Pablo Escobar’s Son Confirms His Father Worked for the CIA to Fund Illegal Activities [Video]

Pablo Escobar

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) of the United States is notoriously known for its covert dark activities. As an intelligence agency of a country whose desire is to gain influence around the world, the CIA has no borders. It is covertly active in many countries, funding illegal activities that destabilize governments deemed hostile to the United States.

For a long time, many have claimed the CIA is involved in the trafficking of drugs into the United States. Of course, this claim sounds more like a conspiracy theory. However, the agency’s role in the drug trade was exposed in 1996 in an explosive investigative series known as “Dark Alliance,” by the late investigative journalist Gary Webb. The investigation led by Mr Webb revealed ties between the CIA, Nicaraguan contras and the crack cocaine trade ravaging African-American communities in the United States.

Pablo Escobar

Although the mainstream media tried to discredit the hard work of Webb – on behalf of the government as usual – his work sparked protests, leading to a series of Congressional hearings. Leading politicians publicly confirmed what Webb had published. The then senator John Kerry released a detailed report revealing that not only was there “considerable evidence” linking the Contra effort to the trafficking of drugs and weapons, but the United States government knew about the links between the CIA and the drug cartels.

Kerry’s conformation, and that of other politicians collapsed the notion that the CIA links with drug cartels in Central and South America was a mere conspiracy theory. It led many people to believe of a CIA directly engaging in the drug trade to push more drugs into the United States for the government to continue its so-called ‘war on drugs.’

Sadly, Webb later lost his life in mysterious circumstances after his exposé; found dead with two bullets in his head. Although the police ruled suicide, many people questioned how a man could commit suicide by firing two bullets into his own head. Everything pointed to a cover-up murder by the government.

Pablo Escobar

Apart from prominent American politicians admitting to the complicity of the CIA in the drug trade, people close to notorious drug dealers in the Americas have also corroborated the agency’s involvement. One of such people would soon tell us what he knew about the CIA’s relationship with his father— a notorious drug dealer across the Americas.

Pablo Escobar was a known Colombian drug lord. In fact, some described him as a narco-terrorist. Escobar’s drug cartel supplied an estimated 80 percent of the cocaine smuggled into the United States during his active years in the trade. It is said he was able to earn up to $420 million in just a week in the business, giving him around $22 billion in personal wealth per year.

Escobar is considered the wealthiest criminal in history. He made Forbes’ list of international billionaires for seven consecutive years, with an estimated net worth of $30 billion (equivalent to about $55 billion as of 2016), making him one of the richest men in the world during this time.

Pablo Escobar

Many wondered at the time how Escobar could amass such wealth in a business considered illegal, yet, nobody could touch him. Nonetheless, people close to Escobar knew who was aiding his thriving cocaine business. Some of these people are now making public statements about the ‘Life and Times’ of Escobar.

Escobar’s son, Juan Pablo Escobar, also known as Sebastián Marroquin, has released a damning revelation about his father’s relationship with the CIA. In 1993, the Colombian police killed Escobar in a special operation. Marroquín, his sister and his mother fled Colombia to Mozambique in Africa. They then obtained a tourist visa to enter Argentina. The Escobar family has since remained in Argentina, and have become citizens in exile.

Marroquín now works in Argentina as an architect and author. In a new book Marroquín has published, titled “Pablo Escobar In Fraganti,” he revealed his father working for the CIA selling cocaine in the United States to finance the fight against Communism in Central America. Marroquín revealed how his father also funded many illegal activities in countries deemed hostile to the United States – under the supervision of the CIA.

Pablo Escobar


“The drug business is very different than what we dreamed. What the CIA was doing was buying the controls to get the drug into their country and getting a wonderful deal. He [Escobar] did not make the money alone, but with US agencies that allowed him access to this money. He had direct relations with the CIA. The person who sold the most drugs to the CIA was Pablo Escobar,” Marroquín said an interview about his newly published book.

Marroquín further discussed how the United States government agencies, including the CIA, were his father’s partners in the drug trade. According to him, this allowed his father to defy the law, giving him similar powers to those in government.

Marroquín admitted his father was a cog in a big business of universal drug trafficking, revealing that when his father no longer served a purpose for the American government, the CIA plotted for the Colombian police to eliminate him.

Pablo Escobar

For many, this revelation isn’t new.  Observers have long said the American government deliberately hooks people onto substances deemed illegal, thus sustaining a demand-driven drug trade. And once more people need the drugs, the CIA and other covert agencies of the government facilitate in delivering it into the country. At the same time, the government reaps the profits generated by courts, prisons and police work, justifying the war on drugs unabated.

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