Russian Bombers Hit U.S. Base In Syria



Russian bombers have repeatedly bombed a US airbase in Syria used by secretive elite American and British forces. 

The Russian strikes on the CIA-linked base were part of an operation by Russia to force the U.S. to cease its support of ISIS in Syria, and a warning signal that Russia was fully prepared to deal with a World War 3 scenario if America continued on the same course.

The Moscow Times Reports:

Russian aircraft bombed a rebel base in South-East Syria used by U.S. and U.K. special forces last month, the Wall Street Journal Newspaper reported Friday.

Moscow is allegedly using the strike to pressure the Obama administration into closer cooperation in Syria, the newspaper reported, citing unnamed government sources. It also claimed that Russian plane attacked a site used by families of CIA backed Syrian opposition fighters early this month.

The garrison in the village of At-Tanf near the Jordanian border was attacked June 16. A 20 strong British contingent moved off the site 24 hours prior to the Russian strike, the Wall Street Journal reported.

Following the attack, U.S. forces informed their Russian counterparts in Syria that the garrison was part of the U.S. campaign against the Islamic State and should not be targeted. Roughly 90 minutes later, despite warning signals from U.S. aircraft, Russian planes attacked the site again, the newspaper claimed.

U.S. officials and rebel leaders claim that cluster munitions were used in the attacks and that four people were killed.

A U.S. official with access to classified intelligence described the incident as “very, very serious” and said that there had been the potential for U.S. and Russian jets to engage each other, the Radio Liberty news website reported.

Yury Melnik, a spokesperson for the Russian embassy in Washington, referred all questions on the incident to Russia’s Defence Ministry. The Ministry had not yet responded to requests for a comment, the Wall Street Journal reported.

“In reality, the only objective Russia pursues in Syria is fighting terrorism and we believe that better coordination of Russian and American efforts would contribute to effective pursuit of this objective, as well as to a diplomatic solution of the Syrian crisis,” said Melnik.

Russia began air strikes in Syria in September last year in a bid to fight terrorist groups working in the region. The West has repeatedly accused Moscow of also bombing moderate opposition groups and civilians, a claim which Russia strongly denies. Cooperation between Russian and U.S. forces in the country faces a number of hurdles, including disagreements on the fate of the Syrian leader Bashar Assad and the designation of different armed factions as “terrorist.”

U.S. Foreign Secretary John Kerry and his Russian counterpart Sergey Lavrov reached an agreement in Moscow last week to coordinate strikes against the Al-Nusra Front, an Al Qaeda affiliate.

The Islamic State and the Al-Nusra Front are terrorist organizations banned in Russia.

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  1. Guess what a “airbase in Syria used by secretive elite American and British forces” looks like on satellite photo´s: like a base with troops and lots of weapons – a potential stronghold, in other words.
    And since the britisch an US forces did not bother to inform the russians, guess what? It becomes an attractive target for anyone trying to eliminate strongholds that potentially belong to ISIS. So, who is to blame?

  2. You realize that was a based USED by the US at one point, and not CURRENTLY used by the US. Please stop trying to instill fear in peple by telling lies. Check your sources!!!

  3. Ha, I laugh. Not tgat this isn serious with so many innocent civialins killed by botg the US and Russia, Its all a high stakes game of chess with pawns not part of tge game killed. Makes me sad.

    • I really doubt USA is helping ISIS. I assume that you mix with USA helping some groups that are against the Assad regime in Syria. In fact US made air strikes againts IS in Syria near the border to Turkey to help the kurds keeping their city taht IS attacked. The turks sat on the hills/mountains above on their side of the border with a great number of tanks but did nothing to help against IS. They said ” We can not fight IS alone.”
      Noone asked them to do that but there were other groups fighting IS at that time, Syrian army, Iraqian army, Peshmerga (kurds) and some other groups in Syria.

    • not “HELPING” ISIS, ISIS is an american funded group. Do your research. The American economy needs a war right now. Hense all the propaganda to create it.

  4. Excellent news… Russia should show the American and UK fuckers that they don’t give a shit them. Terrorists are terrorists and if the US twats help them, there legit targets…

      • Russland isn’t commie anymore
        And hes right
        Terrorists are terrorists if the US helps them they’re terrorists
        Russia slays terrorists
        They are terrorists
        Both medias considers the opposite “terrorists”

        • I’m american and I am nearly 100% positive the American military has used acts of terror to break the will of it’s “enemies” by enemies I mean loose ends. I mean would would you call dropping thousands of bombs and shelling the shit out of a country, destroying its military, then walking in and creating a power vacuum, destabilizing the country, then handing all the power to the oppressed people of the nation for favors and trade sanctions to USA, and forcing democracy onto a populace that does not understand democracy. I’m not hashing the Iraqi/Syrian people. But you don’t dump a form of government on a people that have never experienced it before. You ease them into it.

          We learn about it in grade school, it’s in our everyday life, what the fuck is in their textbooks? Hail our leader the dictator? WTF you think will happen. Iraq is FUCKED for the next century. Thank you America. And it was America’s own foreign policy that made this problem, until you realize that the United States of Assholes is the catalyst of the world’s problems then you can start solving them

        • Bamm!!! GO Ry! But people have to see that thous who are in war, are just a tool for the rich! Western countries are brainwashed.They need to study a bit more about other countries before entering into war conversation’s. Non of us people want or need war. ALl groups, divides us, and when they are groups like religion or countries, they bring hate and evil out of so many “Religious” and ” peace full ” peeps!
          Humans are not so smart, its embarrassing to be a human!

      • uk citizen why dont you stop the bull shit the us and your own government invaded iraq and afghanistan based on lies and you know it now your govts are now trying to destabilised the whole middle east both governments are guilty of war crimes thank god someone knows what they are doing get rid of all the
        terrorists president putin

      • He is calling you a fucker, you fuckng terrorist, or should I say a lapdog of the USA. You fucking terrorist assholes. Stay in your own country. How’s it feel to suck up to the US? LOLOL. Fuckers.

  5. What’s interesting is what I’ve read from other sources and this source isn’t telling you unless I missed it is, “The Wall Street Journal reported that the attack occurred on June 16” not a different attack either same US/UK secret base.

  6. Ridiculous that the decision always comes down to bombing whatever/whoever the problem is.. Aren’t all our governors supposed to be the best of the best diplomats?

  7. Bulshit, Pokemon Go Russia will win against any fker. American fker, brit fker, euro fker, and i hope that one day they will cuz u are all some mdrfking rasists, all you do is blame terrorists, but wait USA + UK + EU = suplyng weapons money and moore to all kind of terrorist groups, ITS ALL ABOUT THE GASS

  8. What ever happened to peace in the middle East. I will say as a American born and proud, we should mind our own business. But on the same token if u mess with the u.s. then u get what u get. Just ask Japan what will happen

  9. Every country in the world is a guest to the rest of the world. The rest of the world is bigger and badder than any single nation, even the US. They’d do well to remember that.
    USA is the bully in the playground that hasn’t stopped pushing its luck, it will come to an end soon.

  10. A conflict is brewing. I have been anticipating this conflict from 2011. This isn’t even the first step. You will see what 2019 brings (i think that at least 3 years will pass untill this escalates – but the start [planning phase] was around 2010)… If you watch global events from 2009 up to 2011 close enough you will see that the preparations began then. The only thing that prevents this conflict from happening is fear of it… but it is comming. Everything points to it (you are just not seeing the large picture!).


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