jobs? Get a masters or doctorate in computer engineering or robot design. Can’t hack those areas of study? Learn to live on less and stop bitching. Automation is the NUMBER ONE source of lost jobs, in one to two decades, FOURTYSEVEN PERCENT OF US JOBS WILL BE PERMANENTLY VANISHED! Gone to computer applications. So, who you going to blame then?

      • I find it funny when people defend Trump saying he’s doing better than Obama.

        There is a lot of civil war Skirmishes in countless cities so far involving racial profiling, aka “White Supremacists” doing whatever they want.

        The country is on the Brink of fighting more than 3 Countries because of Trumps garbage. Trump has shown he is a Traitor to the United States of America and the Freedom that was fought for. If History shows us anything, it’s this exact kind of dictator that plunges the world into Chaos. Not only that, the fact you have ignored this, is a clear sign you did not learn from the mistakes of the World, and are in fact, a pathetic bigot supporter who wants to see the world burn.

        Now, that said, how far do you think Racism and Supremacy will get you? I mean, it’s obvious you can’t comprehend what will come of the US if Trump continues his Rampage. Trump is not Hitler, he is much worse.

        For those saying Anonymous is a Terrorist Group, you’re saying all Rebellions against an unjust, corrupt government is Terrorism? Terrorism is the bombings and deaths of millions for some lame reasoning. You want to see Terrorism? Watch what Trump does to hurt the Country next.

  4. What about sending in our troops to Mexico? That was announced today to, what the heck? This man is a unstable mental turd!

  5. Why. Why encourage more hate. It seems the claims in this are bias and 1 sided. Don’t we all have a voice? Because if we did, and if you considered all of Americansn you wouldn’t be doing this and should be finding a way to rectify without threat or harm to the rest of the Legally born and raised American People who feels there needs to be stricter rules enforced. .

    • Yeah, equating the desires of people who want to preserve the rights of others (many of whom do have legal status) with people who want to restrict those rights is a false equivalence. You’re in the wrong. You’re supporting the rule of your emotions over the rule of law. you’re supporting an autocrat because he’s made you feel a little scared for no good reason.

      Wise up. You’re being suckered.


    • Just the fact of the all caps and the vulgar choice of words clearly shows you are not REAL. Show us how REAL you are by actually creating a media post here on anonhq. Until then be quiet and stop pretending you have a clue about Anon other than what you read or perceive to be your “alternative facts”.

  7. Anonymous was cool at some point. A bunch of /b/tards walking around having a blast, doing whatever. But now it’s this shit. Liberal cucks that can’t accept a loss. We’ve had shitty presidents before. Suck it up.

    I don’t support Trump but this is ridiculous. Would you rather have Pence, you bunch of numbskulled pussies?

    • Aw, widdwe white supwemacist is mad dat da big bad pubwic hates his guts!

      Hey, just make sure you aren’t staring at your Pepe pin too hard next time you’re standing in the street, boyo. you never know what might happen.

  8. From what you have posted, you have shown to me that you are a leftist group. Would you have done the same if Hillary had become President? Please type “Yes” or “No”. However, If there is no response from you, then that means that my impression of you was correct.

    • Hillary has diplomacy and her resume was better than this clown trump. I didn’t support here that much but she was the most experienced and knows how the world spins and knows how to control world leaders. See, everyone was going ok until this asshole trump got sworn in, NOW look at whats going on? People are even protesting in other nations and when other nations protest the republicans better wake the fuck up. HIllary wouldnt have staffed her cabinet with wall street swamp members. So, now we have wall street running the show again. People must have amnesia of what happend in the lsst crash brought on by the republicans. And today he gut the dodd frank act..what a huge mistake…it needed fixing but look at the world banks??? they are a mess in europe. Our banks have made a strong come back and are solvent but get ready, they get to act like rough actors again…but i bet they wont.

    • Yes, without a doubt. Applicable to all politicians. However, this IS a post about another Anonymous faction. You do realize this, right? No leader and all that…different factions…covering what different people do…or are we just reading the headlines again?

  9. This Group of Anonymous sounds misinformed. It’s a Partial Wall and its Constitutional, You can Build a wall on your own Property but not on a Border? If that was the Case every farmer should have to take down their fences with that mindset. Refugees could be members of ISIS but let’s not vet them using Obama’s Executive Order. FFS Trumps been in Power and wants to end these BS wars we all know are the Globalists Agenda to topple them for control of the banks and minerals in the ground. 1st day on the Job they hit 31 ISIS bases, so what that tells me is Obama knew about them, Obama was Funding them, Giving them Weapons and even tried to get them Air support. This was all proven with the Leaked video of John Kerry openly pointing out Obama wanted ISIS to grow and Topple Assad also the Aid of Wikileaks. If Hillary got in she said she would have Gone to war with Russia over Syrian Air Space. WW3???? The Agendas in Play and from what I see he’s harmful to that agenda and people like George Soros are pissing themselves right now. MSM seems to be on Hillarys Payroll “hint, WikiLeaks” yet, maybe anon could find out?? Put Pressure on them for once to tell the Damn Truth that’s the Real Crime. I for one am for Vetting, Most are old enough to fight in this war if their homeland means so much to them. Sucks the Obama Used ISIS to invade but nobody brings that up. The more people on the Ground fighting against ISIS the better but let’s bring them over here to kick the feet up on our backs. Hate to sound rude about this but why shouldn’t we bring people in there 18-40s here and send people 18-40s to go fight? It’s the Same difference. I can see bringing women over and children after they are screened. It’s just a screening Process, not a Ban. Would we have allowed the Nazis to come over here while we were fighting them? This PC logic in f-ing insane. So 12 Days in Office has Held up on his campaign Promises that the American Voter Majority voted for. Even Told congress to investigate whatever they want just a few days ago. Dudes doing a great job and all this shit started with Bush, I never voted for bush 322 or his reelection against John Kerry 322 also never voted for Songbird McCain or Obama. Trump was the Only candidate that I felt who will be just like JFK and possibly end up like him. Hillary talked openly about a massive Rights grab like the Nazis by putting you on a Nofly list, anyone can make that list without doing anything. Even the Jesuit pope threw a jab at Trump, hmmm Trumps not looking like he’s playing their game to me so anon Please wake up before its too late, they are trying to destabilize the world. Divide and Conquer. Everything I said is searchable. Btw I served in the US military In Iraq 04 I saw the banks swoop in change the currency FAST, I saw more private Interests in Iraq than I could shake a stick at and I did not want to Go to War without and Investigation. Bush couldn’t wait and Fked up a lot of peoples lives because of it. I have no problem with Muslims just a Problem with ones that support Sharia Law in America because im a Constitutionalist supporting Freedom, not Oppression. BTW Sorry for being anonymous with my info. Would like to be Open but you get my Point.

    • well you have a serious lack of analytical skills confusing the political impact of a border wall with a farmers fence. And according your sick conclusions that Obama was the co founder of ISIS so why is there any danger for the US in case some ISIS son´s of Obama entering the country? I am sure you wont understand your own limitations. Not worth talking back. Enjoy your Trump regime at the rise and get used to his new jewish top bankers friends whom are behind of all of it because without the speculative ingredient to money and banking there would be no poor people to be killed by you or your own family killed in a response to a chess play you are not even willing to acknowledge.

  10. Actually I believe Anonymous isnt one person or structured group. So just because something isnt on the “Official” Youtube page means nothing.
    “Person A” gets a cross burned in her yard
    “Person A ” seeks justice and noone is charged

    A gathering of people against this rise up and demand justice under the name Anonymous.
    But I could be wrong, who knows.

  11. 100% of all liberals are child molesting uneducated ignorant nazis! Every single one! The only bad guys are liberals, and everyone that sides with them. If anon wants to be nazi like no one cares. You are on the wrong side as usual. 90% of the time you are the bad guys…fucktards!!

  12. We don’t care…just make him disappear. The resulting fiasco should tie up the GOP for at least the next year and then we can work towards 2018 and clean Congress out… not just talking Republicans here..Democrats too. 400+ seats are up… LET’S CLEAN FREAKING HOUSE (pun soooo intended).

    Isn’t everyone sick of this crap? Trump failed to drain the swamp. And like most things if you want it done right you have to do it yourself.

    Pull the plug in 2018!

  13. more fakeness, this is AnonCNNhq in reality. You really think we are this stupid. We all see what is really happening. Off you go little person. Trump will stand strong and be re-elected. We REAL Americans support 100% so you and George Soros can kiss off. Come to my house with your crap and see what happens, attack me on the street and see what happens. Only weak men enjoy being feared!!!!

  14. I’ve no problem with you guys making a bit of advertising revenue but do you really have to have that fucking annoying pop under for the Brit Method.

    “Well take a look what happened, I stopped taking any interest in Anon actions because I kept getting that fucking annoying advert”


    • alright, our advertisers always promise not to make any popunders or popups, but they do, will have to hack them XD.

  15. You basement dwelling virgin idiots do not understand one thing.
    Trump is now our God Emperor of all mankind.
    Your duty is to be loyal to your God Emperor.
    Dissent is heresy and death penalty crime.

    Choose your actions wisely.

  16. RU stupid or something? If you know anything you’ll know what ‘perpetuated’ both world wars, and it was NOT Nationalism…
    When did you go on Soros’ payroll..

  17. Yeah… I am all for this. But you have made empty threats before. Against ISIS. Corporations. Whatever.

    You are about as dangerous as Bambi. Too bad as I would’ve liked a real hacktivist network.

  18. Hold it right here please. There are already judges stopping the immigration order of Trump and if you need 35 days warnings you´re far to slow for Trump on a true Blitzkrieg. Either you manage to organize faster and get some true political and banking specialists or you never ever will achieve a thing but the opposite of the intentions. There is clearly a huge Neo-Nazi pattern in Trump and his master advisers and all done so far with a speed never seen before.

  19. I left a comment on your page probably a month or so ago. I asked if you could do any thing to get rid of Trump. You have answered my prayer. Thank you and I truly believe in what you do.

  20. Know how I know you aren’t the original anonymous? cause they would have voted for Trump over ww3 starting hillary, so why not take a seat you degenerate fat fucking pigs? Cause you’re acting tough as fuck behind the guise of a group which you ain’t even a part of. Real anon would scare the fuck out of you whimpy limp wristed cucks.

  21. This is an awful lot of talk when I don’t really ever see y’all doing shit. I’ll believe it when I see some action. Until then stfu.

  22. only going to say this once. i am actually a prominent part of Anonymous and i go against this post. it is more propaganda. I have been on RT news talking, spoke at march against monsanto, toured with PANDA (people against the NDAA), spoke at peter joseph’s Zeitgeist media fest 3 years in a row, toured and sponsored open debates of the 3rd party presidential campaigns at colorado university with free and equal election coalition for united we stand fest, and many other things. I am actually making a difference and inciting real change and awakening, not sitting behind a computer all day trolling. I will tell you all this one good time: Hillary was an illuminati queen. defeating her was an amazing thing in history. if she won we would be facing censored web, gun ban, and war with russia who did nothing. Obama started wars in 7 new countries. hillary destabilized libya and massacred thousands of innocent. The mainstream media, bush, clinton, obama, all ran by elitists george soros, rockafeller, rothschild, and some others. their plan is to devalue the us dollar, and put in a new country as the world reserve currency. the IMF already mentioned china to take usa’s place. their job was to create division and destabilize america. trump is actually going against them which is why the propaganda against him has been so strong. they will do anything and spin stories anyway they can to get more people against him. HE IS PURE ANTI-ESTABLISHMENT. go look up his tax bills. all poor people and low income up to $25k a year will pay NO TAXES EVER. he is increasing taxes on the billionaires. He proposed a bill to give all women paid leave for an entire year after giving childbirth. He is planning free healthcare for all. not the insurance scam obamacare was that put so many people in more debt. There is a lot of misinformation going around on mainstream media about a #muslimban. The Obama administration originally flagged the 7 “countries of particular concern” in 2011 when he issued a 6 month ban on iraqi travellers. There are 46 muslim majority countries that are not on this list including the top 5 muslim populated countries. This is #notamuslimban, it is a strategic ban to prevent countries we bombed and started wars in from having their people come to USA for revenge. many of them are already here waiting for orders from the cia to carry out attacks to cause more chaos so the cia can use the media to brainwash more people into more wars for profit. I disagreed with bombing these countries but Obama bombed 5 of the 7 countries so far on his list and has ongoing military missions in the other 2. Trump decided to take that serious and do a 90 day travel ban from those 7 that Obama started issues with until he gets to the bottom of this obama mess.
    I do agree with the 120 day refugee intake ban. USA needs to fix many of its work, financial, unemployment and homeless problems before letting more non citizens into the lands. When we have zero homeless, and zero unemployment rate, then we should start letting refugees in so we can help. The people like george soros that fund black lives matter to cause destabilization, protestors, media, and cia operatives, will eventually try to kill trump. he already cancelled the TPP (trans pacific partnership) which is a huge step. that is one of the reasons why all of american industry fell apart and moved to other countries. we have the highest business taxes in the world. that was put in place on purpose. his plan is to kill that down to 15% which would make america one of the cheapest places in the world to open a business or factory. He has talked about re-opening 9/11 investigation because he himself stated it was an inside job. He is actually closer to an Anonymous-Sleeper Cell, that has make billions, and now he will try to fix some injustices going on with the power he has. Everyone is falling for the mainstream propaganda and becoming brainwashed. it has become a trend to protest trump and even a majority of mainstream hollywood, and media are against him. idiots that are uneducated in whats really going on are protesting him. but no one protested obama when he bombed 7 nations. as far as a wall, there is already a giant wall on the mexican border. it is not a good wall though since it only covers a small length. the cia and corrupt government can easily bring in and out weapons and drugs. this will make it harder to traffic humans and illegal things. this will make it harder for radicals to sneak in the US. our current wall is not long enough. everyone just goes around it in open fields. We must continue to get rid of the corrupt people in government. Trump already has fired so many corrupt people, and banned lobbying for corporations in politics for life. the things he has passed already in 2 weeks has been some real #OpResistance – he is very awake.

    • this is pure truth. i would usually call my politics radical-left and i didn’t vote at all in november, i definitely liked trump better but i didn’t vote for him because he said he would ban all muslims and as a jew i can’t stand for that. of course in practice that’s not what he’s done, and furthermore the hysterical democratic response to him has only proven what they were really about all along. now i’m no longer radical-left, i’m just radical-anywhere. god bless donald trump

  23. 35 days ? I think there math is a little off since February only 28 days and said the 3rd of march so by my calculation if you start the beginning of the month it would only be 31 days

  24. Start a civil war? The left will get their asses handed to them. Take soros and the other assholes funding your so called resistance and shove them up your collective asses!

  25. Who cares about Anonymous? They and Wikileaks are jokes. We have tens of thousands of sealed court documents that are sealed to protect wrongdoers. That’s what needs to be hacked, not Hill’s tittle-tattle e-mails. Of course, that would put them up against people who could really punch back, and they’re basically cowards.

    As for the he won, she won thing, Team X has a 16-0 regular season, and Team Y has a 9-7 season and gets in on a wild card. Team Y scores more points in the Super Bowl. They win. You can say it’s not fair, but nobody cares.

  26. Oh noes! The script-kiddies are gonna DDOS the website if they don’t get their way. How could we possibly survive that? /s

  27. Wtf seriously? What about all the Christians and Jews slaughtered by these terrorists? Who’s running Anon now? It sure doesn’t sound like the Anon I used to love. President Trump is looking out for Americans, something previous POTUS didn’t do. If it quacks like a duck, it’s a duck. Islam is a Death Cult. Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it.

  28. It’s “peddling” not “pedalling (sic)” which is actually “pedaling” even if that were the correct word. More proof our school system is underfunded!

  29. Your anti democracy then.
    You might say ‘but the majority of the population didnt vote for trump’, however I saw none of you protesting the democratic system in place before he was elected.
    If you want it to be changed for future elections, fight for that. But you cant move the goal posts after conceding a goal.

  30. when it comes to this crap it is treason. time to cock and load.. aim freely … fire…. subsequently liberals and traitors fall and AMERICA SURVIVES. OUT NATION HAS HAD ENOUGH OF THIS BS OF PC AND LGBT QUEER WORK OR STARVE STAND UP FOR THE CONSTITUTION NOT SOME FOOL WHO HIDES..

  31. You fucking liberals are a joke lol. A sad pathetic joke. You idiots have no idea what WE the people are actually about. It is men like me and the rest of the right that fought in the revolutionary war, and against every other communist in the wars we have fought in. We are also the ones who the majority of the guns we also put number you in veterans who will defend this country from the domestic enemies as yourselves. You don’t know the first thing about the constitution or economics for that matter. You are nothing but crybaby wannabe terrorist. You seriously want to start a war with a man who legitimately is trying to vet people better from war torn countries and who don’t have legit governments. Then you want to bring them here own our dime!!! But yet none of you want to house any of them yourselves. You people are traitors!! And deserve a traitors death. And I CAN NOT WAIT!!! To give it to you!! You fucks want a war YOU CAN NOT WIN!! Just say when bc Patriots, Veterans, and our military are waiting happily to meet you fucks on the front line.

  32. NO VIOLENCE! Civil disobedience can be achieved without people getting hurt! I don’t want Lord Dampnut the Tangerine to have an excuse to initiate martial law. Forcing American troops to act against the people they swore to protect would destroy their hearts and minds, and may even bring about real civil war. We’ve already had one of those, and it was hideous. We don’t need another. I know, some might call me a bleeding heart or a coward.

  33. trump is going to take on the rogue deep state/military-industrial complex which is trying to keep us at perpetual war for profit. i would’ve preferred sanders win the election but he just didn’t have the clout. at this point i kind of think trump can do whatever he has to in order to dismantle the cabal. if it turns out that he is just going to start more wars i will be proven wrong but i don’t think he will. i will say one thing though. all the things people are so afraid of from trump — racism, hurting working people, warmongering, lying, corruption — we have already seen from the clintons, bushes, obama, reagan, etc. and where was everyone protesting when they were doing all of that right in front of our faces? oh yeah, they were at home because they’ll believe a politician’s lies as long as that politician is affirming their cultural identity

  34. You are bullshit, you are not speaking for America, you speaking for liberal snowflakes that have nothing better to do then hold signs and break windows all day. Get a job! You want to talk about what’s an embarrassment to America. It’s when a world looks at a country and see its citizens throwing temper tantrums in the street because they can’t get their way. Pathetic!

  35. Les doy mi apoyo, desde América del Sur, debemos hacer que este “ser humano” de un paso al costado de la presidencia de Los Estados Unidos. En lugar de avanzar a un mundo en paz, este señor hace lo contrario. No puedo decir mucho de política porque me falta informarme mas, pero si les puedo decir que les doy mi apoyo en esta y en todas las luchas que vienen.

  36. Dear Anonymous
    There was a time where I did support and respect you. Well maybe Hillary Clinton is not really a good person, as you point out many many time on your postings before the vote. But that Donald Trump is now in this position where he is, is happen because YOUR SUPPORT !
    I ALWAYS did wait, till the moment wehre Anonymous would leak the tax record from Trump. Or discover his dirty business. If you would make the job, as you can, discovery dirty people from shity person, Hillary Clinton, neigter Donald Trump would be in the elections.

  37. I truly believe that i have lost all faith in the anonymous movement. Who would you suggest that America replaces him with? This Anonymous temper tantrum is of millennial type proportions. Stop being snowflakes and look at the good that this man, our Commander in Chief, has done in his first two weeks in office compared to the abomination that we dealt with for the last 8 years under the treasonous Obama administration. Trump has captured the thoughts and prayers of the American people. Cancel this operation like you have cancelled other operations in the past.
    Stand down and find a better cause like Operation Anonymous Fukishima. It is poisoning all food from the oceans and all water… Not just in Japan, yet everywhere in the world.
    Focus Anonymous. Focus

  38. But the people have elected Mr. Trump with majority. Who are you to challenge that. Now you must be minority. However, it is not legid for you to do that.

  39. O M G!! Ya’ll need to stop being childish. You used to be about the good things now ya’ll are just starting to just bully everyone you don’t agree with. You just lost all brownie points your group ever gained by all the recent BS ya’ll have been pulling for the last two or three years.

  40. Hmmm. Anonymous better state exactly which Independent Party they want, as there is more than one. I myself would like to know which one they are talking about.

    There is the American Independent Party, which supported Trump and Pence. There is the Independent American Party (aka National Independent American Party), which is just as bad. There is the New Independent Party, which is a lot more reasonable than the previous two, but still is a bit problematic.

    From the party platform of the Independent American Party, to show you some examples and why I want to know which Independent Party they support, as I can’t find anything on the web for just

    “We oppose abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriages, …” and “We maintain that people engaging in acts of homosexuality have no special legal rights or privileges, and those living in such relationships have no legal familial rights or privileges, such as adoption of children and legitimacy of marriage.”

    And they have alienated Jews, Buddhists, Muslims, atheists and so on because this is also part of the Independent Party’s platform.

    “We urge the elimination from our schools the practice of Secular Humanism, which undermines faith in God, religious loyalties and family values.” and “Furthermore, we encourage the Bible to be taught in schools,…”

    The Independent Party also is against minimum wage laws: “We oppose governmental wage and price controls because they interfere with free enterprise and market-driven competition.”

    The Independent Party is anti-Union: “We maintain that no services, essential to public need, should ever be jeopardized by strike or collective bargaining.”

    They also favor eliminating the IRS, which would effectively bankrupt the nation and collapse. “We favor eliminating the IRS …” No one will work for the government for free. The IRS is how the government gets it’s money to pay it’s employees. No more government employees, no more government.

    And so on and so forth,…/platform/
    Platform – Independent American Party – Official
    Platform of the National Independent American Party (Adopted by National Committee 3 August 2012; revised 18 January 2003, 2 August 2003, 17 January 2004, 17 July 2004, 16 April 2005 and 8 …

  41. stop everyone from coming into the United States, or we’ll have another Bowling Green on our hands. Do we really want to go thru that again, especially when the alternative media won’t even report it? #makeamericanativeagain…killwhitey!

  42. I’m utterly delighted at the comedy bullshit I’ve read here. Someone pretending to be a prominent part of Anonymous , another saying he knows everything anonymous does .
    It’s like reading Hans Anderson’s fairy tales and boy oh boy it’s it’s all fiction of the worst kind.

    You won’t catch Anonymous talking bullshit about their exploits ,not here ever.


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