Single Mom Faces 11 Years in Jail For Gun Possession – Despite Having a Permit


A Philadelphia mom is facing over a decade in prison for carrying a firearm, even though she had a valid Concealed Carry permit.

27-year-old medical assistant Shaneen Allen had been previously robbed twice, and had legally obtained the Pennsylvania permit to protect herself and her two young boys.

As it was valid in over 30 other states, she assumed her license would apply in neighbouring New Jersey. When driving through the state last October, she was pulled over for allegedly unsafe lane change. She volunteered to the cop that she was armed at the time and had a legal permit, and even showed a purchase receipt.

Unfortunately this was not valid in New Jersey, a state with strict gun laws. She was handcuffed and spent 46 days in jail, has since been fired from her job, and is currently awaiting trial.

Superior Court Judge Michael Donio decided Allen was not covered by the gun amnesty period for the surrender of firearms in New Jersey that was ongoing at the time of her arrest.

The Atlantic County Prosecutor also denied Allen the Pre-Trial Intervention Program, which would have helped her avoid a criminal conviction and jail time. The same prosecutor had accepted NFL player Ray Rice onto the program after a violent assault charge. The judge refused to overrule this decision.

The prosecutor is then said to have offered Allen 5 years in prison with no option of parole for 3.5 years, in exchange for a guilty plea. Despite having no prior criminal record,  and the fact that she owned her gun and had a valid permit, single mom Allen faced a minimum of 3 years in prison.

On Tuesday, Judge Donio was unforgiving and refused to dismiss the case. Allen now reportedly faces a maximum of 10 years in prison for possessing a concealed weapon, and an additional 18 months for possession of hollow-point bullets.

The case has since garnered the attention of national media outlets, and has been described as “an honest mistake” by Allen herself. Her sons face growing up without a present mother, and New Jersey’s gun laws are under national scrutiny.

The trial is scheduled for October 6th.






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  1. This is totally outrageous and the Judge is an asshole ! So is the cop, so is everyone involved for persecuting this mother. I guess they must also be racist and don’t like Black Women carrying guns ! Someone needs to rescue her right now and fire the Judge and related persons !

    • she is right no need to pull a race card and if she had a concealed carry licence one if you get pulled over or have any confrontation with police you most present concealed licence as well as drivers licence and when you get your licence to own a concealed you are given a list of states that your licence is valid in if it is not valid in a state you are passing through you must abide by there laws which means unload said fire arm and place in 2 different areas of the vehicle i understand she is a single mom but she broke the concealed carry laws she needs to do the time for her crime

      • She doesn’t need to do time Stephanie!! We have the right to bear arms, and her facing 10 years of prison is insane!! The people who robbed her are probably doing less time, if any. She didn’t do anything wrong. She didn’t try to hurt someone, she was protecting herself and her children.

      • Are you a fucking Idiot?? Like really are? she don’t deserve to do time for shit she didn’t do you fucking bitch, I really hate dumb mfs like you.

    • The permit holder bears the responsibility to check the neighboring state laws, and the responsibility to obey them. It is more than a pain in the ass to comply, but it saves jail time. Being stopped for a bogus claim like lane change whatever it was, is an obvious Road Pirate stop, for the purpose of robbery of a citizen, therefore the judge is in on it, too. She’ll get out of it if she can pay a big enough fine, but the gun is now riding in a pig’s car until the day he needs a throw down gun to justify a miurder.

  2. This is wrong in every aspect for NJ law to disregard her home states laws. To push the maximum on a single mom with two boys, the law is not doing anything but doing wrong all together. It makes me sick to see how law enforcement and the judicial system not take in account the complete circumstances in which this whole story began. This is a complete disregard to freedom of rights to bare arms and to remove these rights is just ignorance. If I was the judge, I would listen to all evidence with out having my mind set in stone. NJ you just piss me off.

    • I was arrested for the very same thing in 2008. At the time i was an active duty soldier. The prosecutor did not care. They made exceptions for white people who had similar charges but refused to acknowledge any reason that i had for carrying a weapon. I can take my weapon onto a plane but not in New Jersey.

    • She needs to demand common law jurisdiction. Rules of habeas corpus. victim no charge…go for jury trial. Its her right under the constitution bill of rights I believe 6th article.

  3. That’s outrageous. They establish two different standards. It is no wonder that black citizens are so jaded, that their children can be murdered in the street by the neighborhood watch and the police. When a black lady is beaten down on a highway like she were the opponent in a UFC match. Something has got to give with an over reaching police force, who no are brandishing chariots of war and pointing machine guns at crowds. Has this country forgotten what happened at Kent State. The past gets repeated when you fail to remember the past. To point a gun and shoot an unarmed suspect should be considered murder. Since they have released the name of the killer cop in Ferguson, their tactic no is to instead of having true emotion for the victim, they besmirch the character of the victim. Police seem to have a might makes right attitude, and the more war equipment they receive the more they potentially are viewing the public as the enemy. I’m venting. I’m white, and I’m pissed too!

  4. More absurdity of a stupid country, where the good becomes the bad and the bad becomes the good. In reality cops are evil paramilitary trigger happy bitches, judges are assholes and all the Law and the Freedom and the Justice is all bullshit and the good people are getting fucked day in day out ( like this single woman with two kids, of course she wants protection: she is a woman and all the thugs have guns). Good luck, I’m leaving this shithole. I gave enough and can’t deal with all the psychopaths in power. When all the good people leave this land the assholes can start cannibalizing each other. Oh happy days.
    And if they think they can start fucking the rest of the world they will get their asses kicked out of shear enemy numbers. and then this country can be reborn. fuck it.

  5. soooo, were is the outrage of the NRA and it’s lobbist? shouldn’t they be there standing up for her 2nd amendment rights as a citizen of these United States to own and carry a handgun? with a license to carry said handgun?????Oh wait.. that right only applies to white people and George Zimmerman

  6. Fuck the system, it’s ridiculous! This poor woman should be released immediately with no charges! Anonymous, you have to do something! Otherwise who’s gonna protect us, the simple folk? The government?! -.-“

    • we are all anonymous, and only we can protect ourselves. Crying out for help (even from Anonymous) is useless. You need to become active (not just you, but all of us) if you ever expect anything
      to change.

    • i know right i can remmeebr about 10 years ago non of this happend now when obama came in this shit is happening and nobody will stand up somebody needs to take action !

      • Haha yeah right 10 years ago the law was perfect and nobody ever got unfairly prosecuted for anything. Oh and we didn’t have to pay taxes either.

  7. America hasn’t changed yet.I am sure if it was a white man he/she won’t be locked up like this woman there are Losts of bullshits in America that needs to be solved like seriously.

  8. That’s aweful news, people don’t have a right to protect their families anymore and the police are to incompetent to deal with genuine crime as it is. Free this woman and let her go home to her kids you fucking arseholes! Good luck guys n girls from England

  9. If this is how the world is, fuck the fucking judges and police!!! they are fucking nuisance and waste of space. In America , Police think they are the top of everything and know one is above them to stop it. I now see why they are threats again the people by god written in every holy book.

  10. This definitely appears to be a honest mistake made by the lady, and hopefully this will be overturned. However why is the race card always played when it comes to a black person being arrested? No one knows if the office was black either. We have it a lot, when a black is arrested/assaulted/killed by the white, it’s always a racist attack yet when it’s the other way round, it’s not. Here in uk, we had a black killed by a group of whites, every knows of him, no so long a go a white was killed by a group of blacks, and it’s barely mentioned and a lot are not even aware. It works both ways. In this case, I think race isn’t the case as the basketball player was black.

  11. I live just outside Philly and also have a CCP (Concealed Carry Permit). This is a prime example of why it is imperative we know the letter of the law considering the view of The State is and has always been, “ignorance is no excuse.” That they count on our collective ignorance is the least in this travesty of justice. Ray Rice had money, fame, and the full weight of the NFL on his side. He is by virtue of his position part of the 1% club if by no other standard than his ability to enrich their coffers. The real travesty here is the subjective application of justice as far as implementing the rule of law is concerned. She is a gainfully employed, mother of two with no priors. Her crime, aside from ignorance, is her lack of wealth, social status, power, and influential friends.

  12. why isn’t her home state up in arms over this? this is basically NJ giving a one finger salute to Pennsylvania’s state laws. NJ judge, cops etc are stupid as this could easily be seen as a violation of the 2end amendment. since she was legally carrying the gun. if permits don’t matter when it comes to going from one place to another then why even have them? maybe permits should be put on a federal level so that they circumvent any and all gun control laws. because to me if your responsible enough to get a permit for a gun and take all the precautions when owning/using said gun then you more then deserve to have it ANYWHERE.

  13. Her and her children look like a real threat you, me, and the people of New Jersey. This so called society that we live in here in America is disgusting. We hold 8% of the worlds population, yet 25% of that population resides in a prison cell for crimes that never should have been considered Illegal in the first place. The largest percentage of incarcerated people in the world. Cops, Lawyers Judges, and Politicians all need to be paid somehow I guess. Pass more useless laws incarcerate more people and soon the society will only consist of the wealthy, the law makers, and the law enforcers, who will they arrest then?

  14. Maybe soon we can all expect draconian, unconstitutional laws like NJ! Just when you think they had finally hit bottom as a state, they come up with this. I’m a licensed Concealed Carry citizen, military trained and Oath keeper. I will never again be found anywhere in that state (evidently they won’t mind) nor will I purchase any product or service produced in this draconian state. GOOD RIDDANCE, pray you never need help from people like me, there are multi-millions, you won’t get it. Get your act together! Are you ALL so stupid you don’t understand what’s happening?

  15. Im white with a black brother. This IS about race. And when i hear ppl say “Don’t pull the race card” or “This isn’t about race”, all im hearing is “The race issue makes me uncomfortable”. White people are the first to feel uncomfortable about race. Americans, especially, don’t like to be reminded about the ‘American Indian’ or ‘Black Slavery’. And when it comes to law? Minorities are the easiest.

    Law Enforcement have quota’s to fill, they HAVE to make a certain amount of traffics stops, write a certain amount of tickets and make a number of arrests, in any given period- or they face disciplinary action (i.e Dangerous Transfers or Desk Assignments). Minorities are easier to target for quota’s, because they don’t fight bogus charges like whites. A cop will shove a minority, that minority will curse the officer out and BOOM!- Assaulting an officer of the law, Blocking a public thoroughfare, Resisting Arrest, Disorderly Conduct…things that scream “Contempt of Cop”.

    And just like that, everyone gets paid. That innocent minority, who was treated like a dog, is now going thru the system. The officer gets paid, the judge gets paid, the lawyers get paid, and its all by the Tax Payers. NYC Citizens paid for 700,000 Code 520’s, %87 against Minorities. So…tell me again about this NOT being about race.

    And why did i point out i have a black little brother? I live in a town of 11,000 called Moss Bluff, Louisiana. Its %90 white. And trust me, my little brother cant wait for his school bus without cops pulling along side him going “Hey there, boy!”. I see the racism he goes thru every day, because he doesn’t just deal with it…the WHOLE FAMILY deals with it.

  16. As a permit holder, It is the owners responsibility to recognize ALL gun laws for EVERY state. You can not just waltz into another state and “Assume” that your permit is allowed there. It’s very easy to find out these things with a little research. So, her assumptions were her own fault. As far as her sentence, That was extremely harsh! It is a common mistake for a first time permit holder to get the hang of not so obvious laws. That judge was WRONG to punish her in the way that he did. She might deserve a little community service or something, but not up to 10 years in prison, especially if she has no prior criminal record. This may just be about race… as much as i hate to say that, but murders(white) have gotten off with less punishments! if you can come up with any other explanation, be my guest…

  17. She needs to get a good lawyer…that is her only chance…ex prosecutors from that jurisdiction are the best..or politically connected…money is her only chance here.


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