Playing Dirty? Pepsi, McDonald’s Mock People Who Choose To Drink, Eat Healthy


How could these MNCs stoop so low? In order to boost their falling sales and gain more customers, junk food giants Pepsi and McDonald’s are poking fun at those awakened consumers who opt for healthier food options.

In a recent commercial for Pepsi Max, healthy people drinking smoothies are seen mocked and assaulted.


In its advertisement for ‘unapologetic Big Mac’, McDonald’s too is seen mocking people who choose to eat healthier.

Demand for organic food is busting through its glass ceiling, junk-food is falling out of favor as consumers seek to buy healthy food.

The move to market the unhealthy food by mocking the healthier options is destined to backfire instead of achieving its intended goal.



    • Low calories is actually unhealthy. And those “zero calories” foods and drinks are worse. The calories are still their just replaced with empty calories. (Matter with no nutrition) your body will just toss into fat piles from lack any genetic information as what to do with this product and rewire you to reject many key nutrients. Is the perfect plot to manufacture you until you require that spetic product to function. And rely on their “New dietary vitamins” to sustain their damage long enough for profit.

    • dude u got it all wrong it is not about how much calories your food has the point how much of chemicals you digest with what you eat which you can see most of them in junk food

    • Calories are not important. The point of the green drink that the guy has is to give alot of energy and nutrients. Which Pepsi does not.

    • It’s funny because people still think it’s “about the calories”, when in fact it’s actually about the included carcinogens such as 4-methylimidazole, or the side effects of these new artificial sweeteners, which are tested by the same people who PRODUCE IT! and I promise you are not included in the SMOOTHIE.

      You’re a couple decades behind in food concerns buddy… it’s not about the increased gain in weight anymore, now we got to worry about bloody cancer-causing ingredients, unless of course you stop drinking this poison…

    • Smoothies good ones actually have vitamins…minerals… and fiber to back up those calories.

      Soda us high fructose corn syrup.

  1. it is about how much of chemicals u may have in your food,not calories , u may get fat in a healthy way as well ,the other way around u wll just be sack of fat

  2. Taste is changeable. That smoothie looks absolutely gorgeous. The ad fails for me. It also is cynical which I do not like. As for the burger – so boring. Tofu? when you’re hungry it fills you and can be spiced up innumerable ways. The kale is the absolute coup de grace. Yes, misfiring advertisers. Vinyl!? How cool is that.

  3. The ads will be somewhat effective. Keep in mind those ads are not targeted at adults but targeted at children, this to counter parents requirement that their children eat healthier. Really far sicker stuff than you could imagine because this is being done by people with degrees in psychology who know full well the harm they are causing to children.


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