San Bernardino Shooting Witnesses Claim 3 White Men, Not The Muslim ‘Terror Couple’, Carried Out The Attacks


What do you know about the San Bernardino shooting? That a married couple – Syed Rizwan Farook, 28, and Tashfeen Malik, 29 – on December 2, shot and killed 14 people at the Inland Regional Center, and that hours later the American Muslim duo died in a shootout about 3.5 miles away? Well, the fact is, you only know what the investigators, the FBI and the mainstream media want you to know.

The FBI Director, James Comey wants you to believe:

They [the ‘terror couple’] were actually radicalized before they started courting or dating each other online, and online as early as the end of 2013, they were talking to each other about jihad and martyrdom before they became engaged and then married and lived together in the United States. We also believe they were inspired by foreign terrorist organizations. We’re working very hard to understand exactly their association and the source of their inspiration.

What the investigators want you to believe:

Police have discovered a potential link to Islamic extremism, saying they believe Malik posted a pledge of allegiance to the Islamic State on Facebook. While there was no evidence ISIS had directed the couple to stage the attack, the FBI claims there was enough evidence of “extensive planning”, and the case was being investigated as an act of terrorism.

The New York Times wants you to believe:

About 11 am, Farook and Malik, dressed in combat gear, entered the building’s east side and sprayed 65 to 75 rounds with assault rifles. A fire alarm was triggered, perhaps by a bullet, setting off the sprinklers. People in nearby buildings sheltered in place, remaining hidden in their offices for two hours. Within four minutes, the police began clearing the scene and evacuating the injured. The suspects had escaped in a black SUV. At about 3 pm, police reported shots fired on a local police scanner. The suspects fired 76 rifle rounds at the police. Local TV stations showed Farook on the ground, near a black SUV riddled with bullet holes. Malik was shot dead in the car, where police discovered 1,600 unused rounds.


The eyewitness accounts that neither the FBI/investigators nor the mainstream media want you to believe:

Witness 1: Witness Sally Abdelmageed, who works at the Inland Regional Center, told CBS:

We saw three men dressed in all black military attire with vests on. They were holding assault rifles and as soon as they opened the door to building three, one of them started to shoot all over into the room, that’s the room that we typically have conferences in, and we just heard more gunshots go off. I reached for my phone. I called 9-1-1 and I just hid under my desk…

I couldn’t see his [gunmen’s] face, he had a black hat on and from my view all I could see was a black hat and black long sleeve shirt, possibly gloves on. He had black cargo pants on, the kind with the zippers on the side and the big puffy pockets. He had a huge assault rifle and he had extra ammo… It looked like their skin color was yeah, was white. They looked like they were athletic in build and they appeared to be tall.

Witness 2: Mark Stutte, who works in information technology for the county’s public health department, said his daughter called him from the scene, at the Inland Regional Center, and described the exact same thing.

It was like a Christmas party, an award party that we were having. She went to the restroom and she called me. She was huddled up in the restroom, and three gunmen came in and they started shooting people — colleagues that I work with.

Witness 3: Chris Nwadike, a third San Bernardino shooting eyewitness, recently told reporters he received a phone call from an unknown person at around 7 pm, on the evening of the shooting. Nwadike said that the person who called him, told him that he must say that Farook was the shooter [Video].

No it’s not him [Farook]. I told them about it. He’s quiet. He doesn’t make any trouble. He was just spraying bullets everywhere. But the gunman was not Syed, or his wife.

Witness 4: Juan Hernandez, another eyewitness, told a local NBC affiliate he saw “three white men in military fatigues” leaving the scene.

The hunt for one to three suspects was taking place near a San Bernardino center where as many as 20 people were shot Wednesday, authorities said,” Fox News reported an hour after shots rang out at the Inland Regional Center.

Fox News tweets were followed by BuzzFeed News tweets that indicated police had apprehended a third person:

David S. Chelsey, an attorney for Farook’s family, describes numerous ways that the official story of that horrible crime “doesn’t add up”.

There’s a lot of disconnects, and there’s a lot of unknowns, and a lot of things that quite frankly don’t add up… Farook and his wife didn’t appear to have the necessary background and skill set… Malik, who was nursing a newborn child, was only about 90 pounds, so it’s unlikely she could even carry a weapon, or wear some type of a vest, or do any of this.

Dr. Steve Pieczenik, former United States Department of State official, told Alex Jones he is skeptical of the official narrative.

“You had a woman who was supposedly a Pakistani who went to Saudi Arabia, was less than a hundred pounds being able to wear a vest…carry guns, and at the same time shoot and twitter, absolutely impossible,” Pieczenik said, adding that the incident transposes Sandy Hook and its underlying predicate is gun control for Obama. “His last wish, his dying wish… is that we have gun control in the United States.”

Was San Bernardino a false flag? What would you like to believe?

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  1. Alex Jones is a nut and his show is garbage. Fueling conspiracy theories like this is not what the Anonymous movement is about. you are tarnishing your image by publishing stuff like this.

  2. Tashfeen Malik’s weight is irrelevant!!!! How many women do we have that serve our country and are as small as this lady and carry out weapons, there military attire/bullet proof vest, and combat boots?? So her weight is irrelevant. And these pics of them how they actually look like oppose to how the media wants us to believe how they look like. We woman don’t wear makeup everyday. I do believe there’s more to this story than they want us to believe.

      • Ok put any person in full combat dress …..cover all of their skin except around their eyes and then tell me just exactly who is who….. And guess what … A normal size ar-15 would look”HUGE” in the arm of A small person and when your on the ground looking up the chance of you miss judging height is a real possibility

        • Multiple eyewitness testimony saw three armed gun men. A woman who dresses in niqab would never wear fitted military gear which could show the silhouette of her body.

  3. This makes no sense at all. If the government was trying to blame this attack on a Muslim couple, why would they send in three white guys who look like government black ops guys to do the job? The government isn’t fucking stupid.

    • No, the government is not stupid but enough of the people are. I am not saying that there is truth to this allegation but it would not be the first time that such a thing has taken place and it most certainly won’t be the last.

        • Well there’s Operation Northwoods that almost happened, there’s COINTELPRO that DID happen, then there’s the Lavon Affair, Operations Ajax and Gladio, the Gulf of Tonkin…just to name a few.

  4. well I was listening to the scanner when this shoot out happened….it was called in as 3 white males dressed in tatical gear…..kept listening to the scanner during the whole situation, they got 911 calls of white men taking of tatical gear off in a black SUV, then next heard a black SUV was being chased, then heard the shoot out over the scanner, what the media was saying was totally different from what the scanner was saying….so I’m not sure who is lying…..the witness’s, the police, or the media…….but I do believe what my ears heard…..don’t go replying to me with dumb crap I’m a 54 year old grandmother who lives 30’s minutes away from where this all took place, the reason I was listening to the scanner. The truth will either be buried for years…like a lot of other history, or it will come out…..I for one will not live in fear because of a religion….

    • Who has the most to gain from lying? I would say it’s the police and the media. I trust the witnesses. If I’m getting shot at or see someone shooting, I’d be sure to take a good look at the person shooting.

      • I think if you’re getting shot at, you’d take cover as soon as possible, as such you’d be looking anywhere BUT at the shooter(s)

      • Police,media & White America-if you-as a government-want to demonise a particular group of people-you do it any way/place/time you choose,&the public will just lap up the ‘mainstream media’-to feed their bigotry & race hatred..

      • The U.S. war machine. See, they are using false fear tactics to instill fear, make one believe we need to take isis down (who we created for destabilization of middle east) and eventually persuade public opinion as far as sending troops to Syria as Assad, who like Gaddafi, doesn’t use the U.S. dollar (Gov paid rebels to take him down because he wanted to use own currency which is a no no to warlords),is thee target in all of this. 43% of suckers favor troops in Syria now. Mission being accomplished. Also, they want to rewrite the gun laws. Not disarm but rewrite. Expect another false flag from the 21st to the 23rd (if so,a very minor shooting drill. Or the week after Xmas (which I doubt as the focus needs to be after Xmas sales),but I guarantee a false flag the first week of January.
        I called the last one. I posted on Facebook on the 28th, the day after xgiving, to expect a false flag I the coming week. It happened the following Tuesday. It wasn’t meant to happen during black Friday nor the weekend as it was corporate sales time. I reposted my spot on false flag prediction.
        So expect more of the same crap. Extremely questionable drills, shootings,and I expect a major false flag in U.S. this coming Jan-Feb which will likely be the one to finally send troops to kill and die.
        The war machine must go on. It’s money. “Terrorist” are the perfect enemy to keep constant greed for war.

        • I’m not a hard core conspiracy theorist BUT- I will back your equation. Since I’m just a bored house wife I call those “Slow news days”. EVERY single time it dies down and the really stupid shit- like the REALLY stupid shit even my dead grandma wouldn’t have wasted time reading in the “funny papers” for shits and giggles- I think – Oh well- be prepared because something bad is gonna happen because it’s a “Slow News Day” They gotta make some money and POOF! There it is. San Bernardino.- and not just that time. The morning of 9/11 I was reading the paper and thinking- DAMN! That’s a lot of suicide bombers (always the little excerpts on the side) and POOF! Cheney got his wet dream finale. I don’t think the majority of this country realizes what our own government has done/doing and/or is capable of. Maybe I’ve watched too many X-Files as a kid. :/

    • I was watching coverage pretty closely from shortly after the news began to break, and the reports from witnesses and from responding officers was clearly being given as 3 large men dressed in military gear.
      Also odd, at the scene of the shootout with the van, at first, it was being told a 3rd person had rolled out of the van and ran away but had been apprehended and was in custody. Then that 3rd person just got dropped from the story.No a lot isn’t adding up.

  5. Nothing does add up I agree. What if Farook was told to leave the party before hand, or, he did get angry called his wife to pick him up. In a black SUV and the police shot up the wrong SUV. Sadly we will never know the truth. They just had a child had the American dream. Everyone said three people I do not believe that many people could be wrong

  6. The womans weight is irrelevant. Ar15s are amazingly light and have almost no recoil. A small woman would have no problem handling and shooting one. I hate conspiracy theories like this. The moon landing was a hoax too. Give me a break.

    • 200 rds of 5.56 (ammo for an AR 15) weighs 33lbs plus a vest (each plate back and front 7lbs each)and compensation for recoil, and she recently gave birth and is currently breastfeeding, that’s not possible.

      • Not possible? I think you mean not probable. That’s DEFINITELY possible. I have an AR15 and my little 100lb sister could carry/shoot the gun and 30 lbs of gear no problem. How do you know she had a BULLETPROOF vest and not a 3lb tactical vest? How do you know she was actually carrying 200 rounds? I’m not saying she did it. I’m saying yes, that’s definitely possible. Being 90 lbs does not mean she couldn’t have done it.

  7. A tall white man does not look the same as a 90 pounds small female asian. All witnesses would have rememberd that one of the shoooters was such a small female. This whole thing smells bad and authority contradicts its self many times in their statements

  8. As with 9/11, Boston bombing and others, pay attention to first eye and ear witness accounts. These are explaining to their best ability what they saw and heard without agenda OR rehearsal . These accounts always go unfiltered right away by the media because they’re fresh and all of them look for a Breaking News deal. But as time goes by, the story and even the witnesses begin to change. Be skeptical about it and remember that the more time passes the harder it will be to get fresh truth.

  9. Notice how the argument to get rid of encryption was immediately thrown out there!! But if this took place after he argued with a coworker, there was no need for encryption! And to tweet while shooting an AR lol! Come on these are the same people that want you to believe a 757 crashed into the pentagon, yet no black box, wings or wheels were ever located or shown plus the hole left in the pentagon was the size of a 2 door garage! Yet it was hit with a 757! The government doesn’t care about how messy the story is because of losers like you who believed Iraq had yellow cake! And they knew every after they admitted to not knowing for sure if sadaam had yellow cake they knew they would get away with it because of trash people like you who believe the media! The same that is owned by G&E you fuckin loser!

  10. Like the “terrorist” attacks of 9/11/2001; this matter requires further investigation by a nongovernmental(USA)independent organization.Perhaps Amnesty Intenational could do the investigation ?

  11. I’m not sure what I believe about this situation. But I will tell you this. I’m a small woman and I shoot an AR on the regular. With great accuracy, I might add.

    • I doubt a small women who spent the last yr growing a baby inside of her, has the time to hit up the range yet alone carrying 57lbs min of ammo and armor while maintaining the rapid rate of fire on a fully automatic. Not to mention post partum and breastfeeding come on impossible.

      • You are ignorant. My wife gave birth 5 months ago. She started running 3 mile runs FOUR WEEKS after giving birth.

        Also, her gun wasn’t full auto. It was semi auto. Shot an AR lately? I have two of them. They weigh under 7 lbs and have no recoil. A 9 year old could shoot it effectively. If the shooter was trained military there would have been way more deaths and less injuries. Because head or chest shots close range equals death. Limb shots equals injury.

        Not saying she was the one that did this. I’m simply saying your reason why it wasn’t her is pretty ridiculous.

        • I’m thinking more of the visual… what somebody would see, rather than if a tiny woman could actually use this gun or not.

          The husband was reportedly at least 6 feet tall (tall and lanky) and the woman was petite and short. It would be totally normal – in such a tense situation when shooters entered a building – that witnesses would assume that these shooters (with masks and clad in military outfits) …were men.

          But try to imagine what this couple would have looked like to the witnesses? They would have looked like Mutt and Jeff. Believing they were both men… “she” would have been an awfully short man because a petite woman equals a very small man. So the witnesses description would have resembled more: 2 men, one tall and one short. The height difference would have been too obvious.

      • My wife is the same build and carries are 5 year old 35 lb in a baby holder. She can walk around with him all day the baby carrier used her back to support the kid so a tactical vest would help her carry that weight so yea possible.

      • I just gave birth to twins 3 months ago and im 5’3 and i hit the shooting range all the time. Its my relaxing time from the stress of taking care of the kids and not being able to do anything during my pregnancy. And i work out with a weight vest that i can change the weight on. So ya we women can do a lot more then your little mind can comprehend. And i was prior service and had to cary m16 and my whole gear weighing in over 50lbs including my rucksack. Its possible.

  12. Everybody! Stop discussing things we know the truth about, lets DO SOMETHING! Im not a genius here, i just want to say something maybe a genius will come with a idea. Is it possible to start something up like a petition that goes viral, so that people world wide can sign it, a petition for the arrest of former president, presidents etc who commited war crimes, and Rotchechild, Rockefeller etc, and more criminals who run this planet. They dont work solid, there are leaks everywhere look at the Charlie Hebdo case, did you know people around the world could sue him, for breaking the law? No, neither did i until i read the constitution and they did break the law artikel 1 in fact and in the Netherlands another law. And so much more, We have the internet, we have millions world wide who are awake we just need to study their own weapons they are using against us and turn it against them, the internet, the laws democracy etc. We need to come up with something if we want to stay safe behind our computers then we need to work with the tools we have. Share this copy paste it everywhere maybe someone will come up with a solid plan. Thank you, lets put everything aside all our differences, opinions, pride, hate etc and UNITE, if there are haters and people who dont want to be a part of the truth dont give them any attention they will go crazy, just ignore them, that is the best key : Empower them with silence.

  13. So the suspects were wearing tactical gear. Malik always wore her religious stuff. I would like to read what she was wearing, there is a photo of him, in black tactical gear, I would like to see a photo of her.

  14. The woman didn’t drive. She weighed 90 lbs. it seems. Described as housewife, docile pharmacy student. These two could have been taken hostage and forced into wearing the attire they were found dead in…She is photographed face down in fitted khaki shorts above the knees with a short black blouse with midriff exposed. This is not the attire of a supposed “radicalized” ultra-conservative Muslim woman. A lady with a 6-month old baby…This is the most outrageously ridiculous scenario presented by both law enforcement and the main stream media. There were two eyewitnesses to the actual shootout as reported by PEOPLE News: Dwight Thomas & Jose Rocha clearly stated that they SAW the actual shootout with the police! And there were THREE WHITE GUNMEN…Two of whom took off, one of whom was dropped!

  15. It appears we may have some shill comments amongst the legitimate ones. Typical. The truth always seems to attract flies, trying to obscure facts with disinfo bullshit.

  16. there are people who will go to extreme lengths to make people believe that someone else did just to add fuel to the fire that is burning.

  17. One person will blow this ridiculous article out of the water…the grandmother. They left they baby with her and then proceeded to depart in the rented black SUV just hours before the shooting. Then to top that off, they found that the couple were making explosives and collecting ammunition for weeks before the shooting. That doesn’t sound like false flag to me. They did it and the 3rd suspect is being interrogated, which you will not read in the news.

  18. I don’t get what advantage on gun control is provided by changing the story. Three white guys in military gear fits the profile of fringe groups, which is one of the primary foci of gun control regulation. Clearly something doesn’t add up.

  19. Trump on the loose… Another Hitler in the making… Conspiracy theories like this happens everytime and everywhere for some reasons best known to the planners. What Do we need to do to face this monstrous politicians??? It could be anybody next time…….

  20. You know what’s interesting? The people on here know more about what happened in San Bernardino more than the witnesses who were actually there. There is one fact in this and it is that the witnesses, the injured and the police all know exactly what took place because they were THERE. #That is all.

  21. maybe I misunderstood but why is he using the first witness Sally to confirm what he believes to be true. She said they saw three white males all dressed in black and then said they could not see their faces so how does this prove they were white. This contradicts his story and contradicts herself. Doesn’t make sense. And then the witness that said an unknown caller called him and told him to say it was Farook, I mean come on that statement holds no weight at all. Where’s the proof. You can’t attempt to call them out on what you think is a cover up without solid proof to back up what your saying.

  22. Soo…the ammunition they had in the car after they were gunned down was also placed there by law enforcement officials even though we saw everything live on tv. Or wait…maybe the swine couple knew that ONE day homeland security officials would try to frame them one day, so they were ready with all the weaponry and mass ammo. I gotch’ all makes sense now. Why, aren’t you people inspector gadgets! Morons.

  23. Nothing adds up here but to me I think the Government is behind all this that’s happening in This world, witnesses described the shooters as 3 tall white men I was also hearing the scanner the time of the shooting and they did describe the suspects as 3 white men , what I think is they paid farook and malik to get framed as the shooters cause 2 weeks before the San Bernardino shooting money was deposited in there bank , the media tells us what they want too so we can feed into their lies and get brainwashed they want us to focus on this and not see the truth behind what the Government is really doing, just like the Paris attack the witnesses described the shooters as 3 tall white men , I don’t know but the Government is up to something .

  24. Why did the feds leave all that evidence in their apt.? A “terrorist” group and you just leave i.d’s and passports,s.s cards,boxes of paperwork,pictures of their friends and family they may need to question? I call BULLSH*T!

  25. Dumb asses 4 of the survivors worked with the shooters, they knew who shot them over some dumb ass secind hand witness not in prime location of the shootings, one survivorcwas his the males supervisor, lmao ya,think hes not going to know whos shooting at him, lmao

  26. I remembered when the breaking news were coming out, and their were talking about three white shooters, dress on military fatigue, they mentioned the same thing for more than an hour. I’ll never forget that, because I was too surprise when they change the story to 2 muslim shooters.

  27. My mom was listening to a radio show when the raid took place in which the suspects were killed. Neighbors who had been looking through the cracks in their curtains claimed that the couple was handcuffed and defenseless when they were shot. Also my aunt is friends with the woman who was president and CEO at the time. The woman called my aunt on her way there telling her that employees had called her saying “3 men” had started shooting. The employees originally thought it was a “terrorist drill” because they had just the week before gone through the governments’ training program regarding what to do in the event of a terrorist attack. Apparently these men were dressed like the mercenary group that the government has been using during these exercises. All I know is this, I am pretty sure it has to do with the quality of the water not being safe to drink. 1 victim was a woman who had found toxic levels in a hotel pool. Another was a man who had come out of retirement to take over something to do with the SB water. He used to be in Riverside. Definitely a false flag!


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