Police Brutality: Why Is Baltimore Not Outraged At Mya Hall’s Death?


On March 30, 27-year-old Mya Hall, a transgender woman on the streets since 2009, was killed when officers opened fire on her SUV causing the car to crash into a guard post at the National Security Agency’s Baltimore headquarters. Hall, with a history of robbery and prostitution, was out on a joy ride with a friend and was unarmed.

While the deaths of black men like Mike Brown, Eric Garner, and Freddie Gray have outraged people on social media platforms and on streets, little or no attention has been given to Hall’s death. She and her friend have been written off as troubled. Hall’s name is missing from Reddit, an online platform usually supportive of transgender victims of violence and black victims of police brutality.

While protests like those in Baltimore remind us that #BlackLivesMatter, the lives of fallen black women tend to matter less when it comes to summoning public outrage over their deaths. “When black men are killed, slogans like “hands up, don’t shoot” or “I can’t breathe” echo across the country. When black girls and women like Boyd are killed, there is comparative silence,” writes Darnell Moore.

However, as protests over the death of Baltimore resident Freddie Gray have burned the city and the world, people are urging on Twitter to remember her name as well and get her justice too. A post on Tumblr simply proclaiming Hall’s name has gotten 14,000 notes in under a day.

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  1. Sooooo she was high, drunk, driving a stolen vehicle and tried to gain access to a federal installation that also houses one of the world most powerful spying organization…….. Yeah let’s protest for her…. That seems legit….. I guess some people will fall in line blindly behind anyone or cause just because they are the same color, without taking into consideration the facts…. How about we stand up for what’s right, start mentoring and disciplining our youth. Taking a stand when they do something wrong and not codone everything they do just because the worlds not fair…. How about we teach them that there are consequences for our actions and some of those consequences are harsh… But I guess it’s easier to make excuses rather than teach….. By the way I don’t think this girl/guys sexual orientation had anything to do with him getting dead……

    • I agree with Letsbereasonable this a whole different situation. Lets not confuse the message, yes it sad she lost her life but come on She high driving a stolen car when she was out hooking and she was high government grounds. I am gay I would have shot her ass too!

    • So true mya may she rip but the fact is she hijacked the vehicle that she was in before it crashed into the NSA the black men that the police are killing are just not justified one was shot in the back 8x, a couple beat up so it’s a big DIFFERENCE

    • I totally agree and I’m an African American female. He did all kinds of wrong and you can’t loom over that because he was black. The black men for the most part were innocent of any wrong doing but Mya was trying a stolen car while drunk. Totally different scenarios.

    • Since when has being high, joy riding, or even theft punishable by death? No one is saying she was innocent. We’re saying she did not have to die that way.

      • Ramming a security gate in a National Security Agency facility will get you shot 100% of the time. You’re not supposed to be there and any attempt to trespass is treated like a potential terrorist threat. If you’re asking to get shot, that’s probably the best way to do it.

  2. Let’s continue to fuel the fire by referring to any individual that is killed no matter the circumstances even though this person trespassed federal property and was requested to stop. Hack reporting trying to get more hits on their respective website. Unfortunately those that only read this article will act blindly without researching several sources.

  3. You cannot try to ram your car through one of the most highly guarded federal government buildings in the area and expect to walk away from that. I am sorry that she died this way, but in regard to National Security , she was a threat by all means and they did their job period. Race, nor gender was a leading cause in this situation. Totally separate incident.

  4. This was not police brutality and anyone that crashes thru those barricades by nsa will be shot by military. We all know this that live in Md not just cuz its near Baltimore. This is not the same as Freddie Gray.

  5. Ummmm, because they were given orders to stop at a federal facility and they failed to do so. They were given ample warning before they opened fired.

  6. As a black woman in America, I’m outraged. People are always screaming about the injustices against black men in the US. And, it is truth. However, the black WOMAN has ALWAYS been placed even lower on the totem pole in this country. Yet, only WE speak up and fight for US. With that said, change must start with us, The Black Women of America, and it must start now. We must teach our daughters to empower THEMSELVES because NO ONE ELSE WILL. It takes a village, Ladies. It’s time for US to be that village, My Queens, and others will eventually follow suit. Peace to you. #EmpoweringBlackGirls

  7. The title to this story is horrendous. Go ahead and be supportive of this human being and try to get her justice. But don’t go putting Outraged in the story. Rage=fury and complete blindness to what you are doing. This is egging on another Riot with that word. Try using a word like Outspoken. Americans are only gonna take there streets being ruined for so long in a short amount of time before they take matters into there own hands. Don’t be surprised when the next riot comes store owners start rigging there places with explosives or waiting inside with others with a bunch of shotguns. Don’t incite riots incite peace.

  8. Yeah this is a dud and a slap in the face of those truly killed by police misconduct!

    Afrikkan soldiers provided security on FOB in Baghdad, try any funny bizness at the cafeteria where it was 199% I.d. check and those soldiers would not hesitate to fill you with bullets whether you were red, hot pink, white, black or brown!

    Point is this is not the same, pick your battles wisely!

  9. I really hate how ignorance has completely taken over. Let’s look at some facts before going completely off subject. Everyone knows exactly what happen with “Mya Hall” and that’s why people are not outraged, what an idiot writer and editor for publishing this story anywhere. As far as Freddy Gray, that was a very unfortunate loss of life indeed. What people need to realize is that 3 of the 6 officers involved with his death were minorities as well so this white supremacy bs needs to be taken right off the plate. I’m glad the officers involved are being tried, there was no reason Mr. Grey was treated the way he was and the police have to be held responsible. They are here to protect and serve not kill defenseless people.

  10. She crashed into some kind of military entrance after being told to stop…as far as they knew she could of been terrorist…in Fred grays case he was unlawfully arrested and murdered after being in custody by bpd…..completely different….stop this foolishness


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