Putin Calls Billionaire Oligarchs Cockroaches for Closing Factory


When politicians all around you start receiving millions of dollars from campaign contributions made by corporations run and owned by billionaires, you may start getting a bit skeptical.

When bailouts and trickle-down economics starts to result in a ‘recovery’ that is nothing more than a wealth redistribution from the poor to the rich, you may start to get angry.

When politicians start allowing the police to execute anyone from children, to the disabled, to the homeless with impunity in order to preserve the status quo, you know that you’re not alone in thinking these thoughts.

Isn’t it refreshing to see a politician behave with at least a pretense of being for the people, rather than openly funneling money to their wealthy backers, taken from Middle America? It is unfortunate that the politician in question is not an American. Putin, whatever you have to say about him, is a man for his people. And they know it, with an over 80% approval rating compared to Obama’s paltry 40%. When you live in the land of the free, you’ve just got to hate your president it would seem. Anything more would be propaganda!


In the video, we observe Putin forcing a billionaire oligarch to reopen a factory. He had surprised the people living in the town of Pikalyovo after several hundred people started protesting against the closure of the town’s only factory, which would result in many unemployed people with no place to go and no other way of eking out a living. Instead of chastising the people, blaming the people for not being skilled, holding up progress or even making the entire country uncompetitive… instead of wringing his hands and saying that there was nothing he could do, or that the billionaire was doing his gosh darnedest to help the people, as many politicians are fond of doing, Putin immediately set about getting the factory restarted.

In a meeting that was broadcast nation-wide, Putin said, “You have made thousands of people hostage to your ambitions, your lack of professionalism — or maybe simply your trivial greed. Thousands of people. It’s totally unacceptable.” He also said that the men had scurried like cockroaches when he arrived unexpectedly. When everyone but the oligarch signed the document reopening the factory, Putin tossed him a pen in contempt and had the cowed billionaire put down his John Handcock. When the oligarch attempted to make off with the pen, Putin told him to put it back. Like a boss. Pen thievery will not be tolerated, even from a billionaire. $1.5 million in back wages were returned to the workers, many of whom are now living in desperate poverty. Hardly anything a billionaire could not easily provide.

Although this is arguably a publicity stunt, I would certainly like to see our own politicians at least pretend to stand up to the bailed out banks, the billionaires and the corporations every once in a while. The representative of the people is rather worthless if his only real job is to suppress the people for the greed of the corporations.


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  1. putin is a hard one to pick one day hes doing great things the next hes doing something completely wrong but i do love seeing things like this even if it was just to make a point

      • This is silly. Enslaving one rich person to feed a thousand poor will ultimately destroy all the wealth of the rich person and at the end the poor will be just as bad off, since they didn’t have to earn their right to a job.

        • This is adorable. And is hogwash.

          First of all, perspective : this is a one timw deal done to fix a specific circumstance. The Billionaire is not going to become poor because he was forced to actually trwat his workers fairly. Secondly, do YOU know that Factory’s overhead? What they spend in material costs or sell back for profit? Do you know it’s actual value? Just because it’s closing doesn’t necessarily mean the guy is losing money. And besides, there seems to have been no buffer — it JUST closed. No time to figure out what families can do now that their primary aource of income is gone.

          Take that slippery slope, illogical nonsense, and do with it what all coward birds do: shove it in a dark hole.

          • THIS NEWS It is from June 2009. http://www.cbsnews.com/…/putin-erupts-in-struggling…/. Not putting time stamp on those type of news makes it look like the latest news. In this case time stamp is simply false (20th Feb 2015), and the news is marked it as Breaking News!!! Poor credibility of this website. Very, Very agressive propaganda. Masters of manipulation….

      • No. You can get your facts straight. Stop currying favor by calling something what it isn’t. You then are as guilty of manipulation as any other poor example of mankind. Take the high road “anon”.

    • We need a strong Russia to protect us from the capitalists,who would see all of us starve,so they could “Make a Profit” people eat accounts books don’t need fed.

    • Have you all forgotten we all live on the one planet and the owner was closing itdue to the pollution it was spewing our into the river he played in as a child. Anonymous you can look at the whole picture. All politics are about gain not sharing or trust. One factory. One thousand people. That’s how many children died in wars last year. Have you guys targeted the arms dealers or forced a billionaire to stop producing mines. Yes he did one good act. So has bonjovi who gives a shit. Why dont you do some thing and not become what you abhore. Ancient news about a dying idea.

  2. I’m not going to pretend that he’s benevolent, but at least he doesn’t appear to be a puppet. He has an agenda, but what that is remains to be seen. He might be helping his people out, but I’d say that the hopeful answer would be because he wants the country to do well. Admittedly, it would be a refreshing change from US (and a growing trend of Canadian) politics selling out the people and the country in the name of improving the country and the lot of the people, but Putin has a long way to go to bring the modern day to the Russian people who still have misguided views on homosexuality and the like. We’ll see how things play out. He’s no saint, but any situation where the very poor get a hand up with jobs isn’t usually a terrible one.

    • This is not about homosexuals, he is not a murderer and who cares if homosexual sex educate band sodomy is not taught to children in schools, when I went to school in the UK in the 1980s and 1990s it was illegal to teach it then too. Also, the majority of lives are more important than a bunch of people who chose to like another man or another women, no person is born with sexual desires and for some to claim they was born this way is filthy unscientific lies, we are born asexual. Also, the Russian LGBT community told Stephen Fry to get out of their business and stop demanding Russia implement British Laws on this issue, even Ireland it is still a crime to perform sodomy.

    • The author writes clearly that this might be a PR stunt. The lack of a need for even a PR stunt, while openly accepting bribes and butt-f%^&ing the people is a heinous crime that…. people….. Like you seem to support. Hahaha, Keep chanting that You Ass Aye, You Ass Aye!Let’s murder another 1.3 million Iraqis! For NO reason!!!LOL

      BUSH was a mass-murdering genocidal racist. Let’s not forget….. Oh, you wanna give him a MUSEUM??? WHY NOT?????! Idiot.

  3. This one is old, I saw the video over a year ago, but it is still the truth.
    There are two ways in Russia politics, you are with Putin or you are against Putin.

    but this actions, are speaking for him. No US or EU senator, owns this kind of charisma.

  4. Not agreed. When you will leave in Romania, you will think diferent. Putin Want to take a part of my country, so I can’t apreciat Putin ever. Because of rusians, Romania is stil devided in 3 Romanian countries: Romania, Moldavia, and Romania from Ucraina. Check the map and the history, if you think I lied. Russians leave like a pour prople from years, and now, when putin star the war in Ucraina, want to prove the world that he is a good leader? till now, why he didn’t doing nothing for his people? he just make fun of you.

      • LOL, agreed, this spam bot with the fake “accent” should take classes; accents don’t get translated into written english like that. Also, I suspect most of these fake commentators actually are one single person.

  5. Unlike most puppet presidents, Putin has no strings…he’s truly a president of the people!!!

    While other presidents are busy vacationing & playing pansy Golf, Putin travels around Russia making deals that are good for for Russians!!!

    The U.S. hasn’t seen a president with balls, or one that’s done what’s right for Americans in many decades!!!

    The only way to restore the U.S. to greatness is to put the 1% on notice that if things don’t change, Civil War 2.0 will soon bring an end to them all!!!

    • Mate I could not agree more, The U.S. Haven’t had a good president since J.F.K. and I reckon F.B.I. agent hickey fired that shot intentionally, it’s good to see a president like Putin who actually cares about something other than himself!

  6. You May Call Him A Dictator – But Apparently That Is, What It Takes To Bring Justice To The World. Wouldn’t It Be Nice, If Governments Would Start To Act Like Putin And Stand Up To Bailed Out Banks, Billionaires & Corporations?

  7. I hate to sound cynical, but I imagine this factory owner has failed to pay proper patronage to the Putin mafia and is being humiliated as a result. How many factories have been closed that Putin cared nothing about?

  8. This is a piece of crock. First off, that video was filmed years ago. Secondly, and I speak from experience as a journalist who lives in Moscow, he is a dictator. Media here is controlled, over 200 journalists have died in mysterious circumstances during his terms, the has gutted the constitution, and jailed his opposition. He makes a pretense of being for Russians, as long as he holds onto power. A leader? No, he is a coward surrounded by OMOH, his interior ministry troops, separate from the regular military, whose sole constitutional purpose is to protect the government FROM the people.

    • Jim the British press maligned Alex Salmond for 5 years lied about him,and the BBC spread lies and would not tell the truth when good news about him should have been reported,so as far as I am concerned I cant believe the “free press” or the “free media” of the UK,and I also noticed in some US newspapers also printing what the British press told them.So to me Putin is probably a magnificent man helping everybody when he can,that is because of my experience of the British MSM We need a strong Russia.

  9. Really ? And you don’t realize that is just another PR thing ???

    Putin is multi-billionaire, with all the money he has extorted from all in Russia !!!

    He is building a gigantic palace on the Black Sea shores, worth the Versaille’s Palace… This guy is obviously planning to be the new Tsar of all Russias and restore the USSR under a different name and regime !

  10. What kind of idiot writes such bullshite? I live in Russia, and thus it is obvious that you don’t. Come experience the dictatorship, the write. Until then, shut up.

  11. You know, even though no one would like to hear this – for whatever fine a reason – Adolf Hitler fought against the banks. Perhaps we should reconsider what we have been taught about the 2nd World War.

  12. Obviously the publicity stunt worked and the dictatorship worked as some people here believe Putin is a great guy and would probably want to have a beer with him. Others are misled to believe that this guy had an 80% approval rating. You think that us is corrupt in politics? The Russian upper echelon is peeing in gold toilets while more then half the country barely has enough to eat. What you see is what he wants you too see, nothing more. Don’t be fools… Educate yourselves, if this guy came to power in the USA, you guys would be cooked.

    • Tell that to Bush and Obama….. Whom dropped abomb on a wedding? Whom murdered 1.3 million Iraqis for no reason? LOL, but dat Putin, he killed soooo many people with his invisi tanks that only appear on social media. LOL

    • Putin is a badass, but his country is in trouble. Is it his fault? Not really, the US is pulling the strings to tip the country that they cannot hope to fight without massive losses. Sanctions, secret agreements and embargoes are crippling Putin’s economy and he is trying to push back without starting a war. Desperate measures call for desperate times. He tries to reunite his country and take back territories that were once theirs and everyone calls it an invasion. The US vows to help the Ukraine after they get rid of their nukes and then stands by and watches when Crimea is taken. It’s all part of the US’s plan to make Russia look like the bad guys because they once again realize that Russia is a threat. Not a military threat because Putin doesn’t want war with the US but an ideological threat because Putin is against the Oligarchy that we have in the US and everyone knows that as far as the US is concerned if you’re not like us, you’re against us. I mean we almost got the entire planet into nuclear warfare because other countries wanted to try communism and that threatened the idea that Democracy (Oligarchy) is the only viable method. Hell, Communism might have worked if we weren’t undermining it from every direction.

  13. Discriminating against minority groups…
    Flouting international laws…
    Backing rebels to kill Ukrainians just for expansion of territory…
    That does make him a tremendously good dictator

  14. We need a strong Russia who else can and will stop the capitalists from starving 90 % of us?Start to think it through,Putin has got bad press !from whom? all the newspapers in the West,and these papers are owned and run by by capitalists who want more and more for themselves.Alex Salmond is a great man but was maligned by the British press because they fear him,no not the press but the ruling elite in Westminster,such non-stop character assassinations,show that the press is manipulating all of us for their own ends.

  15. America is the real terrorist, and the rest of the world is finally starting to see that. I believe nothing I hear from American sources any more.
    It is to the point where a lot of us here in Canada are ashamed to call the American goverment our ally. To the American people, we truely fear for you and your safety. To those of you who don’t support your goverment, you have my respect. The rest of you blinded by a corrupt organization that is the TRUE bully of the world.

    Just open your eyes. Look at the past and compare to today.

    • Yep, I wouldn’t mind 100 military bases worldwide for security purpose, but not maned by US soldiers only. How about Chinese, Russian, South American and African soldiers? I smell a rat….

      • Exactly, the world should not be guarded by just one flag, especially if it’s the U.S. I would rather trust Russia and China over capitalism any day!

  16. Sorry guys… I love you… but your admiration of this public figure is misplaced. His coming down on billionaires was the same kind of self-gratifying greed we criticize corporations for… he is a mobster and he just wants his cut… he cares nothing for his people. His desire to bring back hisformer KGB days govern all his actions… nothing short of despite for the populous and it’s freedoms. I do appreciate some of your goals here, but this murdering greedy power monger is not someone to hold up as an example of leadership… not if you envision a free peaceful world.

  17. gosh, even anonymous fell like a soldier if stupid propaganda.
    Before considering any ratings, you’d better get to know how thise are calculated.
    time to unlike.

  18. Maybe we need a little more Putin attitude in America.
    Poor people are not needed as they can be replaced by machines or Chinese labor, more room for the wealthy. If the poor could crawl under a rock and die, that wouldn’t bother the wealthy one bit, or the politicians who work for them. The true politicians for the people in America don’t get “promoted” or turn up dead. Freedom? Hmm…..

  19. Yes he forced a billionaire to keep open a factory that was spewing pollution into a river he played in as a child. Well done. We all live on a very small peice of dirt, one act does not warrant publicity and i would have thought that a. Was the last one to give it. Ive done good deeds and for less than 30 dollar’s an hour. When did a. Do a good deed like Shut down an arms factory, exposed fraud in governments helped charities who dont have political agendas. I liked you on Facebook but now im having doubts in you too. You are NJ ot reporter’s. You are the ones who do what we can’t get back to what you do best. Hack those who deserve it and redistribute the wealth. Dont let us down……

  20. The way I see it, Most politicians, banksters and big wig factory owners are always hypocritically complaining about how employment is rapidly declining, but yet they’re the ones crashing their own economies on purpose out of corporate greed, and plus it’s always good to see these pyramid schemists get kicked in the balls, so good on Putin for making that billionaire sign the business contract, because there are thousands of workers that need to support their families!

  21. This guy is bipolar for sure. First he invades Ukraine and takes Crimea, then he acts like he has no control over his people that he has no control over the Russian weapons in the hands of sepratists in Ukraine, but yet he has the control to force business owners to restart/maintain a business, failing or otherwise it doesn’t matter, he exerted he power and he got his way, he obviously has control over his people. And the cherry on top, he donates a shit ton of coal to Ukraine to help the Ukrainian people keep warm. That is some bipolar shit man, its like when a man slaps a woman and then acts like he is sorry or something (poor analogy but it works).

  22. The fact is that many of these “pro-American” commentators probably are the same person writing under dozens of aliases. Nobody is so stupid as to believe that America, which murdered 1.3 MILLION Iraqis for invisible nukes is worse than Russia whose only crime is sending invisible tanks that only appear on oh-so-credible social media.

    Oh yeah, Putin be anti-gay for banning them from influencing KIDS. I would not trust a STRAIGHT person to talk about sex to my kids. AND GUESS WHAT? AT LEAST HE DOES NOT BEHEAD EM LIKE OUR BEST FRIENDS SAUDI ARABIA! AMEEERRRICAAAA, FUCK YEAH!

  23. The United States of America’s governmet has been usurped. these are people who have spent generations setting this plan of theirs to action. Whats sad is that its being played out by maybe 2% of the worlds population. agenst the other 98%… I just hope the U.S. dosnt end up having a REVOLUTION like The French. I read somewhere that the U.S. gov purchesed 3,000 guiatines already too…

  24. Orthodox Christians are the future.
    Putin at least tries to be one…
    These are the people that the global self-establishment (of the mindless nazis that fled Germany, the mindless darwinian eugenicists, the mindless free-masons and anti-theists) fears the most.
    Luckily, Russians know what Putin has offered them, and that’s why they choose him.

    It’s also pretty notable from my experience, that secret servicemen, and most usually when coming from a poor social background, turn out to be the best governors.

    I would wish people understood the facts, so that reality kicks-in –eventually– and we stop living in a (Bush, Clinton, Obama, E.U., etc) la-la land…

  25. Wait, so the Billionaire crime boss/ Ex. KGB of the government , i.e. Putin, “forced” another Billionaire to reopen some place to give a few thousand people jobs as a PR stunt and I am suppose to believe it? This is the place where they openly murder investigative reporters, take over businesses and murder CEOs, murder an opposition, shoot down civilian airliners filled with babies? Putin is a closet homo with a passion for young boys.


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