RedHack Hacks Turkish Power Distribution System & Deletes $650k Debt of Soma region


The famous Turkish hacker team ‘Redhack’ announced hacking into power administration system and canceling 1.5 million liras (approx. 650K US dollars) of electricity bills to be paid to Soma Electricity Production company.

Soma is a district recently noted for a historic massacre of 301 mine workers, and now struggling with destruction of agricultural land for construction of a thermal plant to process the coal for electricity production that workers have been dying for.

They announced the breach on their official Twitter Account:

They also uploaded a video as a proof of hack, showing the hackers breaching into the Power Administration System website and deleting the debt details:

The leaked data of Power Administration System users can be found by clicking here.

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    • hey, watch the videos, its Million not Billion, they either tried to make it more famous with the billion or just made a writing mistake which they didnt corrected

      sorry for bad english, have a great day!

  1. Soo , could anyone delete my grandmothers debt ? We’re struggling over here. Busting our ass day and night trying to keep a roof over our head!

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      ” America is also hiding the cure to HIV and Cancer ”

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  3. big whoop. Disconnect the Internet link. Restore the account database from the previous day’s backup. Change all the admin passwords. Reconnect the Internet.
    You’ve accomplished nothing. NOW,If they’d managed to delete the backups that would have been awesome.

  4. You could erase my dept anytime im from union beach nj Sandy pretty much destroyed our town. It set me back more than a little . I think what you guys do is amazing. You expand my mind every week thank you.

  5. … Ever heard of database backups. Sorry to say but this delete would have done nothing as it would only have been temporary until the data was restored. Or until the system admins simply keyed the data back in .. sigh, what a stupid article.


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