Here’s How to Hear, Delete and Stop Google from Secretly Recording Everything You Say


In the past, we have published many articles proving that the Internet search giant, Google is secretly spying on people who are using its services.

Particularly, in 2015, we revealed how Google had tracked Smartphone users everywhere they go, indicating it with a red dot on a map, marking and making the user’s location much clearer for identification. This made users very vulnerable to cyber criminals and government agencies.

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In the latest Google spying activities, the company has gone a step further, by recording the voice of its users. Below the article, is a step by step guide to hear the voice being secretly recorded, and how you can delete it, stopping the function permanently.

Views of some Concerned Media Outlets

According to the Free Thought Project, the recording feature secretly picking out voices, without the person’s consent, was built into Google’s search function as a means of delivering accurate search results. However, the sheer accuracy and amount of data Google is now storing, is chilling. Statistics show that Google now processes on average, over 40,000 search queries every second, which translates to over 3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year, worldwide.

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The data from these searches is then stored on each individual who conducts them. Using this data – or steering results in a particular direction – the Internet giant effectively has the ability to influence the entire world. Aside from influence, Google can predict the future based on trends it sees, from the illegal records it has been keeping.

Reports suggest that Android users are more vulnerable to the illegal listening recording by Google. However, even if you don’t have an Android device, but still conduct Google searches on iDevices, Google is still listening and recording you.

The Independent points out: “The recordings can function as a kind of diary, reminding you of the various places and situations that you and your phone have been in. But it’s also a reminder of just how much information is collected about you, and how intimate that information can be. You’ll see more if you’ve an Android phone, which can be activated at any time just by saying “OK, Google.” But you may well also have recordings on there whatever devices you’ve interacted with Google using.”

When this was revealed, Google defended itself, saying that the information it is illegally taking away is never personally used against any user, but is rather done solely for the purpose of enlightening users’ experience on the web. But the big questions are: Can you trust Google? Can you imagine what will happen if the information is used against you?

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Tech experts say much of this search history is tied into location data retrieved from the device used to conduct the query. This means that not only does the search engine have information on what your interests are, it has you specific interests based on where you are at any given moment.

To avoid this Google trap, follow these steps provided below by experts; make sure that you remain safe from Google’s seemly diabolical plan. Do not surrender your data to Google. Google cannot be trusted.

How to find and delete your recordings on Google

Log into

Click on the hamburger icon on the top left of the page

Go to “Voice & Audio Activity”

Scroll through your list to see all the silly things there is audio proof of you asking about

Click on one of the squares to select a recording to delete

Stop using the voice function if you don’t want to listen to yourself again in the future

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Now that you know Google has recorded its users, share this article with your family, friends and others to spread the message. By doing this, they will also wake up to what is happening and, thus, protect themselves.

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  1. I went to and there isn’t a hamburger Icon on the left nor is there a voice and audio activity. so doesn’t anyone check these things before publishing an article? losing faith in you guys!

    • Yes, but only somewhat. Your voice, your fingerprint many devices use to unlock your device or the Iris scanners on the newer devices are unique identifiers of you better than a google account you can fake if need be. This is the reason you were able to continue without creating an account.
      The cost of developing and including such technologies to devices does not make sense if the aim is just to safely lock unlock your device. Or would you like to pay 100 – 200 usd just not to enter a passcode or swipe a pattern to unlock your device. Or why not other much cheaper technologies like near field communication chips or cards that could be provided with your device. you would carry it in your wallet that would unlock your device only if it is within 2meters around you. The cost would only be cents and it would be probably more convenient and as safe.
      And we should not always think they are looking for criminals and we should not be agains if we are good citizens who have nothing to hide. This information collected is the tool to earn money and make profit by using your private information and habits.
      Well, nothing we can do other than being aware and I hope at least they also catch criminals with all the information they collect.

  2. This is pretty dumb. If Google was “secretly” doing anything then you wouldn’t be able to find this crap. It’s no “secret”. This article is pretty silly.

  3. So by “secretly recording everything you say” you actually mean “not secretly recording everything you voice search” right? How can it be “secret” if you can log into your account and LISTEN TO IT?! Seriously, I’m a keen privacy advocate, but you’re not doing yourselves any favours by being sensationalist and massively overstating the problem. You just make yourselves look like tin-foil-hat wearing, paranoid loons.

    • Well, why would google have to record on their site what i have said when i text message and i dont feel like typing? Lets just say if voice rec. Heard a converstiin happening in the bacground of wherever i was and was later used to criminally condemn me or that party it would really suck. Looks like google gets stitches on this one.

        • You as well as most of the other people on here fail to see the implications of this:

          Whether or not you allow or disallow – disable or enable this feature, the features are there – the code that does all this is sitting in your phone ready and waiting to be remotely enabled silently anytime the authorities want.

          Just because you browsed to some bullsh*t website and turned this off doesn’t mean it’s really turned off.

          Get it? They could be keeping all this stuff anyway and just not updating your little online log.

          Same with any software mechanism.

          First the function or feature is always there whether you enable it or not and it can be silently enabled any time remotely.

          Now I’m not saying they do this for everyone BUT I am saying that they enable this silent logging on anyone they are asked to by the “authorities”.

          Please don’t tell me you trust these companies…

          • Also you can bet your bottom dollar that when you delete this activity they keep a copy of everything you have deleted. This is Google ffs.

    • I agree. It us only recording the things you say when you use the talk to text or voice search. You can easily turn the feature off. The title of this article sure made it sound like my phone was constantly recording every sound I make.

    • I think to make yourself make look like a fool or paranoid is still better than being fooled by “google”. The fact that you can listen to your voice searches only proves that google can record your voice. The fact that you can listen and delete these recordings is however not a prove that there are no other secret recordings of you which you are not aware. And “secretly” here means more the fact that the majority is unaware about the fact that they are recorded actually even with their own consent.
      The only foolish part in my view in that comment is that it believes that with deactivating this feature and deleting your recordings you believe that you will not be recorded anymore:)
      And yes, I know I sound paranoid as well. But no, I am not as I am still using google and I do not care .

      • TFA isn’t saying there are secret recordings that you are unaware of, it is trying to make the the recordings that Google has made no effort to hide seem much shadier than they are.

        ““secretly” here means more the fact that the majority is unaware about the fact that they are recorded actually even with their own consent.” That’s my point. That’s NOT what secretly means. If you’re unaware tough, inform yourself better. I’ve known about this feature for ages. My issue is that TFA is trying to make it out to be something it is not.

  4. what are you searching for, or navigating to, that you are so worried about having exposed? I looked at mine and it is an unending list of ‘navigate to . . .” Scrolling through the list reminded me of some things that should be on my ‘to do’ list. There is nothing insidious about what they are doing. When I saw your headline I thought they were remotely turning the recording device on, and actually recording me without my knowledge or consent. Surely there is an actual infringement of rights that you can investigate and report on!

  5. Shameless click-bait article, plain and simple. The author had ought to take a basic remedial writing course and/or re-write the title to ‘How find your Google voice search history.’

  6. for those of you who that did not know it is true. it is just under activity controls. this is so sad. even if it is off you get the rest of everything else they are tracking. weather they use it or not. this information is known and can be requested by the courts and be used against you even though the knowledge was obtained first off illegaly.

  7. FUD? Seriously? We’re giving more and more power to corporations like Google. “We can just delete the recordings”, that’s not a good thing! It seems like Freedom lost its value. We should be supporting Richard Stallman and the Free Software Movement, instead.

  8. Seriously Google? Even after we delete everything in there it just says that some things are not visible there,meaning that they still got hold of some of our info.Gotta say people to switch to Bing and Microsoft instead.

  9. “Set the timer for 15 minutes”. “What is the population of Iceland?”. “105 degrees Fahrenheit to Celsius”. I’m REALLY worried that my voice searches will get into the wrong hands… just imagine what a government could do with this “secret” information!

  10. So you think that Google has a potentially ‘diabolical plan’, but you think that deleting your records via this google-offered record-deleting service you linked to would actually erase their own data of your activity. What are you 12

  11. Well if you really want to remain private use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) look it up. and use Private browsing as well in FireFox or Chrome. Thou I would recommend Firefox over Chrome as Chrome is a Google Product and Private may or may not actually be private?

  12. Problem is, Anonymous.
    You publish so much shit that we know is bullshit, that we can’t really believe in anything you say.
    When did you turn into just another conspiracy theorist.
    I want truth, not sensationalism.

  13. Nothing in my history.
    Maybe, if you don’t want your voice to be recorded, you *gasp* don’t record your voice.
    It’s doing nothing without consent, and there is nothing sneaky about this.
    Also, tinfoil is cheap, and makes fancy hats, or so I hear.

  14. The reason that google keeps the recordings is because when you conduct a voice search or voice text, voice recognition on a local (weak) CPU sucks. The recording is uploaded, analyzed by a powerful server, and the results are passed to your phone. This allows for accurate voice translation. The recordings are saved because a. Google already has them from the processing, and b. so that people can look at the results and give feedback on whether google’s algorithm got it right. This feedback greatly improves the voice recognition neural nets.

    Nobody cares about what you search for, you’re not that important. Nobody is trawling through the millions of stupid searches that people make. Google is a staunch privacy advocate and does not freely give out your information to the Government. In fact, they have often commited $$ to the opposite cause.

    Lastly, you agreed to all this when you clicked ‘accept’ on the terms and agreements that you didn’t read.
    If you don’t like it, you can always not use the feature.


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