Russia To Completely Fund Greek Pipeline Project


It seems Greece had decided to snub its European “friends” by supporting the construction of a natural gas pipeline with Russia. The pipe is meant to be an extension of the Turkish Stream gas pipeline, according to the Minister of Productive Reconstruction , Environment and Energy of Greece (what a monster of a title!) Mr Panos Skourletis.

Lafazanis stated that the Russian¬†pipeline is more beneficial for Greece than the planned Trans-Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) .”The Russian project will provide more benefits because Greece will own a 50% stake in the pipeline and because tariffs will be higher,” the ex-minister added. I mean, Russia is SO evil that it’s offering Greece’s collapsing economy a better deal than its own European “friends”.


Greece’s Energy Investments Public¬†Enterprise SA and Russia’s VEB Capital are partners in this undertaking, which is financed ENTIRELY by the Russian side to the tune of 2 billion dollars and create 20,000 jobs for the Greek side. Honestly, can anyone think of a better deal?


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  1. Soon Russia and china will be the world’s best friends and Ally.America has proved to be a liar, manipulator, destructive, and europe the puppets need to open your eyes and see where the real Allies are, well done Greece and Russia, Pave the way to a new future

    • Pfffff. Russia has to ‘buy’ their friends. Russia is so pathetic. I find this story comical. It would have been better to not publish this story to be honest. This just highlights how pathetic russia is….they need to ‘buy’ Greeces’ friendship. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

  2. The 20.000 jobs are gone the day the pibeline is done hahaha.

    Only real jobs that exist year round count in my book.

    The rest is fake/fixed numbers to make it look good.

    It may be only 17.000 but they will say 20.000 hahaha.

    The long name thing is also fun.

    The Danish and the Greece politicians are the same on those 2 points.

    – Oh I forgot, all politicians are the same ;))


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