SHOCKING: Cop Raped Woman While Her Infant Daughter Was In Bed


24-year-old Ryan James Bruggink, former Grand Rapids Police officer, sexually assaulted a woman while her infant daughter was asleep in the bed with her. The victim, who testified against Bruggink recently in Wyoming, Michigan District Court, said Bruggink called her a “ghetto piece of sh*t” as he raped her. “I couldn’t breathe. I couldn’t even talk,” she added.

The two met in January 2014 through Facebook but the affair didn’t last long. They remained friends even after calling off their relationship, but on the evening of November 24, 2014, he sent her a text message saying he wanted to come over. Despite her refusal, he broke the door of her house down at 3.30 am and barged in.


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The victim said he slapped her, penetrated her sexually and choked her. She was finally able to get away from him, punched him, screamed and threw a trash can at him. He pulled up his pants, put on his boots and left. She accepted that during their previous sexual encounters, she did engage in some minor rough sex but nothing like what was going on that night against her will.

I was scared to call the police. He was police. I told him to stop, but he flashed his Grand Rapids Police badge, which he said gave him the right to do what he wanted,” she stated under oath. He was arrested after she eventually called the Michigan State Police the next day. Currently out on bail, Bruggink faces life in prison on three counts of CSC-1 and one count of home invasion.



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  1. I know the victim very well. This story is true.He is extremely wealthy and connected in GR.The victim would call me and tell me how this police officer would kick dead victims when he responded, laughing.He would also joke about raping woman.”in
    “What would that dude do if I just snatched his woman and raped her”?
    We told her he was sick and she should report him.she was too scared
    Who would care?


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