Rothschild Bank in Switzerland is under Criminal Investigation after David de Rothschild Indictment


In 2015, the French government indicted David de Rothschild on account of fraud and alleged embezzlement of mass sums of money belonging to British pensioners.

The French investigators went through a long and arduous task of gathering evidence against the billionaire. Investigators discovered that between 2005 and 2008, Rothschild Financial Services Group, managed by the billionaire, trapped pensioners in a fraudulent scheme and locking them into bogus loans, losing them their retirement portfolios. The billionaire then diverted all these monies into his bank, leaving the pensioners with minimal savings. Victims of this fraud took the matter up, prompting an intense investigation by the French government.

In June 2015, Paris-based liaison judge Javier Gómez Bermudez, ruled that Rothschild and his bank must face a trial for his crimes. Judge Bermudez ordered local police to search for the missing millionaire in his various mansions spread throughout France, with  a warrant to arrest him.

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After the ruling, the pensioners’ legal representation, lawyer Antonio Flores of Lawbird said to Olive Press “It is a good step in the right direction. The courts are now in agreement with us that there is enough evidence to interrogate Baron Rothschild. The first thing they will have to do is find him. Once they have done that they can begin to question him. It is a real breakthrough moment for everyone involved. In short, independently of what happened to the investment, Rothschild advertised a loan aimed at reducing inheritance tax, which is a breach of tax law.”

However, the indictment of David de Rothschild is taking a new trend. The French government announced that it has launched an investigation into the entire Swiss branch of the Rothschild’s banking empire. The Swiss branch of the Rothschild banking empire was founded by Edmond Adolphe de Rothschild.

Investigators have started their work on Edmond de Rothschild. Originally established in Paris as a private banking and asset management firm, Edmond de Rothschild currently oversees around 150 billion Euros ($164 billion). In 1965, it acquired Banque Privee of Geneva, and is currently led by Baron Benjamin de Rothschild and his wife Ariane.

Bloomberg News reports that the Rothschild bank in Switzerland confirmed that French investigators are at the back of the bank regarding a former business relationship managed by a former employee. The media is reluctant to report on the issue, but from what we gathered, the allegations brought against the bank are serious. Observers predict that Benjamin could face a similar fate to that of David. However, the Geneva-based bank said in an e-mailed statement to Bloomberg “Edmond de Rothschild (Suisse) SA is actively participating in the criminal investigation under way. The bank denies all the allegations that have been made against it.”

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According to social commentators, this is not the first time the banking dynasty of Rothschild has been accused of wrong doing. The Rothschild family have been accused of pulling economic and political strings of vast governments for years, with ample evidence of insider trading. Going as far back as the Napoleonic wars, the family was reported to have succeeded in turning into one of the richest clans in the world through the manipulation of the stock exchange.

The Rothschild family has also been accused of playing a lead role in helping move the global elite’s wealth from traditional tax havens like the Bahamas, Switzerland and the British Virgin Islands, to the United States of America.

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  1. Hey but didnt you say ALL GOVERNMENTS ARE POCKETED BY THEM? How come the FRENCH are not?? OMG is your worldview falling apart?

  2. This man is a victim, as with the most of his family line. The world is littered with such sad cases, all victims of the ignorance,indifference or impotence of the rank and file. We should recognise that we have only ourselves to blame and stop blaming them for OUR shortcomings.

    • He is not a victim. He plays God. He knows too much, he has access to too many places we don’t and he can afford everything. He is smart and hard working. Very healthy.

      But he is is evil. Bad thing God as the masses know does not exist and evil is just another man made word. Is a star or our sun evil? It kills and will kill everything. Even if you are at the right spot the sun would still kill you, our planet saves you.

      I respect his power and what he achieved. But please. Put him in jail, kill him, make sure his family will lose power and this won’t go on anymore. To Rockefeller too. To Israel’s 1% too. I mean to everyone like him.

      I’m open minded or smart if I want to pose about it. Those billionaires are just men who found a way to have anything. I would love anything too. But I would promote prosperity to humanity. They don’t promote such a thing. To be honest it’s hard to build a world for everyone to have almost everything. Maybe they are just racists and that’s why the kill people. or just psychopaths.

      • Z, you respect his power and what he has achieved. He stole (and so much more). How can you respect anything about him? The rest of what you said is accurate. As far as Anthony goes, don’t feed the trolls.

        • i think z is just trying not to irritate sensitive people with blinders. sometime you need to give sheeple a treat before you lead them

  3. Anthony Taylor, you are a shill. The Rothschild family has perverted the value of human labor through their manipulation of currency and banking systems worldwide for centuries. But don’t take my word for it:

    “Permit me to issue a nation’s currency and I care not who makes its laws” Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty, 1790.

    Two years later, in 1792, the Coinage Act was passed into law in the U.S. It declared that silver and gold were the only money, and was the first U.S. law to confer the death penalty, for anyone attempting to print currency not backed by the two metals. Which is exactly how the Rothschild family has taken over the economic world.

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    DER Islam wird euch alle UMBRINGEN Allahu akbar Wacht auf DUMME Menschheit!

    • What te fuck, dude. Bitte verpiss dich einfach und poste deinen scheiß woanders. Vielleicht dort, wo es auch jemanden interessiert. Vielleicht auf Facebook, wo du dich mit anderen Leuten die deine Dummheit teilen, austauschen kannst.

  5. REALLY??? lol gee i cant predict the outcome of that at all….get freaking real people this isnt going to stick nothing does to them….they literally own governments!!! they control the wqorld markets….ya this is nothing to them.

  6. This is quite interesting I hope it works out. However the Rothschild family owns high ranking members of the entire world this will probably dissapear like everything else.

  7. If you all think something will happen well… I don’t even know where to start describing what kind of idiots you all are. THINK FOR FFS INSTEAD OF BELIEVING EVERY SHITTY RULE YOU READ FOR FUCK FUCKEDY SAKE WTF IS WRONG WITH EVERYONE!?!?!?!??

  8. I will be genuinely surprised if Rothschild spends any time in jail. More likely his company will receive a massive fine, and the French President will be able to indulge in better hair care products!

  9. Jews always guilty

    I do not know if this people are the REAL Rothschild or just muppets of the TRUE family & partners standing hidden behind.

    As a matter of historical fact: The Rothschild always fought for peace and freedom and had always been secretarys of governemnts. There is no trading/prosperity in war. They do know by experiance what it means to be ruled…and yes, as a matter of fact there are good governments and bad ones, too. If the “democratic” system has no chance to outcome the truth, then nations end up instable or without a government…. there are a few at the moment in Europe!

    We know by happenings of the begining 20th century how this could end up, if projected to now. FRIGHTEND to see the parallel actions and states, this time and then… WALKERS from “the walking dead” are on their way, trust me.

  10. These Rothschilds and their ilk, have been responsible for genocide about the globe, while using their UNITED STATES, INC. “corporate” war machine to install their corrupt, “interest charging” Central Banks” in virtually every country possible since the 1700’s! They should be internationally indicted, and held responsible for AA of their crimes against humanity, stripped of their wealth and power, and publicly humiliated and flogged! They are 100% responsible for turning the Constitutional Republic of the United States of America, into a corporate killing machine and violator of civil and human rights! BRING ROTHSCHILD’S TO JUSTICE AND SHUT THEM DOWN NOW!!


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