Show Me Your Nudes Or I Will Shoot – Student Vows To Shoot And ‘Kill All The Girls’


A teen from Highland High School, located in Idaho, forced the school to close briefly after the fifteen-year-old teenager reportedly threatened, via social media, to bring a weapon to class and kill the girls. His reason? Because they refused to show him nude pictures of themselves. The teenager has since been arrested and is being held for verbal harassment and threatening violence at an educational institution.

The school, located in Pocatello, Idaho, began monitoring access that morning following the “trending” of comments on various social media websites regarding the teen, who was sharing his thoughts of murdering female students. One pupil states that the student was specifically upset that not a single cheerleader wanted to talk about their naked pictures with him.

highland school
Image Source: Google Image – A picture of HighLand High School’s front view.

“Highland, where some freshman makes fun of the disabled children, asks the entire dance/cheer team for nudes, and then cries,” read one post from Twitter.

Local News 8 posted screen shots of the messaging taking place between the teen and one of the cheerleaders he was trying to exploit. “I am serious I have a twelve gauge shotgun and a nine-millimeter pistol… I will bring and start killing everyone.”

The young lad went on to say that he had a hunting knife, and then revealed his plan that he had all figured out. He wanted to start from the top rooms of the building and come down all the way to the bottom and then finish the killings in the weights rooms. To which the girls replied, “This. Over freaking nudes? Dude.” He further went on to say that he was, “doing this because everyone hated him and that he would kill himself in the end.”

The Idaho State Journal also stated that the student made use of his Facebook and Twitter profile to post threatening and harassing messages to a lot of Highland High School kids — in which the majority of messages were sent to females.

SOURCES: Local News 8, Idaho State Journal

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  1. Since when is anonymous about ultra leftwing anti gun lies? It goes against everything we are supposed to standfor. We are not brainwashed liberal cowards. Has anonhq been infiltrated? Non of this seems right at all

    • I think you are not getting the point here. Look at what the guy does, he is taking advantage off the fear of people. Don’t you see the deeper meaning of this post? The US are at a point where everybody can hand out threats like ads n the street – if there is a gun or not. It is disturbing and means that whats going on in the states is also leading to more people thinking that this is an option after all. Use your head. If you appreciate Anonymous for what they do then make sure you understand whats happening in the world. Don’t insult, read between the lines.

  2. Why…oh why is anonhq anti gun? We are not brainwashed cowards. This type of nonsence is completely against everything anons are supposed to stand for. I think anonhq has been infiltrated PLEASE say it aint so.

  3. I Don’t get why people are saying they have been “Infiltrated”… I love everything this idea means, It has nothing to do with fucking gun laws, That subject is entirely Opinion based and you Can’t ridicule people for thinking differently to you.

  4. DAVE: If you read on other media, “(I’m) serious I have a 12 gauge shotgun and a 9 mm pistol I will bring and start killing everyone,” one message said. “I also have hunting knives I can bring.” ( )

    SANCHO PANZA: ANON doesn’t mean you’re pro-gun or anti-gun but it could very well mean you’re anti-idiot-with-gun. You cite “ultra left-wing anti gun lies”. Can you give me an example of one of these lies please? This will require some facts so here, lets start you off with this article ( ). When you’re done that come back and refute any of those points.

  5. Seems like “anonymous” is speaking with a “forked tongue” these days. Telling us we need to protect ourselves from tyrannical government and a police state and then condemning the very gun ownership we need to protect ourselves from that tyrannical government and police state. So which is it? Protect ourselves or give up the means to do so? Or are you just the man behind the curtain yourself? I’ve got news for you, Anonymous. The man who thinks the pen is mightier than the sword was hung for treason because he and his supporters didn’t have enough guns on their side.

  6. My opinion is this story reflects the “all about me; give me what I want or else” mentality socialistic liberals have pushed into society. Not to mention another way to further their gun control agendas. I wonder if they were the spoiled kids and/or the bullies in school to grow up and be elected? Then supported by others with the “me” mentality….just a thought….

  7. Yea I don’t read this article as anti-gun. This is showing what is happening to our culture. Because of our media, these kids are so desperate to be the popular kid or the football player and getting laid in high school, that the idea of learning and crafting an awesome life for themselves doesn’t even cross their mind anymore. Its all about American Idol, the cardashions, gangsters with attitude, the voice, arrogance, football, sex, facebook, new cell phones, fashion……

    Meanwhile the average kid in Japan is studying trig in the eighth grade. We are creating a population of bubblegumer TMZ self conscious idiots, while other countries are getting ready for a technocratic world that will be dominated by the most intelligent society. And when I flip on my television, I don’t think that will be us.

  8. Did I only get part of the article or something? This has nothing whatsoever to do with Anon ‘being anti-gun’, it’s an article illustrating how pathetic and twisted the mindset of today’s youth has become. Stop derping in public guys, seriously. As for the article itself, holy freaking Cthulhu’s tits batman O.o what in the actual f**k is wrong with this kid? How does it even get to that point?? Isht like this makes me absolutely terrified for my children, this is literally the stuff of nightmares *shudders*


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