Police Brutalities In U.S: World Chastises U.S On Police Brutalities Against Black People


We had predicting that the world was, and is still, following the events in the United States in the wake of the brutal killings of unarmed black men by police officers. 117 out of the 193 countries of the United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC), have strongly criticized the United States over its recent epidemic of police violence, discrimination and the brutal killing of unarmed black men.

The Universal Periodic Review, under the mandate of the UNHRC, takes place every four years to scrutinize the human and civil rights practices of each of the UN’s 193 participating nations. It was found out that the U.S has had an appalling human and civil rights violations record recently. And representatives from the 117 countries took the opportunity, at the review summit, to lambaste the U.S on the issue.

Chad considers the United States of America to be a country of freedom, but recent events targeting black sectors of society have tarnished its image,” a delegate from Chad, a country in West Africa told the UNHRC.

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Another representative, also from Namibia, in southern Africa, encouraged the U.S to look into the recent racial killings by police, saying that the U.S needs “to fix the broken justice system that continues to discriminate against marginalized communities despite recent waves of protest over racial profiling and police killings of unarmed black men”.

Following these strong statements against the U.S, a nation which prides itself as the leader of the Free World, James Cadogan-a senior counselor in the Department of Justice’s Human Rights Division, in an attempt to fend off the inevitable, said the U.S must “rededicate ourselves to ensuring that our civil rights laws live up to their promise”. He listed several tragic deaths that sparked numerous demonstrations and wide-scale unrest across the U.S, before finally concluding that the U.S needs to “identify and address potential policing issues before they become systemic problems”.

Cadogan also admitted that charges such as abuse, brutality and discrimination have been brought against 400 police officers in the past six years, but prosecutions have always been poor, resulting in these officers unjustly being let off the hook. This year alone, it is said more than 400 people have been brutally killed by police in the U.S so far. Currently, there are stirring fears that these numbers might substantially increase during the second half of the year.

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Human rights activists have expressed that it is not surprising that the world is chastising the U.S on these human and civil rights violations. They then further described the situation as worrying, and have urged the U.S to take immediate steps to end these disasters.

I’m not surprised that the world’s eyes are focused on police issues in the US. There is an international spotlight that’s been shone on the issues in large part due to the events in Ferguson and the disproportionate police response to even peaceful protesters,”Alba Morales, of Human Rights Watch said on the issue.

Meanwhile, skeptics and independent observers have said that  despite all the recommendations made by the UN, at the review summit, little or no result is expected. In the past, the U.S has woefully failed to implement any of the 171 changes suggested in the previous years’ report, regarding these human and civil rights abuses against minorities.

Nevertheless, we hope that the outrage and concerns raised by the world will this time be enough to make the U.S face these realities. We also encourage human rights activists, and the world in general, to continue to put pressure on the U.S. These grave abuses and brutal killings must end in order to finally bring peace to U.S.

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  1. i didnt read the article, but in case it wasnt there, i wanted to mention that there are more police killings against whites from black police. the media only mentions black killings.

    • It’s very good to mention that fact. All people are being victimized by the police. People are so hung up on race that it only divides us. It’s a simply divide and conquer tactic and people so foolishly fall for it. It isn’t so much about race but economic inequality.

        • The problem is whites won’t stand up for the whites that have been killed by the police who are white you see blacks protest and other things because we stand up for them

  2. please share where you got your information from on more black police killing white people. Back up of information is important

  3. I agree with BK. I think the person who stated that black police are killing more white people should cite their source.


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