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Article by: Egon_The_GB of anonboards.com

The Lychee, or Yulin, Dog Meat Festival is an annual event where every year about 10,000-15,000 cats and dogs are tortured and slaughtered in the name of profit in China. Some might argue culture and health benefits are the reason behind the event, but further investigations prove otherwise.

While the culture of eating dog meat goes back more than 400 years, the festival is still relatively new. Starting in the late 1990’s, the event is held on June 21 and generally ends June 30. It is thought that roughly 85,000 animals have been slaughtered during the festival’s existence. Many of these animals were burned alive, or had their fur removed while alive, and worse.

Image result for yulin slaughter

Image result for yulin slaughter

In 2014, China received so much bad press about the event, that the government went so far as to deny it’s existence. While some locals still claim that the animals are killed humanly and that eating dog is no different than eating cow or chickens, over the years, hundreds of photos and videos taken at the event have proven that this is not the case.

Recently, the most recent festival has raised so much attention on social media that several celebrities and activists around the world are speaking out, using the hashtag #StopYulinForever or #StopYulin2017. Because of this and the hard work of many local groups, such as the Humane Society International and Embed Feed, the number of dogs tortured and consumed at the festival has progressively declined.

The H.S.I. formed at petition in 2015, receiving over 11 million signatures to end the event, hoping it would have the same effect as in 2011, when a similar event was banned by the Chinese government. That event, the Jinhua Hutou Dog Meat Festival in Zhejiang province, dated back over six centuries and was finally outlawed due to the public’s outcry.

With the Lychee Festival still continuing in 2016, thousands of protestors gathered in Guangdong, Heilongjiang and thirteen other cities. Bringing their pets and photos of animals, they protested the theft of thousands of animals annually, known to be sold off for profit at the festival. The Humane Society International has worked on the ground in China for years, intercepting trucks filled with over stuffed cages that were headed to market. Many of those animals still had their tags and microchips, proving that they had been stolen or lost.

Now, all the attention has caught the ever watching eye of the ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous. Targeting Yulin Government websites, the group vows to see an end to the event before it resumes in 2017. This is where you come in… we need to let the town of Yulin know that we will no longer turn a blind eye to this event. We need to step up and speak for those who cannot. Below, are a few other resources including the latest #StopYulin2017 petition, as well as an a independent story by Vice Media.

Spread the word. Take action. Help us put an end to the event that has tortured tens of thousands of animals. It’s not about what the people are eating. It’s about ending the mass cruelty towards animals every year at this one single event.

Petition Fundraiser: https://www.change.org/f/help-us-provide-direct-emergency-care-for-the-dogs-in-yulin-china

Sign Our Petitions: http://www.stopyulinforever.org/

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We are Anonymous.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.


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  1. I always hated China. Asians should stop eating everything that moves. Eat eachother and decrease in number. That would be good for the world.

      • No it isn’t. The problem is not that they’re eating DOG (although many of us abhor the idea -yes) The issue at hand is the way they are killed -INTENTIONAL TORTURE. BEATEN, STABBED, BOILED ALIVE, SKINNED ALIVE, IMPALED ON SPIKES TO SLOWLY BLEED TO DEATH. I can go on and on. Educate yourself before spouting opinions that imply you have NO CLUE what people are upset about.

      • We are talking about TORTURE, YOU IDIOT . And your logic that states : “dogs should also be killed because other animals are killed”. Is nonsense. Why don’t you leave that page to animal lovers and find yourself a page for animal haters.

  2. Sickening and disgusting. Let’s tie thei humans mouths shut and burn their hair off while alive. Does that sound pleasant? No? Well, why is it ok for a human to do that to an animal? Because we can? We are a disgusting species, the “human” race.

  3. I won’t sign this petition until it says people stop killing cows, pigs, chickens, and all other animals raised to be slaughtered. And before any of you narrow minded, self righteous moralfags try saying killing dogs is worse than killing pigs for what ever reason, you should know that pigs actually make excellent pets, and are even smarter than dogs.

  4. This is beyond evil and sick, putting those poor awestruck innocent dogs through cruel evil painful deaths. These people belong in a worse place than hell!!!!! EVIL!!! This has to stop NOW!!!!

  5. As a Chinese, see it on the BBS of abroad, feel very ashamed. I also love dogs, in here, I apologize to all of those Chinese cruelty to animals. I’m sorry!

  6. I agree with all the outrage here. But you all don’t say shit about the millions of cattle and chickens killed violently everyday. Fuck your fake compassion.

  7. People capable to do this to animals are a treat to people as well. They don’t feel empathy, regret or don’t care at all.The fact that they can’t imagine how it feels like is a major treat to this world. Of course I know more situations, I’m not naïeve, this is just too bizarre and makes me sick.

  8. Greetings Anonymous,

    In many countries, politicians are working for the nation, but Turkey is not one of that countries. Turkey has been suffering, because government is stealing money and assigning its uneducated partisans to important manners. Turkey has been suffering from this for ten years.
    Government elected, but being elected does not give to anyone a dictatorial power and right of stealing.

    Government has been brainwashing and manipulating people just like in the North Korea. Everyone assumed ministers were innocent, despite the evidences like recorded phone callings. They blocked internet sites and arrested people whoever they wanted. They fired the teaching stuff. They tried to delete evidences, when they failed then they blocked the connection ways.

    We know that your acts are the stimulus that causes the blind people’s eyes to see again. They threw us into the darkness of pure ignorance. They removed our eyes because we saw their real side. We know that you are the eyes of the blinds. We need you but we are not begging you for justice. We need you because we want a REVENGE.

    You are Anonymous.
    You are Legion.
    You do not Forgive.
    You do not Forget.
    We are expecting you.

  9. We are against all animal torture .But this is about YULIN FESTIVALwhere only dogs are being TORTURED . So whoever is against our petition go find yourself another page.


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