In Photos: The REAL Uprising In Baltimore. And It’s Not Against The Cops.


Baltimore is up against the rioters – residents are protecting the police from bottles, bricks and rocks thrown by looters. People in Baltimore are helping repair damaged structures and clean streets strewn with debris.

After the rioters, incited by the funeral of Freddie Gray, set 144 vehicles and 15 structures on fire, the Baltimore community has decided to come together to help the police do their jobs of enforcing the law.

The mainstream media is busy focusing on the dark side of Baltimore; we bring you photos that focus on hope…

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  1. absolutely amazing this made me have happy tears at first. its awsome because it actually represent ‘we the people’ ( Including the police of ofcourse!)

  2. Funny how you point your finger at the msm about being one-sided reporting but you too don’t show the whole story either… and as for the picture on FB stating “Violence is not the answer… meanwhile in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Somalia, etc etc… ” You tell us what other way do you expect to stop ISIS? Perhaps we need to get them jobs as the Obama administration suggested or just “empathize” with them as Hillary said… lol… How about we just throw flowers at them, join hands and sing Kumbaya with them and all will be good and we’ll have peace…

    • If you still believe the story that USA is being active at the middle East for stopping/destroying ISIS then i am sorry for you.
      As long as USA fund Israel and Israel hands over military tools (weapons and defense gadgets) will not end there anything. Your soldiers die every day for no reason being there at all.
      Looters are white people in Baltimore? I am not surprised. i wasn’t surprised either if it comes out that this is created /financed by the jewish Soros George like he did the same in East-Ukraine. There were no ukrainians there but paid mercenaries to cause trouble. He wanted to break down Russia on knees, but he sucked as Putin realized his plans. Not for nothing issued Putin Arrest Warrant on that Jewish speculator…

      • I know George Soros, my brother worked under him he didn’t make his money selling hugs but now that he has that money it’s almost strictly philanthropic. What about the evil bush empire and their Carlyle group buddies since we’re throwing names out there. sanders, Warren, Juaquin James “Waka flocka” Malphurs hmmmmmmmm

    • You dont understand, war violence is what started the whole ISIS ordeal in the first place, If we were not violent then they would not be there.

    • The u.s gov. Loves war it makes them lots of money and power, but how much is to much? The world is fed up. I see big changes in the near future.

  3. I have heard lots of grousing about the media and how they only are showing images of looting. I watched quite a bit of CNN and MSNBC and they often showed positive video of people peacefully protesting, cleaning up, helping out, etc. Even Fox showed some positive video, some.

  4. I remember after 9/11 the propaganda videos they would show all over the globe, you would see a video out in the streets where it seems all the village is outside saying “allah wokbar….” “great that the towers have burnt down” etc. when in fact it was only ten people but filmed in the right way and short enough for people to think it was a widespread anti USA belief across Irak. In truth it was not so, but people across the world, watching their propaganda networks (TV) fell in the trap. I did too at that time, wasn’t adult yet I was still buying into BS. It was the same in France after the Charlie hit, I whistleblowed with a minority of thinkers believing Charlie happened with the GVT’s full approval because they would later have more laws limiting our freedom. Has Anonymous activists made aware that people have officialy no more privacy online or on our phones in France. Everything in France is officialy supervised by the GVT, and the little people can’t do anything about it. I am with no doubt fully documented on and public whatever VPN or TOR i will install. These laws are a direct consequence of the Charlie attack, people were so focused on the problem they forgot to take a wide picture. So let’s ask ourself the following questions, what does the US GVT has to gain from the baltimore situation? what will this justify? laws? taxes? war? who will profit from this situation? this will, in time, always provide us with the facts, but that would induce letting them win.


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