Ryanair Airline Hacked, $5 Million Stolen


Recently, it was discovered that a group of unknown hackers stole $5 million from the Ryanair airline’s bank account. Ryanair didn’t provide any details regarding the attack or the subsequent theft, only stating that, “We are investigating the fraudulent transactions made last week via our Chinese bank.” Ryanair is also trying to figure out exactly what happened, with the help of the bank and other authorities, to ensure that these types of fraudulent transactions don’t happen again.

Ryanair uses its bank account to purchase large amounts of jet fuel and it would appear that during one such purchase, hackers were able to intercept the data and steal the funds.

As previously mentioned, nobody yet knows the group of hackers that were behind this attack, and no one has claimed responsibility, but some cyber security experts suggested that Ryanair has become a target of ‘Dyre Wolf.’ Dyre Wolf is high-level campaign launched by group of hackers who typically target known companies and are usually only after money, which they are able to steal with their own, homemade malware. This malware is forcefully installed on a victim’s system through email.

More about Ryanair: Ryanair is an Irish, low-cost airline that was founded in 1985 by Liam Lonergan, Christopher Ryan and Tony Ryan.

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