The Playlist Used By The CIA To Torture Detainees


Written by: John Vibes at


According to declassified reports, video evidence and testimony from whistleblower guards and soldiers, the US government used music to torture detainees in a number of different ways.


In some cases, songs would be played in repetition for hours or days on end, as to drive the prisoner to insanity. Music was also used to prevent detainees from sleeping, which is another way of creating delirium and vulnerability in the detainees.

Some songs were chosen because they were annoying, while others were chosen because they may have been offensive to the prisoner’s culture or religion.

Below are some of the songs that have been identified most often as being used by the US military in their torture programs. Some of the songs are annoying and could understandably be considered torture, specifically the Barney & Friends theme song and the Meow Mix commercial.

However, some of the artists featured like 2Pac, Rage Against The Machine and (hed)pe are actually pretty good, and are actually philosophically opposed to what the military is doing.

Deicide: Fuck Your God

Dope: Die MF Die, Take Your Best Shot

Eminem: White America, Kim

Barney & Friends: theme song

Drowning Pool: Bodies

Metallica: Enter Sandman

Meow Mix: commercial jingle

Janeane Garofalo/Ben Stiller: chapter from the Feel This Audiobook

Sesame Street: theme song

David Gray: Babylon

AC/DC: Shoot to Thrill, Hell’s Bells

Bee Gees: Stayin’ Alive

Tupac: All Eyez On Me

Christina Aguilera: Dirrty

Neil Diamond: America

Rage Against the Machine: unspecified songs

Don McLean: American Pie

Saliva: Click Click Boom

Matchbox Twenty: Cold

(hed)pe: Swan Dive

Prince: Raspberry Beret

And here is the list used by the CIA to torture MUSLIMS PRISONERS:

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    • well if they’re terrorists, then they will oppose most of these. They are strict translators of their religion (Muslim) and any song by Deicide goes against their religion as Deicide is a Satanism band (I know this because I personally am a satanist) and any songs that are deemed “inappropriate” for the more “sensitive” ears are technically torture for them.

    • Not to sound offensive in any way but I believe the more heavy type of music was used more because some people can’t handle louder noises and with so many noises being played can drive some people insane.

  2. wow that is the kind of music i listen to well come and take me cia

    tough it was just baby baby – jb <3 first lol

  3. This sounds like my playlist seriously haha maybe I am a psycho? Or a rock and roll fan, who likes rap, and America, and has a three year old!

  4. A very good way of torture, while listening to these for a long time almost anyone would break from the lack of sleep and sanity.

  5. …Is this supposed to be torture music? I’d be sitting there, headbanging or mimicking the lyrics instead. For me this would be a TREAT. A carrot. A huge fucking carrot.

    Put on Justin Bieber, now THAT is fucking torture! Or Rebecca Black with her fuckin’ “Friday”. Constantly. For 6 hours straight.

    Also, @lilith: “Sadic”?

    • Since I’m in a good mood, I’m gonna forget you said that. By looking at your dialogue, I can assume you’re British. Tell me “wanker,” hasn’t your queen killed her own family member before?? And your corrupt MI5 and MI6 departments are no better. Just my two cents.

  6. I am appalled at the lack of any Bieber song. Give me 30 seconds with any of this music and ill tell you anything u need to know lol.

  7. Sad this article made me think of the radio at my work…I know the words to hundreds of songs I never chosen to like on my own accord. I hear them everywhere. Work, stores, car, other peoples cars driving by…It should be our right as human beings to vote and ban 100 songs off the radio every year.

    • Hello, maybe some of this songs are quite good, but listening 24 hourse to it in a dark room alone is not the same.

  8. KIM was torture i can listen to that lyrical masterpiece like OVER AND OVER AGAIN its like having an official roof to listen to eminem and WHITE AMERICA thats an awesome song too though i prefer KIM and where is JUSTIN on list.

    • Nothing at all. But when played at extreme volumes for days on end, the delirium from sleep deprivation after 72 hours as well as hallucinations and other bad side effects. No matter how much you loved the song you would go insane the way they did things. And these are people who are strictly religious and a lot of this music to them is pretty much blasphemic and considered Satanic so that will really fuck with their heads as such loyal followers to the Muslim faith. I’m sure the volumes used alone would be excruciatingly loud to the point it would be uncomfortable as hell as it started. I can’t even imagine.

      This shit makes me sick to be an American. The whole torture report is fucked up beyond belief. And yet the government condemns violent media while they’re torturing tons of innocent people who really don’t know anything. And torture being scientifically proven to not be a good way to get information. They’ll just lie to get out of the torture. Most of them would rather be martyrs for their cause and die than give the information that’s being looked for on the people that did know something. But again it’s not a good way at all to get someone to give useful information. Shit is barbaric. The Bush administration, especially that slimeball Dick Cheney did so much bad to the US that it’s beyond repair. Sucks that the people against this shit and bigotry as well as all the other corrupt bullshit in the US get categorized as piece of shit Americans when we don’t support anything our government is doing. There are a lot of people that blindly follow our government no matter what they do, some even love the fact it’s happening. But I guess the good people of the USA will forever be punished for something they are against 100%

      • Liquid, Have you Read Guantanamo Diary? Since You have this stance, I would definitely recommend it, there are alot of black marks because it was an innocent detainee and his diary but first had to go through the govenrment and things blacked out, I think you will enjoy it, its a new book by Mohamedou Ould Slahi

  9. I think some are missing the point. Any of these songs (or any ever created) would drive anyone insane. As a person who used to work inside a library located in a mall (it’s not as weird as it sounds, got us a lot of buisness) I can vouch that songs on repeat can drive you up the wall. The point is the repetition. Also you should be more concerned that they’re torturing people (a lot who are in fact inoccent) than the songs selected. I love America though, well the idea of it. So no one take this personally and attack lol.

  10. As a psychologist, just to put things into some perspective. the guys who make up these “playlist” have to monitor 24/7. they probably pick songs that they would mind listening to over and over, so they pulled most of their own playlist. and if you believe that musical choice has anything to do which the person you are, you might have more in common which the average interrogator than you think.

  11. How about “Onward Christian soldiers” endlessly
    although “Babylon” would have driven them around the twist.
    Expect no mercy from them, So…..

  12. What again chaps. Are You messing with my head? Here is the repeat. I said … How about “Onward Christian soldiers ” (Salvation army band version) played endlessly . Babylon I am sure would have driven them around the twist.
    Expect no mercy from them. So……

  13. Metallica? Rage against the machine? Hed pe? Deicide? Just throw in some bullet for my Valentine and motorhead and I’m booking a room 😀

  14. Not that I’m anti Christian but I think some of the Christmas carols could be placed up on the list too.


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