How To Start World War 3


Since the dawn of man – we have always fought, whether it be through a verbal or physical exchange. In fact, the world as we know it today, has survived many wars: the Seven Years’ War, the French Revolution and the battles fought to attain it, World War 1 & and World War 2.

After every storm the sun always shines. The longest example of worldwide harmony sprang between 1815 and 1914, and it has been seventy years since the second great war. Any intercontinental fight requires a spark, a dispute of some kind attracts the attention of one or more super power(s). The First World War took Franz Ferdinand, while the Second World War took Adolf Hitler along with many creeds, races, and religions because one man thought that they were not right.

Then, at some point, factors intensify and leading countries get involved, and the original reason for that conflict ends up being absorbed into a great power struggle. Ultimately, the aim of the war becomes the construction of a new law, the surge in everyday needs and retribution for the sacrifices that their men and women make.

Image Source: Google Image – World War II The Battle Of Normandy in color.

If World War 3 broke out, it would be the fifth major battle in the history of our current well-established civilization. Listed below is the names of the countries that have the potential to wake up this monster, and the possible reason(s) why and how it may begin.

Україна or Ukraine

Image Source: Google Image – Grad rockets fired indiscriminately into populated areas by Kiev regime – a war crime NATO has condemned before, but only when politically convenient.

The Reason:-

The Russian Federation still views the Ukrainian state fealty as a matter of national security. In the event it is unable to dominate that commitment, the capital of the Russian Federation is going to take steps to cause unrest and deteriorate the nation. To date, the United States of America and The North Atlantic Treaty Organization have restricted their influence, giving support to the Ukrainian authorities to stand against the Russian Federation, yet, they manage to play it cool by not offering ‘a lot’. The scenario has the potential to result in a mistake or an error on both of the conflicting sides, and ultimately create a militarized encounter.

The Involvement:

A great deal is dependent upon how The North Atlantic Treaty Organization nations want to respond to Russia’s actions against the Ukrainian soil. In case the Russian Federation became completely particular of NATO’s interference; consequently it could possibly take measures to prevent NATO forces being sent to help Ukraine. Any strike in opposition to any NATO nation, may subsequently cause a NATO reaction, which can incorporate strikes on Russian land. The city of Kaliningrad, which resides next to Poland, may become an important region for intensification, as armed forces inside of the area may become prone. In case the Russian Federation feels that it can’t overcome this dilemma with their armed or common forces, the capital of the Russian Federation may take into account the utilization of their atomic weaponry.

The Southern Sea of Chinese Region

Image Source: Reuters – An aerial photo taken through a glass window of a Philippine military plane shows the alleged on-going land reclamation by China on mischief reef in the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea, west of Palawan, Philippines.

The Reason:

The US has recently had a few uneasy encounters with the Chinese military service, and both the sea and air units around the Southern Chinese waters. In the event an operator does not remain calm, terrible effects may occur. Likewise, when the United States government sets up its interests with the Philippines and the Vietnamese people, this may lead to an entanglement with the Chinese military.

The Involvement:

An American and Chinese warfare is going to be damaging; however, based on the framework and length of the dispute, both the Indians and the Japanese may end up being a part of it in one way or another. The Russian Federation would probably keep out, with the exception of providing some of its defense industry to the Chinese armed forces.

However, the battle will lead to a conflict involving the United States Air Force and the United States Navy on one end, and the People’s Liberation Army of China counter entree and field assertion units on the other side. Nuclear intensification might happen unintentionally – misinterpretation of a missile launch by an interceptor. However, there is also the possibility that Nuclear intensification is done deliberately, especially if the People’s Republic of China attempts to stop the hemorrhaging.

The Sub-Continent

from space
Image Source: Quartz – Afghanistan, Pakistan & India as seen from space with Pakistan and India border being distinctly lit.

The Reason:

There are many factors that may prompt Pakistan & India to go against each other. If a terrorist group hiding and operating from Pakistan makes another strike much like that in the city formally known as Bombay, India’s tolerance may drop significantly. In that case, India might tailor various ‘activities’ in Pakistan’s neighbor Afghanistan, and we might see a similar attack being carried out in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

Dis-balance through the established border between Pakistan & the Indian nation, has been there for many years. However, if Pakistan dealt with a severe old-fashioned loss, making use of its ready to launch atomic artillery may be the only way out. In the event this develops, all wages are off.

The Involvement:

During recent years, the United States has cultivated a close relationship with the Indians while simultaneously sending weaponry to the Pakistani government. Alternatively, the People’s Republic of China has increased its bond with its only prospective friend. The 1971, the India & Pakistan battle attracted the two – the United States of America and the People’s Republic of China; in that war, both the Chinese government and the American government would have helped Pakistan.

However, at this moment in time, it’s uncertain how the United States government might react if China decided that it must involve itself for Pakistan’s sake.

The Eastern Sea of Chinese Region

Image Source: BBC – President Barack Obama meets President Shinzō Abe, the US says that the islands fall within its security treaty with Japan.

The Reason:

In the last couple of years, the People’s Republic of China and the State of Japan have enjoyed an unsafe sport surrounding the Senkaku Islands. The two nations declare the islands, and both the countries have implemented armed forces in their area. A sea or air disturbance might generate a surge of patriotic aggression throughout both the nations, making it hard for both the Japanese and Chinese governments to submit. On top of this, both nations have fought to operate the actions of nationalist communities, resulting in further possible sparks.

The Involvement:

Americans are in a treaty to guard the island nation. In the event a dispute amongst Beijing and Tokyo emerges, the United States government will likely find it tough to escape the predicament. In any type of fight amongst the Eastern armies – not forgetting a hostile Chinese attempt to enter the Senkaku Islands – Japan’s guardian will most likely get involved. Considering the probability that this type of interference will turn out to be critical, the Chinese government may feel obliged to pre-empt the United States’ interference by launching an assault over the US armed forces installments at the location. Such an event might cause a more comprehensive American reaction, and toss the Asian continent into madness.

The Syrian Arab Republic

Image Source: Google Image – A screenshot of a regional map showing areas controlled by the ISIS group in Syria and Iraq.

The Reason:

Presently, Daesh or ISIS or ISIL has lured the interest of many of the most effective and strongest nations, such as the United States of America, the French Republic, and the Russian Federation. Although the noise of interest – and undoubtedly the air strikes – may complex the following steps in the warfare. On one hand, an unintentional dispute amongst the NATO military and the Russian air force could possibly result in poor strategic judgments. On the other, a significant change in the soil in the Syrian Arab Republic, might coerce the control of one of the protagonists of the proxy antagonist.

The Involvement:

Whether or not the growing counter Daesh alliance dominates, a dispute amongst leading powers might occur. This may get unpleasant due to the fact the French, Russians, and the Americans share a completely different opinion concerning Syria’s future. In the event that either of the super nations chooses to interfere, the circumstances may rapidly look a lot like the game of ‘who backs out first,’ along with Ariel attacks and restricted airspace. With outer forces in Syria such as Turkey, Iran, and Saudi Arabia already involved, this may also spread to other parts of the globe and involve other countries.


Throughout the Cold War, people sensed that they had tasted what World War III might be like. The Warsaw Pact might have invaded NATO down the in central front Germany, or perhaps one of the nations might have launched a nuclear weapon made to weaken the opposite party. In any event, the aftermath would have been damaging, and almost instant.

A fight can bust out in many different locations. Antagonist seldom begins a multinational conflict deliberately; the leadership of the earth’s most effective countries are on high alert concerning the risk of emergency intensification.

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  1. China had a dream that they could rule the asia, all sky, sea, land are their, they had looked all the nations around them are barbarian

    • Sadly, that is impossible unless brainwashing them into a hipster like mood (which wouldn’t be that bad honestly) was involved. Even after WW3, when the world is destroyed by nuclear war and society had to rebuild only out of the peaceful and kind. After a while, there will always be that one person who will make the poor decision to harm somebody else. And there will be people put in power, and then the others will grow corrupt and self absorbed. Those people are stupid, and stupidity is contagious. Unless you’re vacinated and have woken up to the truth like we have.

  2. Your information is incorrect about Russia and about Ukraine. If you lie about that then how can the rest be truthful? Facts are important and in this case you ignored what is really happening in Ukraine…


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