Police Brutality: Who is Charles Eimers?


We have all heard about the cases involving police brutality in the events of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, but what about the case from 2013 of Charles Eimers?

A case of particular interest, this isn’t one that circulated through the mainstream media. Even though it has all the attributes of those surrounding the cases of Garner, Brown, and Tamir Rice amongst many others, it is a case that is relatively unheard of.

The horrific unfolding of what can only be described as a bungling of error after error, began in Florida on Thanksgiving, 2013, when Eimers was pursued by a Florida PD car for a traffic violation. However, the pursuit was unauthorized as there wasn’t a continual operation of lights and sirens. Eimers initially sped off but pulled to one side at the beach where the official story begins to fall apart.

Multiple witnesses have accounted a man (Eimers) getting out of his car with his hands in the air, obedient for the police. But it isn’t how the arresting police recalled the incident involving the 61 year old father. They stated Eimers got out of the car and collapsed unconscious on the sand, contrary to the witness reports that were never presented in court. Witness accounts also state that Eimers was also subject to a Taser to the back of the neck and chest for up to 6 minutes, where they could see his legs convulse. The police (all ten of them) disagree. They [the police] then rolled him over to commence CPR.

The official line is that Eimers collapsed unconscious, and though his face was caked in sand with blood coming from his ears, according to one witness account, the police say Eimers was never face down in the sand. [1]

Eimers spent the last week of his life unconscious in a hospital bed until his son had to make the decision to switch off his life support. But the questionable case doesn’t stop here. Eimers’s son, Treavor requested for an autopsy to be conducted. It did occur, but not after the police quickly had the body transported to the funeral home with a request for cremation. It was only because of a delay in conducting a timely cremation by the funeral home by seven days, that an autopsy was finally carried out. The results were suspect: ten broken ribs, injury around both wrists and a cardiac event officially ruled out.

In the outcome ruled by a Grand Jury, the police involved were never indicted. It was said there was no probable evidence, though, reportedly, most never reached inside the court room. Two officers, Gary Lee Lovette and Henry del Valle received formal disciplinary action within the police department, mainly on the basis of inappropriate remarks at the scene where Lovette was overheard stating “I dropped like a f**king bomb on his [Eimers] head.”


The tragic unfolding of police brutality seems to be a never ending story of one case after another. It’s important to note that these cases aren’t limited to one specific background of heritage, they are limited to those unfortunate enough to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. No one is immune.


[1] Agorist, M. (2014, 14 December) Cop caught on video bragging about he just killed a man. http://thefreethoughtproject.com/cop-caught-video-bragging-killed-man/ (Retrieved 2015, 8 January)


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  1. That’s actually funny, because people of US still believe in dead democracy, all that bullshit with freedom of speech. It’s like with bullies, if you won’t hit back they won’t stop. When people will take power in their hands and start execute killer cops, then policeman will think before shooting. US government true terrorists and they please for a civil war. In such case even Somalia is more civilised

  2. This is wrong on so many levels…
    Police should be there to protect us not……this

    Thanks for sharing


  3. These road cops ain’t nothing but a bunch of pussies. What did that man do to deserve to be killed like that? Nothing! This is fucking madness needs to stop or there will be another civil war

  4. Again, what did the man do to deserve this treatment from policemen? Surely I didn’t see anything cruel that Charles did to deserve the same kind of cruelity, now did he ? This is just as worse as the Ferguson case .

  5. The only thing the police are protecting is themselves so they stay out of jail… another case of getting away with murder!!!

  6. What I noticed is all the work the parametics did when they first arrived on the scene. Take note they are following protocol. Checking pulse, removing restrictive clothing, pulling out their machinery to check the heart. With the man that died on the choke hold video take note the parametics only check his pulse before moving him. This is not protocol. Firstline health care get baseline vitals before moving a patient. If you look up the protocols for parametics vitals is one of the first things they do. Blood pressure, pulse, oxygen saturation, blood sugars and they don’t know if he is a diabetic. Non of this happened with the chock hold victum

  7. Notice in the video that when parametics arrive they start taking vital signs right away and don’t move him. In the chokehold victum the parametic took his pulse from the carotid artery the requested he be moved. That is not protocol. Frontline health care take all vitals signs for a baseline prior to moving a body unless it’s in immediate danger. That means, pulse, heart rate, oxygen saturation and blood sugar to determine if they are diabetic. In this video it’s clear they are taking out their machinery and removing restrictive clothing. With the chock hold victum non of this was done. Wonder why

  8. The scream at 00:57 does not come with a listed source now does it. Who is to say it wasn’t an officer yelling what sounds a lot like “stop!” such as when saying “stop resisting” as many Are trained to do. Also how close were these witnesses that they’re 100% sure the entirety of the “convulsions” weren’t a mix of resistance and then convulsions, or vice versa? And as for the broken ribs I guess no one that wrote, edited, approved, or commented on this story is aware that’s often something that happens while CPR is being administered…I’m offended as reader on behalf of the public that WANTS the whole story because all these points IN CONJUNCTION with the ones made in this article are left out in an attempt to guide readers that just want another excuse to blame the establishment for something by dehumanizing police officers without considering anything they did or even POSSIBLY did right.

  9. Have you ever considered the fact that his ribs were broken due to the C.P.R. attempts in order to save his life?
    I work in two different hospitals, and quite often I do C.P.R. on clientd who’s hearts have stopped. In EVERY case, we break the client’s ribs. If you want ro save his life, you’re going to have to break a lot of ribs.
    Lack of oxygen to the brain only implies that he has stopped breathing, meaning that the oxygen could not flow to the brain either.

    In this case, you guys made a big deal out of things you simply don’t have the necessary education nor experience on.
    Let this one go if you want to keep your reputation, because you sound like tools on this one.


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