Scam Call Backfires [Hilarious Video]: How This Funny Guy Scammed The Online Scammers!


You may have heard innumerable times how scammers who pretend to work for a tech company look for elderly people on the Internet to fool them. These potential victims are often not well-versed with computers and frequently misspell names of popular sites like Facebook or Craigslist – in the end they become easy targets for scammers who convince them that their computers are infected, sway them to provide remote access, charge them hundreds of dollars to fix non-existence problems before stealing their personal data.


But this time one of these scammers bumped into a young guy who cleverly scammed them without them noticing and after 3 minutes of him ‘behaving like a victim’, the scammers cut the call and the number was disconnected after two hours of this video going live!

A must-watch and a must-share video if you ever see a popup with a warning sign “PLEASE CALL THIS NUMBER AS SOON AS POSSIBLE”. Either call back to have fun like Jack did, or just prevent your data from stealing by closing the popup!


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  1. mine was from windows…guy tried for 30 plus minutes for me to gve up the dough….when he finally realized i wasnt going to do it….he hung….ohhh welll……
    they said i had 7432[?] virses, trojans and such…

  2. Spammers and scammers make internet suck. Anonymous, please make a submission form through which people can submit spam or scam websites and you guys could blow those websites off the internet like a feather. Do it.

  3. well… i know the most knowen kind of mobile scamming in DK is people calling from a paynumber that cost like 50 DKK (about 10 USD) per minute you speeking with them.. but the thing is… it only cost you money if youre the caller so they call you up… hang up.. waiting for you to call them and then you do theres like a 3-4 hour wait time så you get changed for like 10k DKK if your waiting for them to take it…

  4. i regularly get scammers phoning and saying they work for microsoft and asking me if i am at my computer right now because there is a problem with it they need to check….of course i tell them to fuck off straight away. im just glad my elderly parents dont use a computer because they would FOR SURE be sucked in by these scams if they did have a computer

  5. I had a phone where a pop up said to update my java, java doesn’t that. Updates happen automatically after your initial PC setup. Welllll, soon my phone was locked saying the FBI was watching me and said I was biewi g child porn, torture porn, and zoophilia. The clincher was they wanted me to send $200 to a PayPal account! Bye ewy, I had an acquantaince who worked for the sherrifs dpt and that’s a scam, the FBI would’ve arrested me right away. Gave them my phone, was reset, they and thecFBI traced it back to a Santa Monica California porn ring and busted over 200 individuals!


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